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"I hate the Leah that most ff writers create, mean, vindictive. Leah in FanFic is now generally mockery a of the woman that Stephanie created. The original one - she had a reason to be difficult - she was dumped without warning... giving her a role, a female role, is a superb idea." That's what my wonderful beta, Clare, who has put up with me and my random updates and idiocy for a while now (thanks!) said after she got this chapter.

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Second, that's exactly why I'm writing this. I'm giving the same Leah that SM wrote a damn good chance to redeem herself, let go of her past, make a difference, and have a good future.

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(Note: This takes place after Breaking Dawn)

*June 2011* This story has been redone! I rewrote 80% of the chapters to fix plot holes and make things sound better.


'And we continued into this small but perfect piece of our forever.

The end.'

Wait. What? The end? Please! You call that the ending? That was just the beginning. But, I guess, Bella didn't have the right to tell anything beyond that. She's just another vampire—well…as long as you don't count the kid and the ability to ignorantly break hearts. You know what? I'm not even going to go there.

Anyway. It's not over. It's only just begun.


Ah, jeez. Where to start? I guess this deserves some explanation.

Sometimes I really felt bad for Leah. I'm not saying she didn't deserve to get the cold shoulder. After all, she had been very mean to the pack while we still were loyal to Sam. But even after Leah became more bearable in Jacob's pack, some people (I'm not pointing fingers) couldn't forget how bitter she was and can still be.

Maybe if they'd shared her thoughts (and her household) then they'd get a better idea of why she was the way she was.

She just wanted a real purpose. She wanted a reason to live other than existing. And (but this is our little secret) she wanted to be loved.

And me? I wanted to grow up. Get older, I mean. I wanted to look twenty-one like Jacob so everyone wouldn't keep treating me like a kid. I was seventeen, for God's sake! And, I guess, I wanted a purpose, too. Something beyond running border patrol and high school. I didn't want to give up being a shape-shifter, but I knew if I stayed one, I would never be anything but a fifteen-year-old boy.

Anyway, I think the best place to start is the night when it all began. It had been just over a year since the Volturi had run with their tails between their legs. The Cullens still lived in Forks but were planning to move later in the year.

Jacob, Quil, Embry and I were running the La Push border for Sam that night. Leah had stayed by herself with the vamps (kudos, sis.) She didn't seem to mind. They're really not that bad when you get used to them. It only took her…seventeen months.

Jacob was anxious to get back to Nessie and he was wishing we could hurry up and get the damn patrol over with. We'd even split up to cover more ground. I didn't understand how he always needed to be near that kid, even if she was irresistibly cute.

You would if you had an imprint. Quil pointed out then heaved a sigh. I miss Claire like crazy.

She's only been gone three days. I resist the urge to roll my eyes.

Really? It feels like it's been three years.

Great. This time I really do roll my eyes.

Can it, Seth. You don't know what it's like! Embry argued and I rolled my eyes again.

Up until last October he'd been a "lone wolf" like me, until he'd gone with Quil to take Claire trick-or-treating. While he was out he'd literally bumped into a girl (who just so happened to be dressed as a Dracula) and when he helped her up he'd seen her face…. So Embry had his Kayla, Jacob had his Nessie, Quil had his Claire and I had…my sister.

I don't want to, thank you very much. I retorted. I get more than enough female troubles with Leah around.

I'm so telling her you said that.

Chill, guys. Jacob ordered. Seth might never imprint. Don't bug him about it.



It was quiet for a while after that, nothing but the sounds of our pawsteps, subconscious thoughts about our surroundings, and breathing to distract us from our patrol. Until a scent hit my nose, that is. I skidded to a halt and sniffed again.

What is it? Embry asked.

I kept sniffing. Wolves, I think. Maybe common ones…but there's something…off about the scent. Plus fear…blood…and…I'm not sure what that last thing is. I'm going to go check it out.

Should we go to him? Embry had slowed, ready to change course.

Nah. Jake said. Go ahead, Seth. The rest of you, keep running.

As you wish, oh mighty alpha.

Jacob grumbled. I hate it when they do that. He thought to himself.

We know.

I sighed and followed my nose towards the source, keeping as low to the ground as possible. I kept my weight evenly distributed and avoided as much of the debris as I could. If there was something dangerous up ahead I needed surprise on my side. Almost there…

I raised my head enough to peer over a bush and what I saw was heart breaking. There was a large brown she-wolf, around my size, on the ground. Her flanks heaved with effort as she fought for breath. By her side lay six small bundles of…fur. I stepped into the clearing and the she-wolf raised her head to meet my eyes.

