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Sonic the Hedgehog


Final Act: Aquatic Base Zone: Part 1

After witnessing the Carrier crash and Sally with it, Sonic became broken about it. He hit the ground continuously in anger as Venice and Silver looked down in disappointment over the loss until Silver got an idea.

"Wait, there's still a way to change this!" he said.

Sonic stood back up, wondering what he meant.

"If we return to an earlier point in time, we might be able to change this!"

"What do you mean?" Sonic asked.

"I'm talking about the Chaos Emeralds!" he answered, "The Gems of Miracles!"

"Dunno where he got that name from," Sonic thought. "You mean with a Chaos Control with 2 Emeralds?" he asked out loud, "We only have one!"

As he showed the Cyan Emerald to him, Silver presented his own; The White Emerald. "

You have one?" asked Sonic, surprised.

"Of course," said Silver, "We can do it!"

Using the 2 Emeralds, the 2 shouted, "Chaos Control!" in unison, creating a time portal.

"Thank you Silver," said Sonic as he handed him the Cyan Emerald, "I can handle this on my own. I'll be sure to change Sally's fate. And in turn, that should change your future too. You did say you were trying to change it for the better, right?"

"Just save her!" said Silver.

Sonic jumped into the portal, heading toward the past to change it.

After jumping back in time, Sonic arrived back to Soleanna, seeing a clock nearby. He looked at it, seeing it was 3:45 PM; 15 minutes before Sally would surrender herself to Robotnik. He hid behind a building, seeing himself in the past about to chase Coconuts for dropping his Chili dogs.

"I can't believe I let myself to get suckered in like that," Future Sonic thought.

As Past Sonic was out of sight, Robotnik's Egg-Carrier appeared, declaring the princess's surrender like before.

"He really did it the moment I was gone," Sonic thought, "What a low blow."

After Robotnik's Carrier left the castle, Sonic quickly ran after it to board it and save Sally before her death on it. Seeing it go inside a cliff side cave near Soleanna with a hanger built into it, Sonic discovered where he was.

"That's it!" he said, "A secret lab here! No wonder his computer was found in the future inside Soleanna! Or what is it even his to begin with? He must have discovered that secret base recently, since he never been to Soleanna before, at least as far as I know! Gotta hurry and find another way in! Why am I talking to myself so much?"

Using his knowledge of the future, Sonic quickly pinpointed where the building would be right then and there. He arrived at the building he entered in the future and quickly broke the door down, seeing inside of it was computers and technology, along with the symbol of Soleanna on it.

"Looks like Soleanna's more advanced than I thought," he said, "Hopefully, I'm right about this."

Sonic saw an elevator in the building, that could only go down. He pressed the button on it and waited for the elevator.

"Come on!" he said, "Why do elevators take so long?"

After the elevator finally arrived, he went in and saw it only have a basement floor button. After pressing it, the doors closed. As it went down, Sonic waited as he listened to the elevator music.

When the door opened, he saw a massive laboratory under Soleanna.

"Whoa!" he said, "It's huge! It must be the entire underside of the city!"

He saw a map next to him on a wall, showing the different rooms in the lab; One of which was a deck for large ships, located exactly where he saw the Carrier go in.

"Now I Gotcha, Robuttnik!" he said, "Hang on, Sally!"

As he ran to the end of the underwater lab, he tripped a laser, activating the security.

"Intruder Alert! Intruder Alert!" said the alarm, "Sending Orb Drones to dispatch intruder!"

"Oh, come on!" said Sonic, "I don't have time for this!"

Large orbs started to enter the lab, seeing Sonic through their reflective surface. They started to fire lasers at him, which he easily avoided.

"Not even Robotnik can hit me!"

he said to them. A laser struck one of the orbs and bounced off of it. The laser continued to bounce off of the other orbs, resulting in a never ending chain, quickly covering the lab.

"Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!" yelled Sonic as he avoided the lasers. "What's up with this balls?"

He escaped from the lasers after maneuvering away from their line of fire.

"Better not trip anymore traps if they're like this," he said. "If only Tails and Knuckles were here, but I can't afford to let them know I'm from the future if it'll mess up the past."

He resumed his race to the end of the lab, hoping he's not too late.

On the hanger, the Egg-Carrier prepared to take off.

"Thrust increasing," said the computer, "Engine output at maximum. Course plotted. Gate opened."

