Author's Note: I have had this outtake written for a while now, but truthfully, I have to admit that even my cheeks get a little red reading this over again. I have written a ton of slash lemon's before but for some reason this one makes me kind of shy.

This outtake it from the end of chapter 14 of passion and distraction. Jasper found out that Edward told Rosalie about the "Toe sucking fish" story and Jasper has told Edward to meet him in bed so he could "Make him pay." This is how Jasper makes him pay. I am going to go hide behind the couch now. I hope you like it. Prepare for some Jasper/Edward lovin.


My heart was racing as I paced around our bedroom. The shower was still going, but I knew he would be out in a matter of minutes. I didn't know if he was angry with me or just acting like it. I knew he wouldn't actually hurt me, but he said he was going to make me pay. My knee's were shaking and I froze as the water suddenly shut off. Very quickly I went and sat down on the side of the bed.

My breathes were coming in short pants as I listened to Jasper drying himself off. The medicine cabinet opened and closed, and then the sink turned on. It sounded like he was brushing his teeth. This was his nightly ritual. He usually took a shower and brushed his teeth right before climbing in bed. I felt myself sigh with relief. The shower probably calmed him down if he was mad, and he would be ready to go to sleep when he was done. With a smile I stood and undressed, slipping on pajama pants and an old t shirt.

I turned down the blanket on the bed and shut off the lights in the house before going back to the bedroom. I jumped when I entered the room, because a very naked Jasper stood next to the bed looking at me. I felt myself starting to get hard again and walked forward with a smile.

"Hey, baby.."

"I thought I told you to be naked and in the bed Edward." He cut me off with a stern voice. His face was stoic, as if he were disappointed.

"I know baby, but I just..."

"No Edward," He cut me off, "I told you I was going to make you pay. Get undressed and do as I told you."

I stood there for a second waiting for him to smile, but he didn't. He raised an eyebrow at me waiting for me to fallow his orders. I had to admit this bossy side of Jasper was pretty sexy. He was always so sweet in bed, even if we were going at it hard and fast. I had never seen this side of Jasper before.

I was hard as a rock as I undressed and walked slowly to the bed.

"In the middle, on your back." Jasper ordered as he turned and walked to the closet. He came back with a small black box the size of a shoe box and two of his ties. My breathe caught as I realized what he was going to do. He planned on tying me to the bed. My erection throbbed as my beautiful naked Jasper walked toward the bed. He placed the box on the night stand and then very gently tied each one of my hands to the headboard.

"Baby, Whats in the box?" I had to ask, after both hands were secure.

Jasper walked to the end of the bed and stood looking up and down my body. My cock was as hard as a rock and standing proud. I watched as he licked his lips and his hands balled into fists. I could tell he was trying to hold himself back. He was as turned on as I was. A small smile crept across his face as his eyes slowly came up to mine.

"That, my husband to be, is a surprise. I planned on using it on you after the wedding, but since I have to teach you a lesson tonight I think I might make use of it."

My body shuttered. He said he was going to use it ON me? What the hell was in that box?

"You look so sexy spread out for me Edward. If I didn't have to teach you a lesson I would fuck you senseless right now."

My cock twitched and I could feel the pre-cum starting to slide down the side.

"We are going to play a game." Jasper said, staring down at my cock.

"The game is called 'Edward doesn't get to come'"

My eyes flew up to Jasper's. He was smiling now and I thought I was going to die. Suddenly I didn't want to be tied to the bed anymore. His intentions became clear. He tied me to the bed and he was going to torture me and not let me come. I started pulling at the ties but they wouldn't budge. Jasper's smile grew bigger as he walked over and climbed on the bed.

"Baby, please untie me. I'm sorry I told Rosalie about the fish. Please, I need you." I started begging.

"Uh uh Edward, no more begging. You did something you weren't suppose to do and now you have to pay."

I whimpered as he started placing gentle kisses on the bottom of my foot.

"Here is how it works Edward. I am going to kiss you, and lick you, and suck you, and possibly fuck you..."

I whimpered as he took my big toe in his mouth and ran his tongue all the way around it.

"And, You don't get to come."

"Please Jasper..." I begged again

"If you get close, you have to tell me to stop."

Jasper released my foot and crawled up my body. My legs were spread apart and when his naked cock touched mine I hissed at the contact. I was so turned on, I was sure the first time he touched my cock it would be over.

"If you do come baby, I will be forced to withhold sex until after the wedding. That is almost a week away. You don't want that do you Edward?"

My head whipped from side to side. Hell no I didn't want to wait a week to have sex with Jasper. He smiled and leaned in to gently kiss me. When he started to pull away, I bit his bottom lip with my teeth and pulled him back into the kiss. He growled and his tongue invaded my mouth. I could taste the toothpaste in his mouth as I sucked on his tongue. His hips bucked against mine and it was my turn to moan.

