All human story, Rated M for sexual content and profanity, plus alcohol intake. Enormous amounts of alcohol being taken in here, people.


"Bella, you need to let loose." My best friend Alice complained, coming up behind me and hugging me. "You start a huge new job tomorrow and I'm guessed you haven't been shagged for months. Who needs that kind of tension?" She batted her eyelashes innocently.

"What do you have in mind?" I groaned, wheeling around to face the devilish pixie that was my best friend.

"Just a little party." She smiled widely. "At Jasper's house." I rolled my eyes and turned away from her; plopping down on the couch.

Alice's boyfriend Jasper threw the wildest party's I have ever experienced. The music was always pulsing, the lights were always dimmed, and the alcohol was always too strong for my taste. Alice had grown up with her family- her brother Emmet and her adoptive parents Carlisle and Esme- in England. When her family had moved the states, she was perfectly civilized and innocent. Then she met them. The Masen family.

I had only met Jasper, but the other two had a terrible reputation.

Edward was supposedly some medical genius, but a major playboy. And Rosalie was a beautiful model that partied harder than her two older brothers combined.

"Are Edward and Rosalie going to be there?" I snapped.

"Um, yeah. You could meet them." Alice said hopefully, twisting the fringe on her moccasin boot. "They really aren't that bad."

"Hmph." I shrugged. "Alice, I'm not in the mood to party. My new job at a serious hospital starts tomorrow, and I would prefer not to have a huge hangover on my first day."

"You're no fun." Alice pouted. "Come on, I can keep a watch on you all night. I'll stop you after… two drinks."

I glanced up at her.

Wow. She really wants me to go with her. It couldn't hurt to loosen up a little bit, right?

"Promise?" I offered her my pinky, and she squealed excitedly.

"I swear!" Alice leapt off the couch and straight into her closet, flinging a random dress at me.

"You need to wear this." She was already rummaging through her collection of shoes on the floor.

"And these."

I gasped.

Oh god. What have I gotten myself into?

The dress was bandage style, unbelievably tight and hitting a few inches above my knee. It was cut in a deep v-neck and left my back almost completely bare. The shoes were a terrible idea for someone as uncoordinated as me; they were over four inches tall, sleek and black, with a tiny peep toe.

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"Hurry up and change." Alice ordered, ignoring my baffled look.

This outfit was literally going to kill me.

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