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Prologue: Hurting

I couldn't move. Every little movement sent white-hot pain shooting through my limbs. Every twitch was like being shot in the foot. Painful. Agonizing. Nothing I had suffered so far could even compare to this. James had his way after school; Phil just added to my torture. My mother...my mother didn't even seem to care. But I'm getting ahead of myself. Here's how it all started.

When I was 14, my mom divorced my loving dad. Well I could say that my dad divorced my mom. She had cheated on him with Phil. My dad had been broken hearted; mom had been his elementary school sweet heart. That's right, I said elementary school sweet heart. My dad had fallen in love with mom in the fourth grade. He had thought she was his love. Boy, had he been wrong. Anyways, after a long divorce settlement, I got stuck with living with mommy dearest. I saw dad once a while, mostly on the T.V. After having his heart ripped from his chest and stomped on, he became an emo artist. He didn't cut himself because his paintings were his way of cutting. After selling his first painting for $100,000, mom wished she hadn't gotten a divorce.

Not only one month after the separation, mom married Phil in Vegas. I wasn't even there; I had been in school. When I came home, there was a note on the door saying that they had gone to Vegas for a week and there was food money on the counter. To put it mildly, my anger at mom was worse than Mt. Helen erupting, the tsunami in Indonesia, and the 1906 earthquake in San Francisco. That's pretty bad.

To make it worse, Phil turned out to be a physical abuser. I found this out the hard way when I was 15. I got him mad and all of the sudden, I was on the floor with a black eye. What's worse was my supposed mother's reaction. Nothing. She just said it was an "accident" that Phil had launched himself across the dining room table after I said that he was acting like a jerk and to lighten up. She sure knows how to pick them.

Around that time, I found James. He was the best, treating me right, buying me dinner. He was everything that Phil wasn't. I thought I found my strong hold on reality. I was stupid like my dad in that way. James became the spitting image of Phil except with short, blond hair instead of jet black curly hair. I swear, Phil probably died his hair because there was no freakin' way that a forty-something year old man with premature graying in the family could have hair that black.

Now, back to the present. I was still with James after 2 years of suffering and bloody noses. Not by choice, of course. Every time I tried to end it, James would threaten to beat me to an inch of life. Phil had my mom wrapped around his pinkie. She was still blind towards the beatings I took almost every other day. Overall, my life was hell on Earth.

Today had been the worst day of my life. Worse when my parents announced that they were getting a divorce, worse when my mom had left for Vegas with her new hubbie. It seemed that both James and Phil had been in very, very bad moods and decided to take out their frustration on me. So in simpler terms, I now lay on my bed with very bad bruises that would keep me from going to school for at least three days.

It seemed that my body had enough pain for the day. I could fell myself drift towards unconsciousness, the only comfort I had in my life. As I willing succumbed into the darkness, I made a silent plea in my mind to whatever was out there watching over me.

Please, whoever or whatever is out there, please send me someone that can bring me out of my misery, my pain. If you have any pity on me, please bring me someone to protect me, to save me. To love me.

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