Holy shit! Jacob was running towards me at the speed of light. The others were coming too, thinking things at me, but, for once, they made no sense. The she-wolf's eyes searched my face intently and something akin to joy sparked in her eyes.

Her voice was soft in my head, rich and warm like my mother's, but strained with effort.

Brother…help…they…need…to…live…Her voice trailed off into a sigh as the she-wolf's head lowered onto the ground and, after a moment, she grew still

I didn't know this creature, but I couldn't fight the wolf-instincts in me and I threw my head back, letting out a long howl. It echoed through the trees, silencing everything except my approaching friends, until Jacob's nose touched my shoulder. Enough, Seth. He thought.

D-did you hear her? I thought.


She spoke to me… I whispered. She said 'brother help they need to live' then she died…

Seth…we didn't hear anything. Quil said softly.

A quiet whimper made our heads turn towards the six furry lumps beside the dead wolf.

Holy shit, please tell me those aren't what I think they are. Embry said.

They're puppies. I said in wonder, staring at the tiny newborn wolves.

Jacob padded over to sniff them. Quil's mouth fell open in surprise when Jacob licked a muddy brown pup fiercely for a second then his earas dropped.

This one didn't make it. He nudged the pup closer to his mother's body and then gently pulled the other five away with his huge paw. But these five are alive.

They won't be for long. Quil warned.

Why don't we take them to a zoo?

I growled at Embry. No. The mother spoke to me in her mind. She was…she had to be a shape-shifter…or something. They're like us! We need to protect them! We can't just abandon them. No, no, we've got to help them.

And how do you suggest we do that? Embry snapped. Do I look like a friggin' nanny to you?

I thought about that for a minute, then the answer appeared in my head.

Oh you have to be kidding me. Quil thought.

Nope, I'm not.

Leah won't go for it. Embry warned.

Do you have any other ides? I bared my teeth. We have no choice! We can't just let them die!

Yes we can. They're not our problem.

Jacob growled. Hey. I'm the Alpha here, and I say we are taking the live ones back and we'll ask Leah to help. If not we'll ask the vamps. Bella, Alice, Esme, and Rosalie will pounce on any chance to act maternal, you know that. For now, Seth, you keep the pups warm. Quil, Embry, help me bury these two. If Seth is right and this wolf did speak to him, somehow, then she was no common wolf and deserves a proper burial. Who knows, perhaps she was one of our kind.

Like I said. I muttered.

I walked forward and crouched beside the whimpering pups and trapped them between my tail and side, watching as Jacob, Embry, and Seth buried the mother and her still-born son. I could've sworn, though, out of the corner of my eye, I saw the outline of a wolf with a cub by her side, which vanished when I turned to look properly. But again, no one else saw it.

The live puppies whimpered and squirmed, pressing their little noses against my flank. Cut it out. I can't feed you. But, of course, they didn't respond. Even if they had a mindlink thing going on, they were probably too young to think. There were five left, each distinctly unique. One was snowy white, another silvery-gray, darker sandy, deep russet, and the last was solid black.

Jacob trotted back over and ducked his head to pick up a small silver pup who wailed when he lifted her away from her siblings. Calm down, he thought.

Embry picked up a deep russet pup that only whimpered a little and Quil got the white one that wriggled about before finally giving up. That just left the black pup and the dark sandy pup. I knew couldn't carry both…

Put one on my back between my shoulders. Jacob ordered. I'm big enough, it should fit nicely.

I gently picked up the black pup and placed him gently in the groove between Jake's shoulders then picked up the final she-wolf who let out a small cry.

Slowly so as not to hurt them, we headed for the house.

Did I know what I was carrying at the time? No, of course not. How could I? If I'd known what it would mean for us…

I still would've done it.


Edward, Bella, and I were in the living room with Nessie, watching a movie. Bella and Edward seemed to enjoy watching Renesmee watch 101 Dalmatians. I didn't blame them. Nessie was cute… for spawn, anyway.

Edward's head suddenly snapped around towards the window. "What in the name of… You've…oh for the love of all that's holy… Carlisle!"

Everyone of the vamps were in the room two seconds later. My eyes flicked towards the window.

"What's going on?" It was strange to hear the psychic ask that…unless it was about us shape-shifters. I paled.

"Seth was running alone and—"

"Seth! What happened?" I screeched, jumping up. "Is he alright?"

"Yes, he's fine, calm down, Leah!" Edward held his hands up and I felt calm rush over me, probably thanks to Jasper.

