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There were only so many times you could watch the Players around you mess with eachother until it became boring.
Joshua snorted, brushing his hair out of his eyes as he watched his Partner sleep on the pavement of Shibuya. Games were supposed to be interesting, engaging-- and in the case of the Reaper's Game... weren't they supposed to reveal peoples' natures? The silver-haired boy let out another dull sound of disinterest, running over ways to entertain himself.

Irritating Neku was always a good option.

Now it was just a matter of how to do it...


Neku grunted, his eyes opening slowly. He could never get used to the blackouts and waking up the next day.
He stood up and stretched, unsurprised to see Joshua ('the smug little bastard,' he automatically added in his head) perhaps ten feet away, clicking away at his phone. He was enjoying the quiet, actually.
Something wasn't right, though.
The redhead blinked, feeling something wrong.

His eyes widened as it dawned on him. Neku mouthed some rather vulgar words, hissing through his teeth, not even looking down at himself. He clenched his hands into fists, storming towards his current Partner, his face a rather vibrant shade of magenta.

Joshua merely smirked as he gazed at dear little Neku out of the corner of his eye, his internal monologue switching to one similar to a documentary narration.

The subject has reacted negatively to the theft of his pants.
Considering how entertaining this was, he simply couldn't wait until Neku saw what this smug little bastard had done.
Let's watch, and see how the wild Neku reacts to the Hello Kitty shirt.


Yeaaaah I'm just gonna go hide in my little bomb shelter now. Toodles.