As the bay door opened, the Egg-Carrier rose into the air.

"Lifting off," said the computer.

The Egg-Carrier started to lift off and fly out to Kingdom Valley. Right above it on a bridge, Sonic caught up with it before it was too late. He jumped off the bridge, landing almost off the edge of the Egg-Carrier. He ran along to the end of it to catch up with Robotnik and Sally before the ship would eventually crash.

Inside the Egg-Carrier, Emergency alarms started to go off.

"Huh?" said Robotnik, "The engines are malfunctioning! And what's this? Stop all engines now!"

"But we'll crash!"

said Grounder. "Landing in the water's better than crashing!" he yelled.

The 2 robots tried their best to stop it, but to no avail.

"Why is this happening?" Robotnik yelled, "No! We're about to crash!"

The Egg-Carrier started to slowly break up and engulf itself in flames. The 2 robots started to panic.

"I'm scared!" Grounder yelled, "Hold me!"

"Scratch, Grounder!" Robotnik yelled, "Prepare to-"

"Not so fast!" yelled a recognized voice.

They looked behind them, seeing it was none other than Sonic the Hedgehog.

"Sonic!" Sally called as she ran to his side.

"This ship is about to crash," said Sonic, "Too bad, Robuttnik!"

Robotnik growled in anger. "You pesky Hedgehog!" he said, "I'm not finished yet! I was going to use this to escape, but I'll use it to finish you off first!"

Robotnik and the 2 robots; Scratch and Grounder, fell through a secret compartment beneath them. The roof above Sonic and Sally opened up with the powerful gust of wind blowing above them.

"Sally!" said Sonic, "Get in the door to keep from getting sucked out."

"What about you?" she asked.

"Robuttnik won't quit that easily," he answered, "He's up to something!"

His words became true as 3 mechas flew up above the exposed bridge, carrying Robotnik and his badniks.

"This is the end for you!" said Robotnik, "Preparing combination!"

The 3 robots combined together, forming a massive dragon-like robot.

"Come on," said Sonic, "We don't have time for this!" "

Only you two," said Robotnik, "While the ship crashes, we'll be safe and sound back at my base. Even if you defeat us, you won't survive!"

"I have to make this battle quick," Sonic thought.

The Egg-Carrier started to break apart as Sonic and Robotnik prepared the square off once again.

Sonic jumped out of the carrier and stood on its roof, facing off against the Egg-Wyvern. The robot begun the fight, firing lasers at the hedgehog.

"Get a load of this!" said Robotnik.

Sonic effortlessly dodged the lasers as he jumped toward the Wyvern, attacking it with his spin dash. The attack bounced off as the robot was made of stronger steel than other robots.

"Don't think I would be that easy to hit!" said Robotnik, "This robot was created with the same technology as my Egg-Cerberus and Carrier!"

"Is that so?" said Sonic.

A piece of the of the carrier blew off of the ship as the battle raged on. Sonic attacked the Egg-Wyvern again, bouncing off of it as before, and flew toward the carrier piece still in the air. He flew over it and behind it, kicking it at the Wyvern and knocking it down.

"What was that?" Robotnik yelled.

"He cracked the armor!" said Scratch.

"But how?" Robotnik asked.

"You said it was made like your pet and ship," said Sonic after he landed back on the Carrier, "So, the only thing that'll break it is itself; The stuff the ship's made out of!"

"You won't be so lucky!" said Robotnik, "You won't be able to get any parts big enough before I squash you!"

The Egg-Wyvern attacked again, charging toward Sonic to crush him. Sonic jumped, avoiding the attack. He then grabbed onto the horn of the machine's head, pulling it upward and forcing it to collide into the ship by turning it in a full-circle motion, cracking the head more.

"What?" Robotnik said, "How?"

"That's gotta be embarrassing," said Sonic.

Egg-Wyvern stood back up, preparing to attack Sonic with its lasers again. Seeing the damage done, Sonic dodged the lasers effortlessly and Spin Dashed the head again.

"Did you forget?" said Robotnik, "You can't break through!"

His words were proven false as Sonic broke through.

"Impossible!" he yelled.

Sonic broke through it into Robotnik's Egg-O-Matic that served as the controls for the robots, bouncing off the inside of it, and destroying it from the inside of it. As he jumped out of it, the Wyvern exploded in a cloud of smoke. The smoke quickly dissipated from the powerful winds, revealing a smoke covered and beaten Robotnik in his Egg-O-Matic with Scratch and Grounder hanging on for dear life.

