A/N: Warning: Lemons, Slash J/E

I walked in the door of my apartment throwing my keys on the table. Walking to the couch I plopped down and scrubbed my hands over my face. Friday had finally come, and I was looking forward to having a whole weekend away from the smart ass snarky kids I taught. I am a High School music teacher and as much as I love teaching music to the kids who want to learn, I always end up with those few who don't care or don't make an effort. Those same kids end up in my office the last day of the semester complaining about their failing grade.

After spending a whole day listening to excuses from high school juniors I was exhausted. I stood up reaching my hands over my head loosening the knots in my back and neck. I walked to my bedroom to grab some clothes so I could take a shower. Inside my bedroom my foot hit something making me stumble before I righted myself. I looked down and shook my head smiling.

I had tripped over my boyfriend Jasper's shoe. I sighed thinking about Jasper. We met when were freshman in college. I was a music major and he was on a scholarship for soccer. We met at a coffee shop inside the quad of the student center. I turned after receiving my coffee only to be met with piercing blue eyes that belonged to the most beautiful man I had ever seen. He was tall with curly blond hair and the lazy smile on his face took my breath away. We ended up talking the rest of the day and I was in love before we parted ways for the night.

The following week Jasper called me for a date and we have been together ever since. When we graduated I got a job at a High school teaching music. Jasper was offered a coaching position at a local University, which brings us back to Jasper's Cleats I just tripped over. I love the sexy, Frustratingly adorable man but he absolutely refuses to put his shoes away.

Jasper wouldn't be off work for a couple more hours So I decided instead of a shower I would lay down and relax for a bit. I crawled up on the bed, kicked my shoes off and buried my face in one of the big fluffy pillows. It only took a minute and I was sound asleep.

I woke up after what felt like five minutes to soft lips kissing the back of my neck. Jasper always had a way of waking me up. The spot he was currently kissing is the one spot that makes me shutter. I was laying on my stomach with Jasper laying on top of me. I moaned sleepily as he started sucking on that certain part of my neck. When I was fully awake I could feel that he was still sweaty from work. "You must have been tired baby to pass out in the middle of the day" He spoke softly against my ear.

Jasper rose up so I could turn my body over and pull him on top of me. I pulled him down for a long sweet kiss. "Teenagers are exhausting" I sighed. He chuckled and leaned down to kiss me again. "I'm gonna take a shower babe, then how about we go get some dinner?" He asked. I smiled and cupped the side of his face. "I think that sounds great" He kissed me one more time before getting up and heading toward the bathroom pulling off his shirt on the way.

I remembered before my nap that I was headed to the shower. I wondered if Jasper would mind some company. Hopping up I discarded my clothes and entered the steam filled bathroom. I was going to surprise Jasper and sneak in behind him, that was before I heard him moan. I froze and listened. "Oh Edward" he moaned again. I loved hearing him moan my name. I looked down and found I was painfully hard now. I slowly crept over to the shower and pulled the curtain back. My breath cought when I spotted Jasper. His left hand was braced against the wall, His head was bowed forward and his right hand was furiously jerking his cock desperately seeking release.

I stepped into the shower quietly walking over and kissed him between the shoulder blades. Jasper jumped and whirled around with wide eyes. "Why don't you let me help with that baby" I said lowering myself to my knees. My eyes never leaving his I took him in my mouth. Jasper gasp and threw his head back,The water of the shower beating down over his body. I brought my right hand up to grip the base of his cock. Jasper was moaning and his knees were threatening to buckle

I knew he was close so I brought my left hand up to message his balls gently. "Oh shit baby" Jasper moaned, bracing his hands on each side of the shower wall. My head was bobbing up and down his length while my tongue was teasing the underside. "Baby...I'm...So...Close" he moaned. I redoubled my efforts with my mouth. With my left hand messaging his balls I took my finger and pressed on his perineum. Jasper cried out, his hips bucked sharply forward as he spilled into my mouth. Jasper shot his seed over and over in my mouth as he continued to cry out and whimper. When his body finally relaxed he was panting and his body sagged against the shower wall.

