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Sonic the Hedgehog


Act 1: Festival Chase Zone

It was another day for Sonic, the high speed blue hedgehog, running as he loved to do, enjoying the thrill of it all; Outracing animals, crossing wide rivers and jumping from the sides of cliffs to another. His best friend, Miles "Tails" Prower or "Tails" for short, showed up to Sonic in his plane, the Blue Tornado. "Sonic!" he called. "Tails!" he responded, "What's up?"

Sonic came to a stop as Tails landed the plane beside him back at Green Hill where most of their adventures started. "So, how's it going, Tails?" he asked him. "Sonic," he said, "Invites have been going around, and I've received one." "Cool!" said Sonic, "What's the invite for?" "It's for the festival at Soleanna," Tails answered, "There's said to be fireworks and a tribute to their Sun God; Solaris." "Think there might be chili dogs there?" Sonic asked, "If they are, I'm heading there right now!" "Here's the invite," said Tails as he handed it, "It shows their princess, Sally Alicia Acorn to raise interest in the festival."

Sonic looked at the picture of the princess, seeing she and the people around her were anthropomorphic animals like he and his friends are. What raised his interest in the picture was not the princess or the design of the castle behind her, but what she was holding in the picture. "Is that a..." he said, "A Chaos Emerald?!" "A Chaos Emerald?" Tails said, "Let me see." Sonic handed the invite back to Tails, letting him see it. "It is!" he said, "The princess has the blue Chaos Emerald!" "If they're passing these invites around," said Sonic, "No doubt Robotnik would gotten one by now." "Then that means he's probably on his way to the festival as we speak!" said Tails, "The princess is in danger and nobody realizes it!" "Then we haven't any time to waste!" said Sonic.

Before the 2 of them race to stop Robotnik, someone jumped on Sonic, pinning him down. "Sonic!" said a familiar voice. "Amy?" Sonic yelled as he saw it was Amy, "Where'd you come from?" "I'm always with my precious Sonic," she answered. As the both of them stood back up, Amy continued. "I heard you're going to a festival," She said, "And I wanted to go too! It'll be like a date!" "A-A date?" Sonic said, "No way! Forget it! Nope!" "Oh, but Sonic..." Amy said in a disappointed tone. "Hate to say it," said Tails, "But according to the invite, we need 4 people in a group before they would let us in." "What?" Sonic said as Amy cheered. "Hold on," he said, "We're still short 1 person. Who's our last guy?" The 3 of them thought of who should be in their group, coming to one conclusion. "Knuckles!" they thought.

"No way!" said Knuckles after the 3 asked him to join them on the floating Angel Island. "Why not, Knuckles?" Tails asked. "Who else would take care of the Master Emerald?" he answered, "I can't leave it alone for one minute without worrying it's gonna be stolen and misused." "Don't worry," said Sonic, "Who's gonna steal it?" "Need I remind you," said Knuckles, "That it shattered when stolen twice? Once caused Chaos to nearly destroy everything while the second time was because of that bat girl." "So, 3rd time's a charm," said Sonic, "Just put a lock on the thing." "My answer is still no!" Knuckles answered, "Absolutely not!"

"Ok then," said Sonic as he shrugged, "I guess he doesn't want to go." "But Sonic!" said Tails, "What about the Chaos Emerald?" "Don't worry," said Sonic, "We'll just invite ourselves in without a fourth guy. After all, who wants to go to a party with a downer like Knuckles?" "What was that?" Knuckles asked in an angrier tone. "Nothing," said Sonic, "I'm just saying that all work and no play makes Knuckles a dull Echidna." "I'm not dull!" he yelled, "Alright, let's go!" "That was easy," Tails thought, "But Knuckles was always hot headed."

Meanwhile, in an unknown location, Dr. Ivo Robotnik; Sonic's nemesis, received an invite as Tails predicted, while working on an invention whose purpose was unknown. "A Festival in Soleanna," he thought, "Worshipping their beloved Sun God, Solaris. I know that name. It's the same name as a failed project years ago, tapping into the power of time travels from Solaris himself. If they had my genius, they would have succeeded." "Of course they would," said Scratch, a robot Robotnik created. "No one could match your genius Dr. Robotnik," said Grounder, another one of the robots. "Of course!" Robotnik said, "Which is why I'm doing what those fools couldn't! After I found the reports of the Solaris project, the thoughts of traveling through time couldn't be passed up.

With my genius, I'll succeed at what they haven't! For I am Dr. Robotnik! The greatest scientist of all time!" As he rose his fist in pride, he knocked over a cup of hot coffee that Scratch was delivering to him, burning him. "Yeow!" he screamed. "Nincombots!" he yelled, "Why I ought to-" Before he slapped the two flinching robots, something caught the eye on the invite. "what's this?" he asked. He looked closer at the invite, specifically; What was in the princess' hand. "I don't believe it!" he said, "A Chaos Emerald? Now that I think about it, the Duke of Soleanna was the head of the project, so his daughter may know something I don't, regarding the project!"