Finally Jasper pulled back to catch his breath, but leaned in for one more chaste kiss.

"Are you ready to play baby?"

I nodded my head, but remembered the box sitting on the table.

"Baby, what's in the box?"

Jasper smiled as he flattened his tongue and teased my right nipple. My eyes closed and I groaned. It felt good, but I could handle it. My body jerked as Jasper bit down hard on my nipple. A moan ripped from my lungs and my head flew back to the pillow.

Fuck, that went straight to my cock. Just breathe Edward, Breathe.

Jasper licked a trail to the center of my chest and then slowly made his decent. His tongue left a wet shimmering line from between my nipples all the way to my stomach. My breathes starting coming out in pants when he raised his head and blew on the moisture his tongue left.

Very gently Jasper kissed a circle around my belly button, and when I wasn't expecting it, he leaned over and sunk his teeth into my hip bone. A wild cry left my lungs and my hips bucked up seeking friction. Jasper knew I loved it when he bit me. His hands came up to hold my hips to the bed. His mouth stayed on my hip bone as he started sucking extra hard.

"Fuck, OH GOD, stop!" I shouted, as I felt my orgasm growing closer. Immediately Jasper's teeth left my skin and his eyes came up to mine. My head fell back to the bed, as I took deep breathes though my nose.

"Was that a close one baby?" Jasper asked as he gently licked the bite mark on my hip. I nodded my head trying to catch my breathe. Jasper always liked to leave little love bits all over my body, and he knew if he bit me in the right spot he could make me come without even touching my cock. His tongue stayed on my skin while he licked from my hipbone to right under my navel.

"I'll show you what's in the box in a minute baby, I want to taste your beautiful cock first. Is that OK?"

I nodded my head, but kept my eyes closed. I figured it would help to hold on better if I didn't watch what he was doing to me. At least that was the plan. Jasper sat up slightly and I had to grit my teeth when his hand wrapped around my cock. My cock was so hard, it felt like it should be purple by now. His hand set a slow easy pace up and down. I felt a little smug when I didn't have to tell him to stop. I thought the minute he touched me I would explode.

"OH FUCK" My eyes flew open when Jasper's lips wrapped around the head of my cock and he swirled his tongue around the rim. My eyes rolled back and my hands instinctively started pulling on the ties around my hands. I wanted to push my hands into his curls. I whimpered and bucked my hips when he took me in his mouth all the way to the hilt.

Breathe Edward, Breathe Edward. Don't give in.

I was getting close to the danger zone when Jasper pulled his mouth off my cock. I breathed a sigh of relief as my body came back from the edge.

"Your doing very good Edward. Now it's time for a little test. I want to see how long you can hold out. This time I wont stop until I'm ready, but you must not come Edward. You have to control it."

My eyes were pleading with him not to do it, but he simply smiled and kissed my stomach. "Relax baby" he whispered. And, then he took my cock and pushed it flat against my stomach...

oh god, please no.

I snapped my eyes shut and balled my hands into fists. I knew what he was going to do. A strangled grunt came from my clenched teeth on the first lick, and then he pulled away. I breathed a sigh of relief but then I felt it again. The tip of his tongue was slowly teasing the very sensitive under side of the head of my cock.

"OH fuck, please stop" I cried.

His tongue didn't stop. He flattened his tongue and pressed harder on the sensitive underside, sliding it up and down faster this time.

"Please, please, stop"

I tried to move my hips to get away from his tongue, but his warm hands wrapped around both hips and held me down. His lips wrapped around the head to keep my cock in place as his tongue started moving faster.

"Jasper, I...can't...Please."

I could feel my balls starting to tighten. Tears were welling in my eyes and seeping down the side. I wasn't going to be able to control it this time. My chest was heaving and I could hardly breathe.

"Jasper..." I whispered, as I felt my orgasm trying to take over.

Then he was gone. I could feel myself teetering right on the edge of orgasm. The muscles in my stomach and lower back were contracting. My balls were tight and my body was trembling.

"Are you still with me baby?" I felt Jasper's breath next to my ear. I couldn't talk though, I was still too close. I needed my body to calm down. I couldn't believe that I lasted that long. When Jasper is in a hurry to make me come, he knows that is what he can do to get me off the fastest. I would be proud of myself if my body wasn't still contracting, trying to pull me over the edge.

When I had successfully pulled myself back from the edge, I opened my eyes. Jasper was laying next to me with a smile on his face. The little fucker knew he was torturing me, and he loved every minute of it.

"You realize Jasper, when you untie me I am going to fuck you senseless?" I threatened. He chuckled and leaned in to kiss me.

"Baby, when I get through with you, your not gonna be able to move. I still have a present to use on you remember?"

