Kyo-Kyo and the Color Green

----------------------------------Kyo's Point of View----------------------------

"Oi Orangey! We're taking Tohru here to a shop! So tell her goodbye!" Uo, one of Tohru's friends, yelled at the orange haired teen. Kyo was tempted to yell at her for calling him Orangey, but decided against it.

"Tohru c'mere for a sec!" Kyo called to the only outsider who knew his family's secret. Tohru came running towards him as soon as she heard him call.

"Yes, what do you want Kyo-kun?" Tohru asked in her usual, kind voice. Kyo always thought she was kinda cute, but he'd never admit it. He liked her long brown hair, her caring personality, Her klutziness, and everything else about her but… that don't matter right now.

"Are you able to get me some hair dye. Im getting tired of the Yankee (1) calling me orangey! " Kyo yelled out, holding his fists in the air. His aura practically felt like it was on fire, but it would have been worse with "that damn" Yuki.

"What a hatefull aura… we cant have Tohru kun living here with those kind of feeling going about" Hana said, but was ignored. = (

"Oh, um sure, what color would you like Kyo-kun?" Tohru asked.
"Any color's fine" Kyo replied as he gave Tohru a few dollars. Right out of nowhere, Hanajima, Tohru's other best friend, and Uo pulled Tohru away from him and out the door.

---------------------------------------Tohru's point of view

As soon as Tohru felt her blond haired, yankee friend pull her out the door, she tried to say good bye to Kyo, but she didn't get a chance. Hana, her black haired goth friend, walked behind them out the door as well. The three friends walked to the train station, then got a ride to the shopping district of the city. On one of the main streets of the area, Tohru caught her eye on a boy, about 15 years old, long hair (for a boy anyway), purple-ish eyes, and he wore just casual clothes.

"Sohma-kun" She yelled out to him. The boy turned and looked in her direction. He soon found her and ran up to her.

"Hi Honda-san, what are you doing here?" He asked kindly.

"Just spending time with Hana-chan and Uo-chan. Im sorry but… can I ask you a favor"

"Oh sure, what do you need?"

"Well Kyo-kun wanted me to get him some hair dye while I was out, but the store closes in 45 minutes. I don't think I would be able to get there in time, so I was wondering if you'd be able to get it and bring it home to him. Well if your not too busy."

"Oh its no problem Honda-san. You just go and have fun and I'll get Kyo's thing"

"Thank you Sohma-kun" Tohru waved as she and her friends left.

---------------------------------------------------Yuki's Point of View------------------------

So Kyo's finally getting annoyed about his hair. Heh… Baka Neko(2). Ive got a plan.

He thought as he payed for the hair dye, and left the store.

Kyo's Pov ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Few hours later

Ok… uh how do I do this… uh directions! Yeah! They should help… um. So I mix these up right… NO WAIT I NEED GLOVES!!!! Ok now mix these up… Alright so now it says just mess it into my hair… and keep away from hair line… don't seem too hard. Rub rub rub. Time to wash it out… *Steps into shower* Ill see how it turns out tomourrow.

Next day at school

"Haha pinkie!" Yelled out the happy Uo chan

"SHUT UP DAMMIT!!!!! THIS WASN'T SUPPOSE TO HAPPEN!" Kyo yelled back at her. Completely ignoring the smirking Yuki behind him, rewarding himself for making the baka have bubble gum pink hair.

OCC Kyo!!!!! Lol I started this along time ago. Thanks to my friend Jess for giving me an Idea! (She said I should do a story about my beloved hairdye lol)

A Yankee is a thug.

Baka Neko means Idiot Cat or how English dub does it… Stupid cat