All right, here it is the long awaited final instalment to the Umbrella series. This I have decided will be a multi chapter fic namely because I want to get each part out as I write it and also because um well there is no other reason...

Anywho... enjoy part one of Nightmare.


The small child cowered in the corner of the yard trying to stay out of the rain as much as he could. He was shivering violently and his bare skin prickled in the cold wind swept the even colder rain over him in waves. A thin trail of blood dripped from his chin as he bit his lip to keep from crying.

A tall dark shadow loomed over the boy suddenly, 'I'm sorry Daddy!' he cried unable to stop himself in time.

The man sneered before backhanding the young boy who tumbled into the mud, the man then delivered a swift kick to the boys ribs and he couldn't help but cry out in pain. The boy watched the booted feet of his father walk back into the house as his vision blurred then faded to black.


A child a few years older than the first watched helplessly as his father brutally beat his mother calling her filthy names. The boy wanted to help but one of his arms had been broken by his father and the other was chained to the wall. He was utterly useless as his father took a rather large kitchen knife and began to carve into his mother. His mother didn't scream just stared listlessly at the boy who was screaming for her. His father silenced him with a smaller kitchen knife to his thigh.


A teenager no more than 16 lay in front of a monster and his master. He was shaking and his voice hoarse as he let out another scream as he was lit up by the Cruciatus curse.

'You scream beautiful my boy,' the master crooned as the tip of his wand touched the flesh of the boys forearm. Another scream filled the air as black ink marred the pale flesh. A grinning skull with a grinning snake.


'Where are they?' the master asked again dragging the tip of his wand down the young man's hip dangerously close to his penis.

'I don't know,' the young man rasped between sobs, 'I swear I don-' his reply was cut off as the master shoved something the young man had no idea what, into his already torn anus.

'Please, no more,' he whimpered as the master continued to play with his toy.


'…will be born as the seventh month dies…'

He ran, there wouldn't be pain this time, he would tell the master this and there would be no pain.

The man tried in vain to block the pain as his master used him viciously and violently.


A mad cackle as several curses hit him at once, he knew there were broken bones and he would probably never walk without a limp again if he ever got the chance to walk again. He had no idea how but he managed to find the pin on his cloak and grasp it in one gnarled hand, 'home,' he managed before he was once again engulfed in curses before the portkey activated and he disappeared.


'SEVERUS!' the voice cut through the mad cackling and the terrified screaming.

'No, please no more…' he mumbled.

'Severus, you're safe,' the voice murmured. A calm soothing hand ran through his hair and a hand rubbed his stomach and chest from behind.

Severus made a noise of disagreement. 'It's just memories, just bad memories. They can't hurt you not anymore.'

'Remy,' Severus moaned desperately.

'Hush, I'm here Bear,' a gentle kiss to his temple, his hair, his shoulder, 'I'm here.'

Severus rolled over in the arms that held him and managed to burrow into Remus as well as wrap himself around Remus. Remus gave a soft sigh and continued to mutter to Severus.

After a while Severus startled Remus but speaking softly but calmly, 'I adore you Wolf,' he said softly nuzzling the neck in front of him. Remus hold on Severus tightened minutely.

'And I you bear,' he replied kissing whatever part of Severus he could reach.

'I'm sorry I woke you,' Severus said softly.

'I'm not, I hate seeing you suffer,' Remus replied.

'Remus,' he began but Remus cut him off.

'It's too late or too early for this, I don't know which one so can we please argue in the morning about your inability to ask for help?'

'Thank you,' Severus replied.

'You're welcome, now can we please go back to sleep?' Remus asked stifling a yawn.


There was a soft knock on Remus open office door, looking up Remus found Severus standing in the doorway.

'Severus,' Remus beamed greeting his lover with a chaste kiss.

'I just wanted to let you know that after lunch I'll be heading down to Hogsmeade.' Severus returned the kiss as he slammed the door as he heard giggling from the hall.

'Do you want some company? I'm sure Draco can handle the class this afternoon.' Remus offered.

'No, it's…' Severus searched for words almost ashamed of why he was going into the town in the first place. Remus waited patiently for Severus to speak, while the man was incredibly vocal in bed and when he was distributing insults like candy when it came to personal matters he still had a hard time opening up to Remus. He sighed finally, 'Poppy knows a counselor in town and has recommended I see her and has made an appointment. For me.' He added in case it wasn't clear.

Remus smiled, 'good, it'll do you a world of good.'

'You're not mad?'

'Why would I be mad? Sometimes it's easier to talk to someone you don't know then someone you love.' Remus replied.

'I don't deserve you.'

'Maybe not but that doesn't mean I don't get to enjoy you,' Remus replied pushing the man onto his desk and straddling his lap. He pushed his hips into Severus',

'Oh my retinas!'

'Speak or get out Draco,' Severus glared at the blond in the doorway from his spot under Remus.

'Have either of you seen Harry I can't find him anywhere?'

Remus stood pulling Severus up with him, 'where did you lat see him?'

'The great hall, we were eating and I realized I left my Runes essay in the dungeons. I was finished so he told me to go get it. He never showed up for Runes.' Draco replied, his worry colouring his voice.

'I'm sure he's fi-'

'Remus I can't find – oh good your both,' Minerva found Draco, 'all here,' she amended.

'What's wrong?'

'It's Harry,'

'Where is he?' Draco asked desperately.

'The infirmary,' the three men shot off to the infirmary leaving Minerva standing alone in Remus' office.

She shook her head and tossed some powder into the floo, 'honestly it's like they forget they're wizards sometimes,' she mumbled as she flooed to the infirmary.

She beat the men there by a few minutes, and she watched amused as they burst into the infirmary, they all began to ask for Harry.

Draco noticed the boy on the bed, 'Oh Merlin,' he breathed taking in the boys appearance, he was sweating profusely but he was chalk white and shivering, 'what's wrong Madam Pomfrey?' he asked, no matter how many times she insisted he call her by her first name he wouldn't.

'I don't know, I can't get an accurate scan.' She replied with a sigh.

'What happened?' Severus asked watching Draco pull a chair close to Harry's bed and take his hand.

'He was eating with Seamus and Neville when he suddenly got incredibly nauseous. When he stood up he was dizzy but he managed to bolt to the bathroom where he promptly passed out.' Neville and Seamus brought him hear.

'Do we know what happened?'

'No but Neville said that Harry commenting on the pumpkin juice tasting off,' She handed Severus a glass jar, 'he kindly collect a sample of Harry's vomit for us.' She smirked as Remus and Severus stared at the glass jar.

'Doesn't he chew anything?' Severus commented absently tilting the jar.

'He also brought Harry's cup,' she said with a faint smirk, handing Severus the charmed cup and taking the plastic container from Severus.

'This isn't Harry's vomit.' She said to the men's confused look.

'What is?' Remus couldn't help but ask.

'It's some of Hagrids rock cakes,' she replied setting the container on the table behind her, 'but don't tell him that,' she added absently.

'Is he going to be okay?' Draco asked looking up at the three adults.

'If we can find out what happened to him.' Poppy replied with a gentle squeeze to his arm before she left them.

Severus sighed and leaned down and brushed a kiss to Harry's sweaty forehead he murmured something to the boy before straightening up. 'I better start the analysis,' he kissed Remus, 'you'll keep me posted?' Remus nodded, of course. With one last look to Harry Severus swept from the infirmary and stalked to the dungeons.

Remus sat on Harry's other side, he mimicked Severus, 'it's one thing after another with you isn't it?' he murmured. Draco let out a small laugh.