1 I know this one is short, I'm sorry. The chapters will get longer. I am lazy and only do one standard disclaimer per story.

Standard Disclaimer: Sailor Moon doesn't belong to me. But the character I make up do. They're Mine!

2 Prologue

The sky is gray. Even the Earth looks gray. This is understandable considering King Solar just died. There was no way the healers could have saved him, I know that; but I still feel as though I should have died. I feel a great sorrow for the queen. Also for their child who is to young now to really have known him. King Solar was a great man, so kind and generous. If you were poor and had no food to eat, he would give you his lunch, or invite you to the palace for a royal meal. He was loved by all that spoke with him. It was a shame the Negaverse murdered him.