"He found something…and they have brought the survivors back."

"Survivors?" This peaked Dr. Fang's interest.

Edward's eyes widened suddenly and his voice was blurred with the speed of his speech. I only caught one thing and it was my name repeated several times. Why did that make me nervous?

Then the vamps were in action, all moving to do whatever they'd been told to do. I smelt the scent of milk wafting from the kitchen and I heard furniture being moved very quickly in a room upstairs. What in God's name…?

"Leah, come on!" Nessie tugged on my hand. "Jacob has a job for you and you have to do it!"

"What kind of job?" I narrowed my eyes, but allowed her to pull me upstairs.

Nessie grinned but said nothing.

She led me to a room that I'd never been into before. Emmett was carrying three couch cushions into the room and he put them in a pile in the corner with other blankets and pillows. In the other corner was the futon I slept on when I had to sleep here. Alice was assembling an air filter at a speed that was hard to keep up with.

"Leah, can you phase now?" Edward asked as he brought a large fluffy blanket into the room and put it on the pile of cushions, pillows, and such.

I scowled. Why?

"Just trust me, Leah." Edward sighed.

Why should I?

"OK, then, trust Seth."

I sighed, "Fine."

I phased without bothering to remove the clothes I was wearing. I landed as a wolf and waited for someone else to give me orders that made no sense whatsoever. Then I noticed how quiet it was in my head. Where were the boys?

"They're coming." Edward said.

I strained my ears forward, listening. Sure enough, I heard the guys walking towards the house on two legs. I sat down and waited impatiently for someone to explain. Esme brought up the bottles that Nessie had used as a baby, but they were filled with warm milk instead of blood.

Oh. Hell. No.

The door opened and I heard Bella go "aww!" then she was running towards us with Carlisle, Esme, and Jasper. My pack followed more slowly, carefully almost, and I pawed at the ground until the four of them came into view. They each were holding a bundle of…fur in a cradle-like position. I sniffed and my jaw fell open. Wolf pups!

Milk, air filter, pillows…me in my wolf form… Oh. Hell. No. You gotta be freaking kidding me.

"No, Leah." Edward said. "They're serious."

They want me to be a mom? To wolf pups.


I glared daggers at the boys and bared my teeth. Oh, I swear, whichever one of you came up with this crazy idea is so, so dead.

"I told you she wouldn't like it, Seth." Embry muttered and I snared angrily at Seth.

Seth sighed and walked forward. He put his bundle at my paws and flicked my nose. I growled softly.

"C'mon, Leah, look at her. Do you want her to die?"

I looked down at the wolf pup. Her fur was just a bit darker than Seth's, like the sky just after sunrise. She whimpered and used her practically lame legs to push herself towards me. She pressed her nose onto my paw and let out a wail. I ducked my head to sniff her and her nose bumped mine. She whimpered again. I felt a strange, almost aching pity for the creature and I sighed and gently picked her up by the scruff. I carried her over to the pillow mountain and pushed some pillows around set her down gently in the small dip, then sat down beside her. I looked at the boys expectantly and they all got shit-eating grins on their faces. They each put the pup, pups in Jacob's case, that they carried beside their sister and the tiny things milled about.

I turned to look at Esme and cocked my head. I'm gonna need those. I don't exactly have the…stuff they need. And these guys are hungry.

"She says they're hungry." Edward reported.

The next afternoon when I woke up, I was kind of scared that I wouldn't see the five pups beside me, but there they were, sleeping soundly together in a patch of sunlight that came through the window. They were safe. I felt a strange relief. So this was what maternal instincts were. Huh. Me. Maternal. Who would've thunk it?

I examined the, er, my pups closer than I had last night. There were two males and three females. There had been another male, according to Seth, but he hadn't made it. The largest was a midnight black wolf…like Sam. I sighed. The other male was a darker russet than Jacob with a tuft of white fur on the tip of his tail. The smallest female was light silver with darker flecks, the one in the middle was the dark-sand one, and the largest was snow white.

I'd have to pick out names for them…it was in the motherhood job description. But, first things first, my breakfast.

Oh Mr. Cullen, I called. Will you please tell my little brother that his job as food delivery boy begins now? I'd like some of mom's pancakes.

A minute later, Seth's voice was in my head. You aren't going to abuse this…right?

Not a chance. I said sweetly.

Oh boy.

Alright, I know the story seems kind of wtf and slow right now, but just stick with it and I promise you won't be dissapointed :)