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Flowers for the Dead

Chapter 1 Weird

He thought he knew weird. Hey, he's Nico, son of Hades. You really can't get much weirder than that. Well, except for the other half-bloods, but, still. Nico was weirder than the rest.

That is, until that one day, surprisingly, at the park. Everything just went a whole other world of weird.

He just sat down on a bench. That's it! Just sat! Granted, he was just running from monsters with his friends Percy and Annabeth and had to shadow travel the heck out of there. (Ok so that might seem weird to mortals, but not to them) But just sitting down on a bench is normal! Not weird at all!

But, I guess you could blame the weirdness on the girl Nico sat next to. She looked normal. Sat normal. Read normal. What could be wrong with her? So he sat down and she barely glanced at him. Smiled at him, but went back to her book. Then she noticed how the space around them got darker. Nico saw her eyes furrow. Then she glanced at the grass around the area he was sitting. Oh? Last time she checked, grass didn't die that fast unless there was poison.

"Excuse me, but do you have some sort of chemical on you?" she asked.

"What?" Some sort of chemical…?

"A chemical or poison or something, you know? Cuz grass doesn't die at just a snap of a finger," she said matter-of-factly. Nico held back a smile. Well, grass could die for him with a snap of a finger.

"No, I have no poisons or chemicals. I am clean." She eyed him for a moment longer before shrugging her shoulders and went back to her book. Until she noticed her shadows going towards him. It was a small change in her shadow, but it was still there. She reached her hand out slowly, and her eyes grew as her shadow got sucked up in him. She drew her hand back fast, and her shadow went back to normal. She slowly put her back to him again, and her shadow morphed again.

Nico opened his eyes. What, he's allowed to rest! He watched the girl in amusement as she kept slowly creeping her hand and jerking it away.

She noticed him watching. She jerked her hand for the last time. "Sorry. It's just…well, did you see that?" Her eyes got all excited.

"See what?" She demonstrated. "Oh." How was he supposed to explain that to a mortal girl?

"How are you doing it?" she asked.

"Um…" Nico said, twitching to get up.

"It's cool!" She grinned at him. Now he took the time to see what she looked like, because she must be a crazy person to think that was cool. She had long, raven black curly hair that went to her waist, but was pulled back. She had very strange sapphire eyes and very pale skin. If Nico didn't already know what the dead looked and felt like, he would've thought her a ghost. But ghosts, well, they aren't as…happy.

She certainly didn't look crazy. Just weird. She was just a weird girl who found shadows morphing cool. Whatever.

She looked as though she were studying him as he was studying her. Then something clicked. "Oh! You're Hades' son! Nico di Angelo."

"Um…yes. How did you know?" Nico was surprised. Maybe she was a half blood too. Wait, didn't Percy say something about not talking about this with humans…? Eh, he was too tired to care. So one human would know. What's the harm?

She smiled a warm smile that looked familiar. In fact, she looked really familiar now that he thought about it…

"Oh, my mother talks about Hades all the time. Hates him, so it's mostly bad stuff, and I'm sorry to say she said bad stuff about you too. I'm one of Demeter's daughters, Viscaria."

Oh. She looked very much like Persephone, now that he thought about it. "Oh. Well- Wait, Demeter talks to you about me? And says bad stuff? Like what?"

She laughed. "Oh, this and that." She laughed again at his expression. "Well, Nico, it seems your friends have found you, so I must bid you adieu. It was nice talking to you, though! I hope I see you again soon!" And she pulled a flower out from behind her back. It was a beautiful purple, but only had five petals. Still a beautiful flower though. "Try not to kill it, that's my favorite flower." Then she fixed the dead grass, smiled one more time at Nico, and was gone.

Nico looked up to see Annabeth, Percy and Mrs. O' Leary. He shook his head to clear it. Whoa. Weird girl.

"Nice flower." Percy noticed. Nico quickly hid it.

"Thanks." He mumbled.

"You ok?"

He nodded. "Just tired. Well, I better get going. Camp starts tomorrow and I need to get ready." Nico just wanted to get out of there. He didn't really feel like talking about girls with Percy right now (and Nico was guessing Percy wouldn't be very good at it, seeming as he isn't very bright when it comes to girls. Just don't tell Percy he thinks that).

Annabeth nodded. "See you later than, Nico."

As Nico walked his way along the New York streets, a woman stopped him. It was New York, and Nico was mostly used to it. He'd normally just brush them off or scare them a little. Hey, he's a teenager, what do ya expect? Anyways, so a woman stopped him, but he couldn't just brush her off. Why?

She had to be the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen. Ever. He didn't even know if he could move. Then she grinned at him, and it looked a little bit like that girl's smile. Viscaria. The woman also looked a little like another girl he had a crush on when he was, like, ten.

"My, that's a gorgeous flower!" She beamed at him. Nico had to stop himself from saying 'My, you're a gorgeous woman!' but luckily he held back. He did try to talk though.

"Uhhh mhm." That was supposed to be 'thanks.'

She smiled at him still. "I believe it's called a viscaria. Pretty name, huh? I thinks it's just beautiful!"

I think you're just beautiful. Contain yourself, Nico! But then he actually put her pretty words into sentences and realized what she said. He just hoped he could put his words into sentences.

"Ummm, what did you…uhh, what did you say the name of the flower was?" He choked out. His voice cracked. Great…way to embarrass yourself. But the woman just continued to smile.

"Viscaria. Nice, huh? I'd hurry, you don't want this one to die on you. It'd be such a waist of beauty."

"Hurry? For what?" Nico found shorter sentences would probably make more sense to her. They sure were easier to get out.

She laughed. Dang, what did he say to make her laugh? What were they talking about again? What was his name again? Think…myself…think!

"You must put it in water, Nico. It looks to be already dying. You don't want something this precious to get away from you." She ran her hand on his shoulder as she passed by him, and he was too stunned to realize there was a second meaning to her words. To realize she knew his name. He just hurried and left.

Do what the pretty lady said. Save the flower. Don't let the precious Viscaria get away from you.