I've decided to make a Paul x OC story finally, this being my first ever. I own nothing except Gabrielle and other characters unassociated with Twilight. Yes, I know it sucks major ass, but bear with me or don't read it. 'Njoy everyone.

Chapter One

Getting Settled In

La Push. La Push. La Push. Were the only words going in my mind as I quietly sat on the plane on the way to La Push, my ear buds in my ears, my iPod half way done with it's battery. God I dreaded this trip with a roaring passion. I ached for my home in London, a small cozy cottage where I had spent my entire life at with my dad.

The only reason I'm sitting here on this dreadful plane is because I found my dad dead; a knife plunged into his throat with inhumane claw marks all over his body the day after my fifteenth birthday. I was hysterical when I found him in his study like that, the police had to give me narcotics to calm me down. I nearly lost it at his funeral, especially when the preacher said the last prayer to Dad as I clung to his silver pendant he gave me so long ago, tears spilling my face as I effortlessly wiped them off my face.

After the funeral, the judge decided that I should be sent to live with my only other living relative; my uncle Billy Black, who lives in an Native American Reservation, La Push, with his son, Jacob. I thought it was a little strange that Dad never told me about his brother. Maybe they weren't on speaking terms, I thought.

"Great, I get to move to a place I never knew existed. And it just happened to be on the other side of the world. "I thought bitterly as I packed my bags for the long flight to La Push. "That would explain Dad's dark skin and hair." But the thought of my dad made fresh tears to spill. Packing the last of my things, I stopped in front of Dad's study, the place where he would spend most of his time at. Taking a deep breath, I pushed open the doors, almost expecting to see Dad sitting on his chair reading the newspaper and greeting me like he always did, but sadly disappointed when I met air. Walking to his desk, I opened the bottom drawer and down at his favorite book; Cycle of the Werewolf by Stephen King. I don't know why he treasured this book like he did, but he would laugh sometimes at the werewolf parts saying, "Werewolves aren't like that", but I never paid much attention to it. As I pulled out his book, a piece of paper fell out. Bending over, I picked it up and saw that it was a letter to his brother, Billy Black and by the looks of the ink, it looked only a week old. A week ago then was when Dad was murdered. Curiosity got the better of me, I opened it only to be shocked when I read the hastily scribbled down words, totally unlike Dad's neat handwriting. He must've been in a hurry when he wrote this, maybe he made this moments before his death. Reading it, it read:

Dearest William,

I am sorry to say that by the time you read this letter, I will no longer be of this world. Gabrielle and I have been found by that devil, thank goodness Gabrielle is not here. I must make this brief, I've no time to spare, he is already tearing inside the house. Gabrielle has no where else to go and you are the only one she has left, Kathy has long departed. *A/N: Kathy was their cousin before she fell ill and died pneumonia. She will be living with you. I am sorry that I have not contacted you, but I feared that that monster would have some how tracked you down and kill you and Jacob as well, leaving no one else for dear Gabrielle. I must go now for he is outside my study as we speak. I am terribly sorry, William, but I must bid you farewell until you pass on yourself, which I hope will be a many years from now.

Your Loving Brother,

Daniel Black

The note fell onto Dad's desk as streams of tears came pouring down my face. So he and I were being hunted down by some crazed psycho, eh? I picked up the note once more and carefully folded it, then placed it in my fuzzy panda backpack Kathy gave me before she died, and hugged Dad's beloved novel to my chest. I then made a vow to myself that I will find that monster of a person, and kill him with my bare hands and watch him slowly die as he did my father.

And that is where I am today, walking into the airport lobby watching for two men, one in a wheel chair and another one, very tall and very muscular. As I pushed my way through the floods of people, I finally saw someone holding "Gabrielle Black" poster. Making my way to them, I finally reached the two. The one in the wheel chair, apparently Billy, smiled at me, a smile that reminded me so much of Dad.

"Gabrielle, it's an honor to finally meet you." he croaked as I dropped my bags down and leaned over to him, hugging him tightly.

"I'm glad I've finally met you too, Uncle Billy." I said, already liking him. He looked like a splitting image of Dad, except Dad was younger. Oh gawd, I can already feel the tears threatening to come out. I wiped my eyes, embarrassed that I probably looked like a mess; my black wavy hair tousled from the wind, my green eyes puffy from all the crying, but Billy just pulled me into another hug.

