(Insert angry noise here)!!! All of my older sister's friends are over here and they are SOOOO loud!!! I can't hear my music over them and it's pretty much at full blast. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!! Any way: 3.5 more days of school for me :D! And sometimes Y. Sorry, that's a joke that my dad's girlfriend's daughter and I made up. It's way longer… Anyway-Here is what you came for.


"Come on Dwight. You can't stall forever." Oh god, did they prank me- AGAIN?


"Jim! Why is my desk filled with jello?!" I said.

"Now I had nothing to do with that. Is your desk filled with jello or are each of your possessions individually encased in jello?" I growled, pulled out a drawer and dropped it on his desk. He looked into it and said, "That is good looking jello."

Pam started shrinking in her desk chair. She was red from trying not to laugh.

Later I saw Jim bent over Pam's desk congratulating her one a great prank.

End Flashback

Arg!' Bzzzzt, Bzzzzt' went my phone. I opened to a text saying:

Sry. Stp stlng n gt on wth gm.

Wow. One vowel.


K. I hope you liked that. Another thing is that you should know that these are not in the show. They are completely