I sighed and dropped my head back to the pillow. He was really trying to kill me.

Jasper sat up again and settled himself between my legs on his knee's. I watched as he reached over to the night stand and grabbed the box. He set it on my stomach and took the lid off. First he pulled out a bottle of lube and laid it next to my hip. When he pulled the toy out my eyes almost bulged out of my head.

He pulled out a blue dildo, but it was short and narrow at the top where it curved upwards. I assumed the curved part was suppose to lay right on the prostate. My breathing picked up again. The bottom of the dildo had a flat edge that came out an inch the whole way around.

"This baby, is the present I was going to give to you on our honeymoon. This part here where it curves..." he pointed to the very tip. "This part lays right against your prostate. As you can see it's very short and has a flat ridge around the bottom. That means You can use it anywhere you want, and nobody would ever know, because when it's inside you, the ridge is flat against your anus."

My face must have looked scared, because when Jasper looked at me he started to laugh.

"Relax baby, it will feel good I promise."

I moaned when Jasper lubed his fingers and slid one inside me. I loved it when he stretched me with his fingers. He knew exactly where my sweet spot was, and made sure to rub it for a while before making love to me. When the second finger slipped in, my hips came off the bed trying to push his fingers in deeper. His fingers left me all too soon and he picked up the dangerous looking dildo. I was scared, but I knew that Jasper would never allow anything that would hurt me.

"Alright baby, just relax and let me take care of you."

I moaned softly as Jasper slid the blue toy inside me. When the curved top made contact with my prostate my body jerked, and my mouth opened into a silent cry. Jasper continued to pull the toy out and then slide it right back in. Each time it made contact with my prostate a small cry erupted from my throat. There was no way I was going to be able to hold of my orgasm if Jasper continued to rub the toy against my prostate.

After a few minutes of Jasper sliding the toy In and out, he finally slid it in, and left it. My head came up to see why he stopped, and that was when I saw the smile on Jasper's face. He was up to something, I knew it.

"Baby, why did you...OH FUCK..." My hips bucked "Jazz... please stop...I can't...Please."

When I looked up to see why Jasper had stopped moving the toy, I realized he had a small black square in his hand. When I started to ask why he stopped he pushed a button on the small remote. The toy inside me immediately started to vibrate right against my prostate. I bucked and cried out and begged him to stop, but he just smiled at me.

I could feel it from my toes to the top of my head. My orgasm was approaching fast and I had no way to stop it, and truthfully I didn't want to stop it. The toy felt amazing and I desperately wanted to come. My body was writhing and bucking desperately as my orgasm hurled toward me like a freight train. I was past the point of return, and then Suddenly I was there.

It felt like white hot Lave pooled in my center and then exploded. My feet went to the bed and pushed my hips into the air. My head flew back into the pillow as a wail was wrenched from my lips. String after string landed on my chest and stomach. Wave after wave of euphoria assaulted my body.

I had never felt anything like it. I had no control over my body. My hands were tied tightly to the headboard, but the rest of my body continued to buck and jerk as the toy still rested against my prostate. I wanted it to stop, because it was becoming too much, but at the same time it felt fucking amazing. I think Jasper was pushing on the toy during my orgasm because all throughout the pressure against my prostate would increase and decrease.

When my orgasm started to wind down slowly, my hips fell to the bed. My head was still thrown back with a silent cry etched across my face as Jasper turned off the vibration and slowly pulled the toy from my body. My arms fell loosely beside my head and my legs, that had been bent and helping me thrust into the air, fell to each side. I laid there open and exposed and unable to move. My heart had yet to slow and my body would jerk occasionally with aftershocks. My body was spent and my mind was blown.

Jasper and I had done a lot sexually. We tried new things, or different locations or positions, we had never used sex toys before. As I lay there shaking and unable to move I vowed to show Jasper very soon just how amazing it really was.

Sleep immediately tired to take me over. An orgasm that huge had taken any and all energy I had and I was barely coherent as Jasper gently kissed me and untied arms. Very gently Jasper brought my arms down to my sides. I could only barely make out a chuckle as he climbed from the bed and returned a few minutes later. A weak moan fell from my lips as he cleaned my chest, and very tenderly cleaned my, now limp, cock.

The last thing I remember was the blanket being pulled up over my body and Jasper kissing the side of my neck, before I finally fell asleep.

Jasper had started this night as a punishment, and ended up giving me one of the most mind blowing orgasm's of my life. I had the urge to call every last one of our friends and tell them about his 'Toe sucking fish', if that was what was going to happen when I did.

I woke the next day with a huge smug smile. We were getting on a plane for our wedding and I had had one of the best nights of my life. I had escaped punishment and Jasper seemed to be over being mad at me. Life was good.

Or so I thought.