"It's alright, hun. It'll be alright." Billy said in a reassuring tone, making me feel a bit better. I let go of him, nodded and tried giving him my best smile that I could manage. Turning over to the young man, Jacob, who I had to bend my head back just to see his face, damned my five foot-ness, Billy introduced him proudly as him son.

"It's a pleasure to meet you." I answered, as he bent over and picked me up to his level, like I was a rag doll. A small "eep" escaped my lips as Jacob laughed, hugging me tightly.

"Jac…ob…can't…breath.." I stuttered out as he quickly apologized, setting me down, Billy laughing at his antics. I laughed along with him, then asked, "Dang, what does Uncle Billy feed you, Jake? Three cows for breakfast, lunch, and dinner?" Jacob only grinned, saying that he eats that much.

Gawking at his response, Jake grabbed my bags, despite my protests. So I pushed Uncle Billy's wheelchair as I followed my huge cousin to an old, but strong looking Rabbit Volkswagen. Trading Billy for my bags, I put them in the trunk as Jacob helped Billy inside the car. After everyone was situated, Jacob drove us out of the parking lot and out onto the main road. It was quiet most of the way to the house, except for the horrible radio music coming from the speakers.

Finally, Jake pulled into a cute looking house, perfect for a family. I squeezed my pendant gently as the Rabbit came to a stop, signaling the end of our ride. By the time I stepped out of the car, Jake already had my bags inside and was now getting Billy out. I was surprised how quickly he had done that, I certainly did not take long to get out. In fact, I got out the moment the engine shut off, and yet he managed to have my bags inside? I shook my head, apparently I'm already experiencing jet-lag. I waited until Jake had Billy inside before I followed them in. When I walked in, I was impressed.

It was very clean inside, very roomy. I already took a liking to this house. After Billy was sitting on the couch, turning on the television, Jake appeared suddenly in front of me, bags in hands. I jumped, I definitely did not see that coming.

"I'm sorry Gabrielle! I didn't scare you did I?" Jake apologized when he saw me jump. I shook my head, reaching for my bags that Jake teasingly wouldn't let me carry.

"Come on Jake, I can carry my bags on my own." I wined as I jumped uselessly for my bags that Jake kept over my head. Damn my shortness. "No can do Gabe. Now, let's get you moved in." the giant lead me upstairs as I kept trying to reach for my bags. I'm a proud person, and I'm used to doing things my own. I certainly not used to having someone carry my things for me, and sure as hell didn't like it.

Jake led me to a spacy room. It wasn't as big as mine in England, but it was certainly cozy feeling. As I walked in, Jake set my bags down on top of my bed and told me he was going out. I looked at my watch which read eleven-thirty p.m. I nodded as he left my room. What could he possibly be doing at almost midnight, whatever it is apparently he must do it often because I didn't hear any protest downstairs.

I sighed lazily as I went over to my bags. Opening them, I sorted out what goes where, put everything up in my drawers, closet, and bathroom that I think I share with Jake as I saw another door leading to apparently Jake's room. Smiling, I tidied up the bathroom, placing my things from Jacob's, then went and changed into my night clothing. I walked back into the bathroom with a loose fitting black and red polka dotted night shirt that went to my knees and black pajama pants. I quickly brushed my teeth, gargled, and left the bathroom.

After I fixed my bed sheets and such, I plopped down onto my bed, immediately falling in love with it. My posters and everything else can wait 'till tomorrow I thought as I slowly drifted off to sleep, until a howl broke through the night, and it sounded very close to the house.

Wide-eyed, I sat up quickly, my eyes darting to the window. I jumped out of my bed, running to the window, my fear slowly rising. Why wasn't I told that there were wolves running around here? Why didn't Billy tell me? Is this normal? Millions of questions swarmed inside my head, especially when another howl, no wait, two, three. Oh god, how many of them are out there? Suddenly, there was silence. A silence that chilled me to the bone.

A new thought then appeared, which scared me witless: If Jacob and Billy knew about this…why did Jacob go out?


And there you go! Poor Gabrielle, she's scared for her cousin whom she barely knows. Why are there wolves out there? Why didn't Billy or Jacob tell her about them? So many questions that Gabrielle is dying to know the answer of, but will she find out? Or there a secret in La Push that wants to remain a secret…one way or another?

I'll try updating ASAP!