I released him from my mouth and stood, kissing his neck, his cheek and finally his mouth. Jasper pushed his tongue into my mouth trying to taste his essence on my tongue. His hands came up to tangle in my wet hair deepening the kiss. He tasted so good I could have kissed him all day, unfortunately my air supply had run out. As much as I didn't want to I pulled my lips away and leaned my forehead against his panting into his mouth. "God Jasper I have been thinking about you all day" I said leaning down to nip at the side of his neck.

Suddenly Jasper grabbed both of my shoulders, spun me around and pushed me into the shower wall face first. The shock quickly dissipated when I felt his body pressing against mine, his lips once again going to the magic spot on the back of my neck. My body shuttered and my forehead fell to the wall. Jasper locked his lips around my magic spot and started sucking. I cried out and my knees started to buckle. Jasper's body caught mine before I fell, releasing my neck. "I love making you scream" Jasper said in a voice that made my cock twitch. His voice promised hours of pleasure. "I'm gonna make you scream over and over again, do you want that baby?" My body was trembling and I could only whimper. I was so hard I would probably come the first time he touched me.

Jasper's hands reached around to pinch my nipples as he kissed down the back of my neck, between my shoulder blades and finally the small of my back. I sighed because no matter how bad my day has been , Jasper's soft and gentle lips could always calm me down and make me forget about the world outside. I was enjoying the sweet kisses Jasper was placing all over my back as I thought back to all the good times we have had together. We have been together almost six years now. Sure we had our fights once in a while but for the most part we were madly in love. While I was in my own world I had failed to notice Jasper was no longer pressed against me. I started to turn around when suddenly I felt Jasper's hands pull my ass cheeks apart and his tongue flick over my sensitive hole. "Oh God Jasper" I gasp out, my hips bucking uncontrollably.

I could feel the coil in my stomach winding tighter as jasper's tongue kept teasing and licking my ass. I could only moan and whimper against the wall. I tried to press back closer to his mouth but his hands were on my hips holding them still. His tongue felt so good I thought I was going to lose my mind. I could do nothing but pant and moan as his tongue teased over my puckered hole. Just when I thought I couldn't take anymore Jasper pushed his tongue past the tight muscle of my ass. The moan that came out of my mouth was frantic as pleasure shot through my whole body. My hands reached out searching for something, anything to grab onto for the on slot of Jasper's tongue entering in and out of me. He was driving me to the point of madness. When Jasper's tongue entered me he moaned and the vibration went straight to my balls.

I was on the edge and could do nothing as Jasper pushed his tongue into me one last time roughly. My body tensed and I wailed as a powerful orgasm took me. Suddenly Jasper's tongue was gone as he shoved his hard cock deep inside me. The head of his cock pounded right into my prostate and my wail became a strangled cry. I could feel Jasper repeatedly hitting my prostate. It was to much. To much pleasure all at once and tears began to seep from my eyes. My body was trembling from the prolonged orgasm. I felt Jasper slam into my prostate one last time as he cried out and shot his hot seed deep inside me.

Jasper collapsed against my back breathing hard, his forehead resting between my shoulder blades. My forehead was against the shower wall as I sobbed quietly. My body was trembling still and I hoped Jasper wouldn't notice. I had never in six years ever come that hard. I was in pleasure over load and my body didn't know how to deal with it. So I cried. Jasper must have noticed because he pulled out of me gripping my shoulders and turning me around. When he saw my tears he looked afraid. "Edward, baby whats wrong? Did I hurt you?" he asked frantic with worry. His hand cupping my face. I shook my head and pulled him to me burying my head in the crook of his neck. His arms came around my back to hold me. "No baby, you didn't hurt me. That was just...really intense" His hand came up to smooth my hair down. "I love you, so much" I whispered into the side of his neck. Jasper let out a sigh of relief. "I love you too."