We had just finished breakfast and I stood to put our dishes in the sink. Rosalie would be arriving in 15 minutes to accompany us back to the Islands. As I turned to head to the bedroom and finish packing Jasper stopped me.

"Edward?" he said, still reading the morning paper. I turned to look at him, but his eyes never met mine.

"You probably thought your punishment was over," his eyes slowly raised to mine, and I swallowed deeply. I couldn't speak, demanding Jasper was back.

"You were wrong. Last night was just a teaser. That was child's play compared to what I have planned for you."

Oh god, what is he going to do? Rosalie is on her way and we have a plane to catch.

Jasper slowly stood from the table and walked to stand in front of me.

"Our flight to the Islands usually takes about 6 hours correct?" he asked me. I nodded.

Jasper looked at his watch and smiled, and then back to me.

"We leave for the airport in half an hour Edward. This is what you are going to do. You are going to go into the bathroom and find the toy from last night, I put it under the sink. I want you to put it inside you and leave it there. You will wear it until we get to our hotel room or I tell you to remove it. Do you understand me?"

My knees almost gave out. He was going to make me wear the toy inside me the whole plane ride.

"I will have the remote in my pocket the whole time, and any time I see fit I will turn it on. You are going to have to control yourself or excuse yourself, but you must not let anyone know what is going on. Do I make myself clear?"

I nodded right before there was a knock at the front door. Rosalie was here.

"Go now Edward. I will let Rosalie in and get the luggage ready to leave. I expect you to be ready to leave in 15 minutes with the toy in place."

I whimpered and pleaded with Jasper using only my eyes. It didn't work though and he simply chuckled and leaned in for a kiss. He turned for the door and I made my way to the bathroom.

Fifteen minutes later, Jasper and I , him with the remote and me with the toy inside me, walked out the door. Jasper and I rode in the back seat as Emmett drove us all to the airport. I had to lean in and bury my face in his neck a few times as he tested the toy out. It seemed to be silent since I had my clothes on. Emmett and Rosalie had no idea he was driving me crazy with the different vibration speeds on the stupid remote.

An hour later, and seated in our comfy first class seats, Jasper decided to carry out his punishment. I was laying back trying to relax when he switched the toy on. My body jerked and I let out a small yelp before I reigned myself in. Jasper immediately turned it off, but it was too late and Rosalie was giving me a strange look. Jasper had to feign concern for me and ask me if I was feeling well.

"Baby, let me take you to the bathroom and put some cool water on your face. It might calm your nerves a bit." Jasper said faking his concern in front of Rosalie. I, however could make out the order. He was telling me to go to the bathroom with him so he could finish his torture.

The toy was back on before I could even stand from my seat. I almost ran to the bathroom, trying to hold in any noise that might escape my mouth. Jasper pushed me inside the small bathroom and immediately turned the toy on full blast. I started to cry out, but Jasper's lips captured mine and he swallowed my cries. I was whimpering and crying out over and over again as I rubbed my hard cock against his.

Jasper continued to kiss me as his hand slid down my front and cupped me though my jeans. He squeezed and rubbed and messaged my cock through my jeans to the point I thought I was going to pass out. My orgasm was fast approaching when suddenly his lips were gone from mine.

My jeans were unbuttoned and on the floor before I knew what was happening. Jasper dropped to the floor and immediately took my cock deep into his throat. I had enough mind not to scream, but a loud moan did escape before I could stop it. One of Jasper's hands slid up my chest and two of his fingers slid into my mouth to keep me quiet as he continued to bob up and down on my cock. His other hand went between my legs. I adjusted my legs a little wider so he had room for whatever he was going to do.

I was so close, and with every swipe of Jasper's tongue up the underside of my cock made me whimper a little more.

In a motion so fast and so startling it took my breath away, Jasper flattened the palm of his hand against the toy inside me and shoved it hard, pushing it into my prostate and making me explode into his mouth. My eyes rolled back, my knee's gave out and I slid down to a sitting position to the toilet. I held on for dear life to his hand and sucked as hard as I could on his fingers in my mouth to keep from screaming.

Jasper kept sucking until I had nothing left and then slowly slid his mouth off my cock. My body slumped back against the wall as I watched Jasper lick his lips. He gave me a smug smile and leaned up to kiss me.

Ten minutes later Jasper had to help me back to my seat, because I couldn't seem to get my legs to work properly. Thank god he let me take the toy out, I was way to sensitive to be teased anymore during our flight. Rosalie rolled her eyes and smiled at us as Jasper helped me into my seat and asked for a blanket for me so I could take a nap. She knew I wasn't sick by my total lack of bodily functions and the smile on Jasper's face.

Jasper tucked a blanket around me, and leaned my head on his shoulder before I fell asleep very satisfied.

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