"Don't drop us!" said Grounder.

As Robotnik flew away, he yelled, "I hate that Hedgehog!"

Sonic entered back into the Carrier with Sally waiting inside. "

We have to hurry!" she said, "It's going to..."

Sonic picked her up in mid-sentence and ran off to escape from the Carrier.

In a long stretched deck, Sonic carried Sally in his arms, running toward the escape. The deck split in half in front of them, cutting their path short as they witnessed the Carrier falling apart.

"Sonic!" Sally yelled as she pointed toward a nearby cliff they could jump to.

"Aren't you worried?" he asked.

"If you have time to worry, then act, right?" she answered, quoting him.

After bracing himself and holding Sally tighter, Sonic jumped. He ran and jump on the falling debris, making his way toward the cliff. He ran up a falling engine before jumping to the cliff. He reached to grab it, but fell short of it. The both of them seemed doomed until the engine they jumped off exploded, creating a force that threw the both of them over it. They landed on the soft grass over the cliff, tumbling when they landed and away from each other. Sonic looked and saw Sally appearing unconscious. As he looked at her face, he saw her smile and open her eyes. He held out his hand as she pulled herself back up with it. They started to laugh, in spite of all the events they went through.

When they finished, Sonic said to her, "Nice Smile," as they watched the ocean in front of them, as Robotnik was finally defeated in the battle with his carrier gone.

"Pretty exciting, wasn't it?"

~C'mon light the fuse, he's a rocket and he's ready to go~
'Cause now the countdown has started and he's ready to blow
He's got the dope sounds pumpin in his stereo (-eo!)
He can act fast... puttin' on a show
C'mon and get yourself together, there's no time to rest
And if you put the time in he'll put you to the test
He's like the runnin' man, in his world more is less
So if you wanna test him best bring your best
Don't make me spell it out, bring your best!~

~In this world (His world!) Where life is strong
In this world (His world!) Life's an open book
In this world (His world!) Where compromise does not exist
In his world of worlds, every step meets the rest!
In this world (His world!) Where one is all
In this world (His world!) Never fear the fall
In this world (His world!) Where compromise does not exist
In his world of worlds, every step meets the rest!~

~Runnin' it back again, well what'dja expect?
Comin' out to win 10 out of 10, got a real rough neck
Slides up-it's slippery- straps on his shoes
'Cause he's the best there ever was, haven't you heard the news?
Intergalactic continental champ, running things
Hyperactive instrumental and pulling strings
He's just the one who understands when the tides will swing
So he's breaking down doors, never following
C'mon and psyche yourself up, 'cause it's time to play
Bounce to the beats and the rhymes 'cause they're here to stay
The one and only never bored man, livin' the day
Movin' up, comin' fast, and he'll blow you away
Because the pressures of this world, they can take their toll
And it's tough to get away when they take their hold
The only way to break free is to break the mold
You can't stop now, lock n' load
Don't stop now, c'mon, rock n' roll!~

~In this world (His world!) (Gotta make your own way!) Where life is strong
In this world (His world!) (Life is just a game you play!) Life's an open book
In this world (His world!) (Nothin's forever here to stay!) Where compromise does not exist
In his world of worlds, every step meets the rest!
In this world (His world!) (Gotta make your own way!) Where one is all
In this world (His world!) (Life is just a game you play!) Never fear the fall
In this world (His world!) (Nothin's forever here to stay!) Where compromise does not exist
In his world of worlds, every step meets the rest!~

~Light the fuse on his rocket and he's ready to go
'Cause now the countdown has started and he's ready to blow (to blow... to blow...)
(In his world...! where one is all!)
Intergalactic continental champ, running things
Hyperactive instrumental with pulling strings
(In his world...! Never fear the fall!)~

~(In his world...!) The only way to break free is to break the mold
You can't stop now, rock and roll
(His world...!) I said you can't stop now, rock and roll
(His world...!!!) Don't stop now, c'mon and rock and roll!~


Preview for next chapter:

"I am Mephiles! Mephiles the Dark!" "Even if the world would turn against you...."

"If the world chooses to be my enemy...."

"Why risk your life for those who will persecute you later?" "The world will betray you!"

"Know that I will always stay by your side..."

"I will fight like I always had!"

"Chaos Control!