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Chapter 11


"Fine then, but that means you have to be my girlfriend." Edward whispered. His breath gently tickling my collarbone.

"I think I can agree to that." I smirked. I finally rolled from on top of him and gently slid to his side, resting my leg over his hip. He began gently stoking my hair and humming to me as I felt my self drift into a deep sleep.

"Oh, god." cried Chrissy when she walked into the living room; automatically waking me up.

"What?" I asked groggily.

"Could you put a top on perhaps, I'm not in the mood to see your boobs this early." I looked down and sure enough the girls were on full display.

"Oh shit, yeah, sorry."

"Don't apologise." Edward murmured from next to me. I looked up and gave him a shy smile. "I think you should walk around like that more often." he smirked.

"Aren't you two freezing down here?" Chrissy asked with a curious expression on her face.

"Not really no." I replied.

"It's like the artic down here! Look, look at my breath." she exclaimed; I could clearly see her breath, maybe it was cold after all, odd.

"Huh I can't feel it." I shrugged. Edward looked at me with an odd expression before handing me my top, oh right yeah, they were still out.

"Are they decent?" Alice called down the stairs.

"Barely." Chrissy yelled back.

"Seriously guys, I don't want to see anything, as much as I think it's an awesome thing, Edward is still my brother and that's just ewww." I giggled at her comment. She floated towards the living room and planted her self above us on the sofa. She grabbed the remote and put on a random channel. I couldn't really be bothered to pay it any attention; Edward still hadn't put a shirt on. I just lay there with my head on his chest hoping he wouldn't realise I was just plain ogling him.

"You just going to stare at me all day?" he whispered.

"Yes," I replied bluntly "you're my boyfriend now, you have to put up with this sort of crap, it's like a law or something." I replied. He just chuckled at me causing his chest to vibrate lightly. Right now my main thought was; why the hell did there have to be other people in my damn house?

"Anyone want breakfast?" Chrissy called from the kitchen where she was helping her self to the last of my pop tarts, bitch.

"Can I have some toast?" replied Shalinda as she slowly descended the stairs, out of all of my friends she was the least friendly in the mornings, I always tried to avoid her best I could.

"Yeah I'll have some toast too." Steph decided coming out from behind Shalinda.

"Nothing for me, not hungry." I replied.

"Yeah, me neither." added Edward.

"Breakfast has too many carbs," informed Alice. God was she really thinking about crap like that? There was nothing too her, the girl could do with a few carbs if you ask me, but oh well.

"So are you guys official or what?" Alice asked while we were in the car driving the girls back to the airport.

"Yup." I replied smiling over at Edward who was in the passenger seat. He smiled in return causing a few awws from the back seat where I'd squished everyone in. Alice was tiny enough so I made her lie across everyone. "You guys comfy back there then?" I giggled.

"Shut up." answered Chrissy rather bluntly. I just laughed even more and carried on driving. I was going to miss my girls. I was glad I'd gotten to see them again, but for some reason there was a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach that I just couldn't shake, I had the feeling this was our last goodbye.

"I'm going to miss you guys so much." I managed to stutter out between tears. They weren't in a much better shape either.

"We'll miss you too Bella." Shalinda cried as she hugged me close.

"You had best take care of our girl or we'll kick your ass." threatened Chrissy while looking at Edward, I knew she was telling the truth too, she was not a girl you wanted to piss off.

"Oh god, you remember that other guy, whats his name? Oh yeah, Dean. Remember when he cheated on you Bella? God, Chrissy was so funny. She gave him her signature move, 'punksmash.'" Steph choked out through her laughter, she even used air quotes. It was nice they were trying to lift our spirits but that bad feeling wouldn't go away. I watched as my girls slowly made their way through the airport and away from me. I felt Edward snake his arms around my waist and pull me close to him. I buried my face in his chest and continued crying. He kissed me gently on the head.

"Shh, it's ok Bella. They'll be ok." He whispered while stroking my hair softly. "Hey, how about tonight I take you out, just us."

"What like a date?" I asked sniffling.

