Inspired in part by Lizeth, and in part by a screenshot of the Vesperia crew in Abyss costumes (no, I'm not lying. Go look it up!). I'm not very far into Vesperia yet so I don't want to go writing any more without being able to know the story I'm bastardizing. Er, altering.

I don't own Tales of the Abyss or Tales of Vesperia. Both of them belong to Namco Bandai. I just wrote this for my own twisted pleasure at 0200 one morning. Oh, and no yaoi! This is just supposed to be a friendship fic. Even though Yuri is yummy to look at...

I don't know if Asch ever regained himself after our rebirth. Honestly, I don't care. I'd known from the first moment I can remember who I was before, in my past life. As easily as recalling last night's supper I remember Tear, and Ion, and everyone else, up until that moment when I ceased to be Luke fon Fabre, and became Flynn Scifo. I hadn't recognized Asch at first, but as the years passed and we grew closer I had my hunches, my inklings. Never did I act on them, however. How weird would it have sounded, I wonder, to claim to remember a past life, and insist that the other person had been part of it?

And so I watched, and waited, and befriended Asch where I couldn't have before. Even when we split up, our paths taking us separate ways, I kept an eye on my wayward former original. We were no longer isofons, no longer original and replica, but still I felt an attachment to him deeper than that of mere childhood friends. I knew him better than myself, and at times he would wonder about that. But never would I be able to tell him of the times we had before shared. Not that they were very memorable, with him having tried to kill me several times. I couldn't hold it against my friend, though. How could he have known?

It was thus that I grew to know the true Asch, the true original Luke. Born humbly, without Van's influence, he became the friend I knew he could have in our former lives. He had been consumed by anger and revenge, mostly directed at me, though Van had been the cause of all our hardship.

I watched Asch, and I waited. Lorelei had to have a reason for me to retain my former self, tempered as it was by another lifetime. I knew that Asch would rear his head again, and we would fight should he ever find out the truth of who I had been. That would come in due course.

For now, I only watched Yuri Lowell. He was blunt but honest, with a kind heart under his uncaring fa├žade. He couldn't keep from helping those in need right in front of him, never hesitating even when he, many times, landed in jail under my watchful eye. Mostly he was kind in his actions, a loyal friend at his side that, in our past lives, he had never had before.

I watched Yuri. I watched Repede. I felt the flow of fonons, of mana, around us, waiting for Lorelei to show himself again.

Most of all, I lived.