I was washing dishes as my husband and my son came home. Papa Kenji and Sammy came through the door. "Serena and her friends will be here soon," I say. I look in the mirror and sigh, when I awoke my appearance was different and I had a daughter. It turned out she was the Princess Serenity! I realized that Aerik and Kenny were my husband and son. We decided not to tell Serena because she hadn't awakened yet. Now she has and so have her friends, well, except for a couple, and we will tell them today. "You look as beautiful as ever," says Aerik. "And you are as handsome as ever," I say, Kenny gets a sweat drop on his head. "Hey Ikuko Mama," says Serena who storms in the house with her friends. "Honey, we need to talk, with you and your friends," I say, she looks very surprised. We all go and sit down in the living room. "Honey," I say, "call us Alana, Aerik, and Kenny," I say, their mouths drop open.