"Yeah, our first date," he smiled, "you could do with cheering up and I want a good excuse to spend time with you away from the little one over there." I looked towards Alice who just stuck her tongue out at her brother's teasing causing me to giggle lightly.

"Come on, lets get you home." he suggested while gently pulling me back towards my car "I'm driving this time." he decided as he snuck his hands into my pockets and retrieved the keys.

"Fine," I sighed as I climbed into the passenger side.

After we pulled up outside my house Alice and Edward climbed into his car to head back over to their house while I tidied mine and got my self ready for the date later on. The house suddenly felt very empty and quiet so I blasted some MC Lars to try and lift my mood. I was rapping along, badly I might add, to Download this song when my phone beeped. It was a text from Edward.

Make sure you wear something warm and comfortable tonight. Can't wait to see your beautiful face again. I'll be there at 7. Edward x

I smiled at my phone before I carried on with the kitchen, I swear you'd think Charlie never cleaned the place. At least it gave me something to do so I wouldn't obsess over Edward's plans for later. I know what I was hoping was involved in those plans. I wondered if he was hoping for the same thing.

Eventually 7 rolled around and I was pacing up and down the living room waiting for the knock at the door. When I finally heard it I rushed over and pulled it open as fast as I could, which was surprisingly fast actually, I even made Edward jump.

"Hey," I breathed.

"Hi," he replied, still seeming quite startled. He quickly regained his composure though. "You ready?"

"Yep, just got to grab my shoes." I never wore shoes around the house, barefoot was much more comfortable, plus I was wearing those blue ballet flats Alice had forced me into buying. They were still new and I hadn't worn them in, so the longer I could go with out them the better. I wore the blue dress I'd bought as well. I hadn't done much else with my appearance. I was rubbish at doing my own make up. The only way I knew how to put make up on resulted in me looking like some emo kid. I'd learnt about eye liner during my Avril Lavigne faze, hey I was young that's my excuse, so making it not thick and all around the eyes was just too hard to do. So I just went without. The dress was enough effort right? Edward seemed to not mind, his eyes ran over me and he had a dazed look in his eyes. I inwardly high fived myself for being able to make him react like that. I cleared my throat; snapping him back to reality.

"Oh, erm yeah." I muttered and before holding out his arm for me to take. I linked my arm with his as he walked me over to his car. It was then that I remembered his text and suddenly realised I wasn't dressed warm.

"Shit, I didn't bring anything warm." I dropped his arm and started to make my way back towards the house to grab a coat or something. But he wasn't having any of that.

"I've packed a few blankets, we should be ok." he informed me. Blankets hey? I liked where that was going.

He refused to tell me what we were doing but it seemed like we were driving to Port Angeles. Maybe he was taking me for a meal or something.

"So what did you and Alice get up to today?" I asked; starting conversation.

"Oh not much, just had a chat and went for a walk."

"Walk anywhere good?"

"Just around the woods, nothing special." he just shrugged.

"You should be careful in the woods you know, some big scary bear could gobble you up you know, then I'd be all sad and shit." Edward just burst out laughing, ok I did mean it as a joke but I'm not that funny.

"Don't worry, I was safe." he managed to choke out eventually.

Edward came to a stop near the docks and walked round to open my door. I still wasn't used to his manners. He helped me out of the car and wrapped his arm around my waist. He gently pulled me in for soft kiss. He pulled away before I could get too carried away though, spoil sport. That's when I spotted the small yacht covered in fairy lights. It looked so romantic. I just turned to Edward and the smile on his face confirmed it was for us. I just smiled and made him walk faster. I was excited, I mean come on, it was a yacht complete with freaking twinkle lights. As we got closer I noticed he'd laid out a small area with blankets and a small heater. I couldn't actually feel the cold of the air yet but I guess he was anticipating it being much colder on the water.

It was already dark out and the place looked magical. I hadn't even stepped foot on the boat and I already felt like I was in a fairy tale. There were lights that lead along the dock giving the area a warm orange glow.

Edward stepped onto the boat first and offered me his hand to help me on. He'd clearly picked up on my balance issues and didn't want to ruin the night by allowing me to go swimming. Of course me being me stumbled a bit as I got on but Edward was there to catch me again. To be honest I'd stopped caring so much about my clumsiness these days, it was just an excuse to be in Edwards arms. It wasn't like he was complaining. He just chuckled softly and lead me to the blanketed area.

