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'Ah, Home at last.' Alex thought as she walked through the door of her apartment of two years. Not that it meant much. For the next two or three hours all she would be doing is paperwork, which is the same thing she would be doing if she was still at her office, but she would rather do paperwork while sitting in her home office with some nice music a few candles, the works, instead of a cramped office with harsh lighting. Plus at home she could get out of her work clothes and into a nice pair of pajamas.

After walking in the door she kicked her shoes off haphazardly not really caring where they landed as long as they weren't on her feet anymore she didn't really care. 'Note to self' She thought 'Don't go online shopping after twenty gajillion hours of paperwork, just because a pair of shoes is cute doesn't mean they're comfy.'

She moved into her kitchen and took her tea kettle from the top of her stove and brought it to her sink refilling it with fresh water before replacing it on the stove and turning the burner on. There was just something about having a nice hot cup of jasmine tea that helped her relax and focus; plus it didn't keep her awake like coffee would have.

She left the kitchen and made her way to the master bedroom. Once inside she started shedding her clothes, starting with her suit jacket and ending with her dreaded panty hoes; she was convinced that whoever invented those awful things was in fact the devil.

After undressing she threw the pile of clothes she had just stepped out of in the hamper, besides the suit jacket which she hung up making a mental note to bring it to the dry cleaners the next day. She walked over to her bureau and got a pair of pajama pants and a cami.

By the time she was done changing she could hear the kettle whistling. She walked back into the kitchen and turned the burner off. Then she walked over to her cabinet and stood up on her tiptoes to reach her favorite mug. It was one that Olivia had given her the Christmas before and it had the Miranda rights on it. Every time she saw it, it made her smile.

Once her cup was full and she was comfortable in her pajamas and slippers she moved down the hall to her little home office that was actually just a spare bedroom that she had redone with the help of Olivia, Casey, Serena, Abbie, Monique, and Liz. It amazed her, it took less time to paint and put the room together than it did for all of them to pick out colors and furniture.

She sat down in her chair and pulled a stack of paperwork out of her attaché case. She pulled open her top drawer pulled out a pen and a remote. She clicked on her docking station before digging into her work.

Her estimation was right. Almost three hours later she got up, her legs hand fallen asleep and were a little wobbly because she had been sitting funny. She went into the kitchen washed her mug out and dried it before returning it to its place in her cabinet.

Once everything was in its place she decided that she would just go to bed. It wasn't horribly late but she never knew when they would get pulled into a new case and extra sleep was always welcome. She walked back down the hall to her bedroom. She walked over to her bedside table and slid her glasses off before placing them gently on the table new to her alarm clock. Then she walked across the room to the master bathroom. She went in brushed her teeth and hair before grabbing some lotion that she put on every night before she went to sleep.

She walked back to her bedroom and pulled back her sheets, this morning had been a very rare morning where she actually made her bed, usually the morning was so rushed she either didn't have time or she forgot completely. She climbed into bed and rearranged all the pillows and blankets until everything was exactly how she wanted it. When everything was in its place she laid down and not five minutes later she was out like a light.

She was suddenly awoken less than a half hour later to her cell phone ringing. At first she didn't realize it was her phone, she had just started to dream when the phone started ringing and it took her a minute to realize that the ringing had nothing to do with the dream. She lifted her head and tried to shake the sleep from her eyes. 'If we have a case…' Her thoughts trailed off because honestly she couldn't come up with a plausible threat, she loved her job too much to ever give it up over a few late nights.

She reached out and grabbed her phone from the bedside table. She looked at the caller ID before flipping the phone open and bringing it to her ear.

"Hey El." She said her voice was husky from the sleep.

"Alex." Elliot's voice was trembling and Alex immediately perked up in bed.

"Elliot? What's wrong?"

"Something happened."

"Elliot you're scaring me. Just tell me what's going on."

"Listen Al, I can't really talk right now but you need to come down here."

"Where? To the precinct?"

"No. Um…Alex we're at the hospital."

"What?" Alex was really starting to get scared, every possible scenario was running through her head. "What hospital?"

"Bellevue, I can't really talk the doctor is here and we need to answer some questions, just get down here as soon as you can. Okay?"

"Yeah, alright I'm on my way."

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