Filling In The Blanks

"The people have a right to know the truth." The only people who can help Gaia in the war against evil? The rebellion. And who leads it? Someone Zidane never thought he'd fall in love with. ZxD

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Also things will slightly be altered as well. Such as the Black Mage Village - is not a village of black mages at this time. Oeilvert won't be completely abandon and such, but inhabited by people, and the Elemental Shrines may or may not serve a purpose, but I'll let you know what they stand for if I ever get there.

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Prologue: A Fleeting Escape

Shadows grew longer and more ominous as the silhouetted figures hurried along the deserted and seemingly eerie hallways.

"Mommy, where are we going?" The voice was in a knowingly quiet manner, but confused nevertheless.

There was no answer from the woman the little girl clung to. Her dark eyes stared up at the worried face in confusion. She had no idea what was going on.

Lights had flickered on in her room, and as her eyes fluttered open, she saw three or four people putting select things in a bag, and humming voices she was too groggy to be able to understand. As soon as she was lifted out of bed by her worried and cautious mother, she knew something was wrong and that she mustn't complain. But she couldn't help but allow the question to slip.

Rumbles from outside tore through the walls, making echoing noises as it bounced off of stones, piercing the silence like a whip.

The young girl's lips quivered as a set of salty tears began to roll down her cheeks. She had to constantly remind herself to stay silent, but the fear and tension pushing down on her made it almost painful.

Finally, turning down yet another cold, grey-stoned corridor, it opened up into the blackened night, illuminated only by notorious explosions of light coming from the rest of the city. The castle had been the only place not yet attacked, but even at her age of four, she knew it would come.

The air was cold, and as her mother put her down on the ground, her black shoes tapping slightly on the marble stone, the older woman pulled her cloak around her daughter tighter, buttoning it and pulling the hood over raven black hair. Letting a half hearted smile onto her face, she wiped the tears away with her thumb.

"Don't cry my love, this will be over soon." She kissed the girl's forehead, and picked her up again.

There were suddenly loud voices from behind them, and all four of them whipped their heads in the direction of their passage to the night.

"They have to be close!" A rough, male voice called out in a snarl, his armor clattering together as he jogged through the hall.

With a new sense of determination, the woman handed the four year old girl off and smiled at the man in front of her. "You know what to do..." She whispered. "Keep her secret, and keep her safe... Protect her as though you would protect me..."

The man's armor clattered as he picked his feet off the ground and stomped hard to stand at a full attention straight, and he saluted, looking more professional than she had ever seen him before.

Smiling again, she hugged the small girl and the man, and then turned towards the young woman. "You are of high skill. I know this wasn't part of the plan, but I wish for you to accompany them."

The chestnut brown hair of the girl flew back with the harsh wind, as her murky walnut eyes widened sufficiently. "But -"

"Please... I want the best for my daughter; I need you to protect her." Tears formed in the girl's eyes as she saluted the woman, making a lot less noise than the man. The woman merely hugged her, until a pack of about ten men spewed out of the hall.

"There they are!" The same one who had called out before was in front, "get them!" he cried.

The three hustled to the boat, as the woman stayed behind, conjuring a fire spell before her, setting only one of the men on fire before multiple knights came out of doors hidden by the disguise of darkness to aid her. Glancing backwards, she saw the girl standing on the end of the boat, her hood pushed off of her head, black hair blowing in the wind.

Her dark eyes gleamed with tears that were shown clearly by the fire licking the sky, acting as a lantern somewhere near the boat.

"Be safe..." Were the last words carried on the wind to her daughter, who fell backwards with the force of the sobs wracking her small frame.


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