I lay down expecting Edward to join me but he didn't. He kneeled next to me, bring his hand to my face and slowly rubbing his thumb over my cheek. His eyes were burning straight into mine. I saw such a depth of emotion; I felt like I was drowning. He slowly leant forward, his lips gently brushing against mine. I returned the kiss just as softly, refusing to let my hormones ruin the sweetness of it. He sat back up smiling warmly at me before reaching behind me to grab a basket.

"Here, I brought you some food, I know you must be hungry and stuff and I wanted something for you to do while I steer this boat out a bit." he explained. He almost looked nervous, it was cute. I just nodded reaching into the basket as he made his way to where ever he needed to be on the boat to steer it.

He'd packed me a tuna mayonnaise sandwich, an apple and a small bag of potato chips. It was simple but for some reason I found it cute. I just hoped he still found my breath cute after the tuna, silly, silly boy, didn't he realise I'd have fishy breath. I decided I'd do him a favour and skip the sandwich, I wasn't really hungry anyway, I never was lately, the only food cravings I ever had was for some random meat products. Odd cravings I know but every so often I'd just fancy some steak or chicken or anything really as long as it was meaty. I'd never been that normal anyway, why would my eating habits be any different?

Eventually the boat stopped, he hadn't sailed far. It was just far enough for us to feel away from everyone, we were just in our own bubble out here. He finally came and lay down next to me and we both gazed over at Port Angeles in the distance.

"It looks beautiful like this." I whispered. I didn't know why I was whispering, it just felt right for some reason.

"It always looks beautiful." he replied looking directly at me.

"Oh Edward Cullen; such a charmer." I teased, smiling at him, "Do you use that line on all the ladies?"

"Just you Bella, just you." his eyes boring into mine again. I gazed back at him before turning my attention back to the shore line.

"It's amazing what the night time can hide. During the day places can look grey with only small splashes of colour here and there. But when the sky goes dark and the lights come on the place looks like magic. Suddenly the plainest places look like something from a dream. Like the lights of that small pub over there, the pub looks shady in the day and up close, but from here at this moment it looks beautiful, the neon lights flashing, lighting up the place." I became quiet then just drinking in the sight before me.

"I've never thought of it like that before." Edward replied. "You make me see things I never saw before Bella, you've opened my eyes in such a small space of time. You amaze me." I couldn't form words for a reply so I just did what my instincts told me. I leant forwards placing my lips on his. My hands automatically went to his neck. My fingers were gently playing with the soft hair there before they worked there way up and wrapped them selves deeper. His own hands rested softly on my hips, his thumbs stroking light circles. I slowly opened my mouth, inviting him to do the same. Our tongues met and slowly began to move together. I could feel the desire building up inside me. I wanted him.

I pulled him backwards so he was leaning over me. His lips left my mouth and made their way down my neck. He left open mouthed kisses as he travelled, just exploring my skin. I could feel his tongue snake out and taste my skin, sending shivers down my spine.

My hands moved to his shoulders and slid off his jacket. He quickly obliged and threw his jacket behind him. My hands crept down his chest and my fingers began to play with the hem of his shirt. His face came back up to mine. He smirked before his lips rejoined my own. I slowly lifted his shirt, feeling the muscles on his torso tense has my hands lightly brushed over them. Once his shirt was off I rolled him over so that I was the one of top.

I began kissing down his chest, my hands still exploring all the skin they could find. I reached his nipple, I came to the conclusion I just had to taste his skin. I slowly licked his nipple causing a growl to come from deep in his chest. I didn't know how he made that noise but I felt my self get more aroused by it. I continued laying open mouthed kisses down his chest until I reached that line of hair. I wanted what was at the end of that line. I licked my lips at the thought. Edward caught this and let out a desperate moan. He wanted it too.

My hands got to work in removing the material that got in the way of my goal. It didn't take long. I released Edward from his boxers and drank in the sight of him. I lent forwards and gave him a slow and torturous lick along his shaft.