He quickly announced to all of the other robots. "Attention!" he said, "Prepare the Egg Carrier! We're taking a trip to Soleanna! Let's not be rude and show up late for the festival! Gya, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!" His robots boarded the Egg Carrier, preparing to invade the city.

Sonic and friends arrived to the city by boat, leaving Sonic sick from the fear of water around him and surrounding the city as he couldn't swim. "Here we are," said Tails, "Soleanna." "Why did we have to take a boat?" said the ill Sonic, "It makes me seasick. We could have taken the Tornado. Urp!" "It can't hold 4 people," Tails answered, "It was hard enough to take Amy along with us with only 1 seat." "Soleanna!" said the excited Amy as she gazed at the architecture, "Isn't this place beautiful and romantic? The perfect city to have a romantic evening. Right, Sonic?" She looked back at the guys, seeing that they were all gone. "Oh, Sonic!" she yelled, "You've ruined the moment! Where are you?" As she searched for him again, she said to herself, "Well, at least the city's in the middle of the ocean. So he can't get away now! He's trapped and all mine!" She went her way to find Sonic somewhere in the city of water, Soleanna.

As the 4 guests explored the city, the princess, Sally was preparing herself for the festival tonight with a designer helping her. "You look beautiful," she said, "You look just like your mother." Sally sighed in a disappointed tone. "What's the matter?" the designer asked, "Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to." "It's alright," said Sally, "Continue." As her hair was being brushed, Sally asked, "It's been exactly 5 years since then, hasn't it?" "Since what?" she asked. "Since my father died," Sally answered, "He died 5 years ago today during the Solaris Festival." "It was such a sad loss," the designer said, "And he was a great man." "I always wondered what he meant by his last words," said Sally, "He told me never to cry, no matter what dangers I face. What could it mean?" "It means to never let your people see you frightened," answered the designer, "It sounds like a meaning to never let anything get the better of your emotions, no matter what." "I guess so," said Sally as she looked at her treasure, unknowing it was more special than she knew.

That night, the festival began with fireworks filling the sky as people cheered. A large gondola-like boat rowed toward a round alter in the middle of the city with the princess onboard, waving to the people and wearing her emerald as dancers danced around her in the boat. She arrived at the alter where castle officials dressed in special robes and a priest waited for her. One of them handed her a torch to light the ceremonial torch that was above them, dedicated to Solaris. Before she began her recital, she saw a vision in the torch she held. Suddenly, she saw the city set ablaze from a great distance, burning to the ground as a large demonic-like entity rose from the ashes, roaring loudly.

"Miss Sally?" asked a lady-in-waiting, breaking her out of her trance. "I-It's alright," she said. She continued on with the ceremony, trying to forget what she saw in the flames. "We've give thanks for the blessed flames," she said, "May we always continue to have peace. Sun of Soleanna, guide and watch over us with your eternal light..." She then lowered the torch into a bowl of flammable liquid, causing the fire to spread from the bowl up the path to the ceremonial torch. The people cheered as fireworks lit up the sky.

Suddenly, missiles rain down from the fireworks, exploding nearby the people and destroying nearby buildings, causing them to take cover to avoid it. Princess Sally was trapped as she was in the middle of the water on an alter. A ship became visible in the sky, sending down robots that surrounded Sally and the people around her on the alter. Dr. Robotnik came down as well on his Egg-O-Matic; His hovercraft. "A pleasure to meet you at last, Princess of Soleanna," he said, "I am Dr. Ivo Robotnik. I've come here to obtain the secrets of the Solaris Project from you. And to take the miracle gem that are the key to its secrets...The Chaos Emerald!" Sally held the emerald tighter in her hands, not wanting to part with it. "Now, Princess," said Robotnik, "This way, please."

It seemed like there was no hope for them, when a blue blur started to appear, spinning around them and the robots, creating a powerful gust of wind. "Wow! That's a snazzy performance there!" said a voice. Princess Sally looked up to see a blue hedgehog standing over them, he was somehow recognized by her, despite never meeting before as she said, "You? It can't be." The robots locked onto the hedgehog, shooting him as he jumped away, bashing the robots away with great speed, sending the last one falling by tapping it with the tip of his foot. "I'm Sonic!" he said as he introduced himself and picked up the princess. "Sonic the Hedgehog!" He escaped with the princess, leaving Robotnik saying, "Not that irritating hedgehog again! Attack!"

More robots appeared and fired missiles at the speeding hedgehog, missing him because of his great speed. As they avoided the missiles, Sally cried, "What's going on here? Who are you?" "I told ya!" he answered. "Who was that man?" she asked, "And why did he call my gem an Emerald?" "Just an Eggman," he answered. Sonic jumped from building to building as robots chased after the two, running through the maze-like town afterwards. As they made their escape, another hedgehog with silver fur, watched them from the top of a burning building with the sky filled with smoke and ash. "I finally found him," whispered the silver hedgehog, "The Iblis Trigger..."

To Be Continued!