AN: I have been working on this one for a while and have a few chapters ready so I thought I would post this small one as a little teaser.

It was a beautiful Tuesday morning. Kelly watched the waves in the ocean as she waited outside Kris' beach house. She had honked the horn a few minutes ago to let Kris know that she had arrived. The previous day, Kris had to bring her Cobra to the mechanic for a few repairs and Kelly had offered to give her a ride to work. After waiting five minutes, Kelly figured that Kris was running late so she turned off the mustang and got out of the car. It was 8:45 and they were supposed to be at the office at 9:30am. Charlie would be calling with the details of their next case.

Kelly walked up to the front door, "Kris, we're going to be late and you know what Bos says, 'Time is money'," she called, knocking on the door. As she knocked on the door, the door was pushed open by the light force of her knocks. Kelly stepped inside the house and was shocked with the sight before her. It looked like there had been a wild party the night before. "Kris, are you here?" Kelly called out for her friend again. Kelly noticed Kris' gun lying on the floor near the couch. Growing very worried for her friend, she called out again "Kris."

Kelly reached the doorway to Kris' bedroom and opened it. Kris was lying on the bed in her nightgown. She had visible bruises on her wrists and face. Kelly walked over to the bed and shook Kris' shoulder, but Kris wouldn't wake up. Kelly placed two fingers at Kris' neck and was relieved to feel a weak pulse. She then picked up the phone and dialed 911. When she hung up with them, she immediately dialed the office.

At the office

"Have you tried their cars and homes?" Charlie asked.

"Kris' car is at the mechanics, Charlie," Sabrina answered. "Kelly was supposed to pick her up this morning."

"There is no answer at Kelly's house or her car phone," said Bosley. "I was just about to call Kris' house when you called, Charlie."

Just then the second office phone line started to ring. "Charlie, the other line has a call on it. It could be one of the girls. I'll put the call on conference so that you can listen in . . . Townsend Associates."

"Bos, it's Kelly."

"Kelly, where are you? Is everything okay?"

"I'm at Kris' house. It looks like she had a not-so-friendly visitor last night," Kelly explained.

"Is she alright, Angel?" Charlie asked.

"She's unconscious and there are bruises on her wrists and face. I called 911, and I am waiting for the ambulance to get here."

"We'll meet you at the hospital," said Sabrina.

"I'll call the police and make sure that they keep us informed of the investigation. Give me a call as soon as you here from the doctor about Kris' condition."

"Charlie, do you know where Jill is? We have to let her know," said Bosley.

"Jill is in Las Vegas at a racing expo. I'll try and track her down now," answered Charlie.

"I have to go the ambulance is just pulling up," said Kelly and she hung the phone up.

"Bos, let's get to the hospital," said Sabrina.

"We'll call you as soon as we speak with the doctor Charlie," said Bosley as he hung up the phone.