"Fuck Bella." he growled. I responded by swirling my tongue around his tip before taking him fully in my mouth. His hands grasped at the blankets either side of him as I began softly sucking. My tongue wrapping around him, teasing him as my mouth moved along him. One hand moved to the base of him and began stroking what I couldn't fit while my other hand began gently massaging his testicles. He closed his eyes and lost himself to the pleasure, his hands gripping the blankets even tighter. I began to suck harder.

"Shit!" he moaned, "Shit Bella, I'm going to…" his hand moved to my shoulder and pried me away before he took his own hand and wrapped it around himself. 2 more strokes and he came over his hand. His face instantly relaxed. I moved upwards and left a small kiss on his lips.

"Wow Bella, that was, that was amazing." he announced staring deep into my eyes. I just grinned smugly in response. I rested my head on his bare shoulder and looked up at the stars. They were so clear tonight. Shining brighter than I'd seen them in a long time. I began to think of how things had changed since moving to Forks. I still missed my mother greatly. I could just imagine her gushing over the fact I had a new boyfriend. She'd of course try and give me the talk again. I giggled at the memory of the last time it happened.

"What's funny?" Edward asked.

"I was just thinking about when my mom gave me 'the talk'. She went into way more detail than was necessary." I smiled.

"What was she like?"

"She was a bit ditzy. Always coming up with crazy schemes. She didn't fear anything. She always seemed so different to everyone else's mom. Their's were all plain and boring, not mine though, mine was out of this world."

"She sounds like she was amazing. What happened though?"

"She got ill. We don't know what it was. She went for a check up at the doctors, they told her she was fine. But then a week later she began to feel tired all the time. So she went back to the doctors and they just gave her some pills. She got worse though. She just got weaker and weaker. She was loosing weight rapidly. Eventually she ended up in the hospital. No one knew what was wrong. They ran many tests except blood tests, they always had problems with that for some reason. One week she was my crazy, fun loving mom and a month later I was saying goodbye. The nurse, Chelsea, gave us all the information she could; which was basically nothing. They wanted to test me to see if I could have whatever it was but they changed their minds for some reason. Perhaps they could clearly see I didn't have the same issue." tears were flowing down my cheeks now. It was still hard to talk about her. I wasn't used to her being gone yet. I felt like one of the holidays I went on as a child. I was waiting for the day Charlie would drive me to the airport to go back to her.

"I'm sorry Bella." he whispered as he kissed me gently on the forehead.

"What happened to your parents?" I asked him. "You don't have to tell me or anything."

"No, it's ok I don't mind. I don't remember much though, it happened a long time ago." he looked thoughtful for a moment before he continued. "They both became very ill. My father came down with it first and my mother took care of him as much as she could. It quickly got to her too but she didn't give up caring for him. I might not remember much about them but I do remember how deeply they loved each other. Carlisle was a doctor at the local hospital where they eventually ended up. My father passed first and my mother knew she didn't have long left. She asked Carlisle to take care of me, so he did. I've been with him ever since. I see him as my father now."

"That was sweet of him to take you in like that. He sounds like an amazing man." I responded because he truly did. He took in all those teenagers for no other reason than they needed him and that made him great in my eyes.

"He is. I look up to him so much." I continued gazing at the stars thinking about the man next to me. Even after loosing both of his parents he grew up to be this amazing person. He was kind and well mannered, he always did well in school. He put my own needs before his. I couldn't image what hell Forks would have been without him. I may of lost my mother but Edward was helping me heal. I realised then that I'd fallen in love with him. I looked over at him and his eyes locked with mine. I was definitely in love. All doubt vanished as I met his golden stare. I was sure I saw love looking back at me as well.

"Edward, I think.." I began.

"Bella, I…" he said at the same time. I just giggled and urged him to continue.

"Bella, I need to tell you something. I just don't want you to be afraid."

"I won't be." I assured him, surely he was about to say the same thing as me.

"Bella, me and my family aren't like others, we aren't human." he looked back to the sky as his voice got quieter and filled with a sadness. "we're vampires Bella, we're monsters."

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