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A year ago my life was so much simpler. You see, I was a normal teenage girl with normal teenage worries. My biggest crisis was whether I did well enough on my last biology paper. I never thought in a million years everything would change so much. I had lost one of the most important people in my life and I knew that I would never get them back. As of right now, I've needed that person more than I ever thought imaginable. I wanted them to hold my hand, and tell me everything would be okay, just like they used to. I wanted all my questions to be answered, and I wanted them to hold me in there arms, so I could feel safe like I did in the past. Most of all, I just wanted them here because, I missed them more than I ever thought I could. However this great tragedy brought so much promise in my life. Without it, I wouldn't have found out what I was destined to do in my life. I never would have found him. He was most important of all. He was the light in all of this sadness. He was my life now. I'm standing here at this exact moment seeing how I'm about to face my destiny, hand in hand, with the family I never knew that I had, and I wondered if this is it? I had found out so much about this universe, and it seemed that even though I had so much left to learn, I wouldn't get the chance. I wondered what could have been. What life could I have lived with these people. I feel like I never took advantage of what time I had, and now my time has run out. Together, as we step forward, we realized that we ready to face what life had to throw at us.

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