Hilary watched quietly as the boys of BBA Revolution practiced behind Tyson's dojo. Right now Tyson and Ray were battling eachother, and they both seemed to be getting into it. Hilary looked around at the other boys, standing around and watching them. Max was sitting down on a big rock and was staring at the two practicing with that cute smile of his. Daichi was right next to the dish, staring into it, pouting that it wasn't his turn. Hilary looked over at Kenny who was sitting beside her. His glasses where propped up on his head, he was staring at his computer screen while he typed in the data from Tyson and Ray's battle. Hilary looked up at the two boys battling in the beydish. Ray had a grin on his face and sweat on his brow, he really enjoyed beybattling. Tyson was grinning as well and shouting for his bitbeast, Dragoon, to go faster. Hilary looked around at the five boys...they were missing one.

Kai had gone back to the Blitzkrieg Boys, and he had no plans of returning to the BBA Revolution.

When Kai left, Hilary felt empty, like the team was not whole without him. It also seemed like things were different without Kai, they had changed, and not for the better. Ever since Kai left, Tyson had been treating Hilary like a house wife. He's been making her cook, clean, and do everything for the boys. When Kai was there, Hilary didn't have to put up with this bullshit. Coming to practice everyday was almost unbearable because Hilary knew that Tyson would make her do some silly thing for the boys, like iron their jackets, cook their lunches, and fetch them beyblade gear from the store. But Tyson got a kick out of it, and as far as he knew, Hilary was just there to run errands for them.

Ray gasped when Drigger flew past his head when Dragoon knocked him out of the dish. Ray's beyblade crashed into the stone wall behind him, leaving a dent and causing fragments of stone to fly everywhere. The battle was over, Tyson was the winner.

"Yeah! I won!" Tyson cheered, "In your face, Ray!"

Ray sighed then pulled his beyblade out of the wall. He faced Tyson and had a grin on his face, "I'll get you next time, Tyson."

Tyson laughed, "Keep dreaming, Ray."

As Ray walked over to Kenny and handed him his blade for repairs, Tyson wiped the sweat off his brow and looked at Hilary, grinning.

Here it comes...

"Hey, Hilary, go get me a water, will ya? I'm parched!" Tyson called over to her with a grin.

Hilary clenched her teeth.

She wanted to say: No! How about you get your own damn water!? But alas, she couldn't. She had to be the perfect, pretty, perky girl who did everything for her team. So she put on a fake smile and said, "Sure!" in a really perky tone.

She stood up and quickly ran inside to go fetch Master Tyson his royal water.

Once she got into the kitchen she opened the fridge and looked around in it to find a bottle water for Tyson. As she rummaged around in the fridge she mumbled angrily, "Why can't he get his own damn water? Why do I have to be the damn housewife?"

Finally she pulled out a bottle of water and cracked the lid for Tyson, he always hated it when he got a bottle of water that wasn't already cracked, and we must do what we can to please Master Tyson.

She looked out the kitchen window and saw Tyson waiting impatiently for his drink. Hilary rolled her eyes then left the kitchen. When she reached the backyard she walked up to Tyson and shoved the drink in his hands, "Here."

Tyson grinned then took off the cap and gulped down a bit of the water. When he pulled the bottle away from his mouth he said, "Thanks babe."

Hilary stopped in her tracks. She clenched her teeth together and tightened her hands into fists.

"What did you just call me?" She hissed.

It was clear that she had snapped.

Tyson looked at her with an eyebrow raised, "What? Babe?"

"Yes!" Hilary yelled, turning around and pointing a finger in his face, "How dare you call me babe! I'm not your girlfriend! You shouldn't be calling me by such a demeaning name!"

"Hilary...I..." Tyson tried to say.

By this point, Hilary's yelling had caught the attention of all the boys, and they were now staring at the two in curiosity.

"And quit ordering me around like I'm your little slave! Hilary, go get me some water. Hilary, go buy more beyblade gear. Hilary, go put up these posters so little kids can come see me play! I'm tired of you ordering me around! I'm not going to do your little errands anymore! I'm apart of this team but you only treat me like some kind of fan girl that will do anything you want!

"Hilary...why are you..." But Tyson couldn't finish.

"Well I've had it with you bossing me around! If I'm not going to be treated like a valued member of this team then I'll just leave!" Hilary yelled.

Before Tyson could say anything, Ray walked up to Hilary and placed a hand on her shoulder, "Come on, Hilary, calm down, I think you're overreacting."

Hilary growled then smacked Ray's hand away, which was very surprising, considering Ray was her closest friend on the team, "Oh, shut up, Ray! You know that he's been bossing me around! You've been watching him do it every single day! But you didn't do anything about it! Well I've had it! I'm leaving and I'm never coming back! Just like Kai!"

Hilary knew that comment hit Tyson hard. Kai was Tyson's best friend (Well, in Tyson's eyes anyway), and when Kai left it really hurt him. That's why everyone avoided Kai's name in conversation.

Before anyone could say anything, Hilary turned on her heel and sprinted. She was out of the backyard in a matter of seconds, the boys staring after her. Tears streamed from her eyes and flew behind her as she headed for the front gate. She couldn't see where she was going and she didn't care, she just wanted to get away from Tyson. She flew out the front gate and headed on to the streets. As she ran she could feel light droplets raining down on her, it was starting to sprinkle; it would soon turn into full fledged rain.

After about three minutes of running with no slowing down, Hilary was getting tired. She slowed down then lazily walked over to a stone wall and pressed her back against it and slid down to the ground. She was panting heavily from exhaustion and the soles of her shoes were worn out. She looked up at the sky and heavy droplets rained onto her face. She sighed and looked back down at her lap. Her panting was getting lighter, but her crying grew heavier. She had just left behind the only friends she ever had. She buried her face in her hands and sobbed.

She sobbed for a good ten minutes before it finally died down. Her cheeks were still pink and tears still ran from her eyes, but it was a lot lighter now. Hilary froze when she heard footsteps coming towards her. After a few seconds the raindrops ceased to fall on her head and the sound of raindrops hitting a solid surface could be heard. Hilary looked up with her deep, ruby eyes and saw a blue umbrella being held over her. She followed the hand that was holding it with her eyes then finally saw the kind stranger's face, although, it wasn't a stranger at all, it was Kai Hiwatari.