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Summary: Haku is given a second chance at life with the Lightning Blade doesn't kill him. How will he life without Zabuza? Naruto will just have to show him how to live on his own, not as a tool.

Pairings: Haku X Naruto (friendship, sadly I'm not into yaoi, sorry all those who are!)

I'll be continuing with Haku's POV for the rest of this story.

Enough talking let's get to the story!

Haku's POV

I had to admit…Naruto was right. What my stomach needed was some of this ramen.

But I was surprised at Naruto's insatiable eating habits, I was slowly making my way through my first ramen bowl while he was plowing through his third. At the back of my mind I was wondering who was going to pay for this. I certainly hoped it was not me…I had no spare change left.

"Oi, Naruto. Who's your friend, I don't think I've seen them around the village." Teuchi noted. As much as Naruto came around, he tended to notice if Naruto had a new friend with him.

Naruto looked up and mumbled something through the ramen before he gave a large swallow the large ramen bulge was easily noticeable going down this throat, almost getting stuck (I wanted to poke it with my chopsticks) before he could respond.

"This is Haku; he's my friend from the Land of Sea." Naruto said with a bright smile across his face, and I was taken back lightly at the name….a friend? I wasn't sure what that was but I seemed comforted by it. With a small smile I turned back to my ramen.

"Oh!" Teuchi seemed to blush slightly, "I thought your friend here was a woman." He admitted sheepishly, earning a laugh from Naruto and I kept the smile across my face, not really offended. I had gotten used to it lately, everyone thought I was female, even when they saw me and talked with me.

The ramen run was nice; Naruto had paid for it, though Teuchi didn't charge me for my bowl. I think it was because he mistook my gender. After the ramen we decided to go ahead and train in the training fields. I told Naruto I would meet him there, I needed to get a few things from my apartment.

Once I was inside my one room apartment, I walked towards the bedroom (or rather a few steps forward), I picked up the bag that I had brought back from the hospital, setting it onto the dresser and pulled out my ninja tools as well as my previous outfit. I did enjoy the kimono, but it wasn't a great thing to train it, so I quickly changed back into the outfit that I had spent so many years in. As I looked into the mirror I absently pressed a hand against the left side of my chest where one could still faintly see the stitch lines on my outfit from where I had been stabbed.

So much had happened and it hadn't even been more than a few weeks. The next thing my hand pulled from the bag was my headband…the headband I used while I was with Zabuza. My fingers curled around the cold metal and I stared down at it.

The faint traces of blood still lied on it, despite efforts to clean it off. I clutched it tightly as the memories came flashing through me once more. The memories with Zabuza, my 'death' and his as well, I shut my eyes and then set it aside on the dresser. Before I pulled over the Konoha headband before tying it against my forehead and tightened it against the back of my head. My alliance was no longer to the village of the Mist…I was no longer Zabuza's tool, I was Konoha's tool.

Once more I checked for anything I may have forgotten before I left the apartment and back towards the training grounds with Naruto.

However, before I could get further I was greeted by a sharp screech and I stared up into the sky where I saw the outlines of a hawk…that meant a summoning from the Hokage. With a shrug I headed towards the Hokage tower wondering what was in store for me.

-Hokage Tower—

I sat in front of the office, while I waited for the Hokage to finish his current meeting. It took only an additional ten minutes from my summoning. Once I saw the ninja leave I glanced towards the receptionist.

"Go ahead inside," she said and motioned for me go ahead.

I gave a nod towards her and got up walking into the office. The air in here was warm and friendly and it seemed to settle any of my nerves. The Hokage was sitting in his chair and smiled.

"Good to see you again Haku, thank you for coming so quickly." He said.

"You are welcome Hokage-sama." I said with a small bow of my head.

"Take a seat please; I want to tell you something." Sarutobi said motioning for the chair in front of the desk, I complied and slid into the seat without question. "Now, you are officially a Konoha Ninja, but your rank remains Genin. While I know your skills are great, Kakashi told me of the mission, I must keep you at Genin rank until I can see that I can promote you. So for now, I will assign you to a team. Is there one you want in particular?" he asked. "I would normally not give this option, and assign you to a team that I found you would be good with." Soon Sarutobi stopped talking and merely leaned back in his chair as he waited.

"My choice?" I voiced it, and looked down with a frown. I began to run through the people I knew in this village…which really wasn't a lot. There was Naruto, but I think one of his team mates wants to kill me…but that's the only team I knew about. "I do not know Hokage-sama. The only team I know of, I'm not on good terms with."

"I figured as much. But I wanted to give you a choice." Sarutobi said then he leaned forward. "Very well, you are advanced for a Genin student, and frankly you are older than most of the Genin's here, so very well. I will assign you to Team Guy." He said. I looked confused; I had no idea who that was. "I can see your confusion, but Guy is next best sensei that you can have aside from Kakashi. But I have a feeling you still have some issues to come over with them. So I will dismiss you," Sarutobi said but he stood up from his seat and walked to a separate room. "Shortly, firstly I wanted to give you something."

I waited in the seat for a few minutes before Sarutobi walked through the other door, holding…no…Zabuza's sword! Despite myself I couldn't help but stand up in shock and my eyes went wide.

"Kakashi brought this back with him upon seeing that you were still alive." Sarutobi said as he smiled at my expression. "He said it would serve a better purpose with you than resting near his grave." He said, before handing the hilt to me. Carefully I took the sword into my hands and nearly dropped it onto the floor but I managed to keep it from falling. I carefully shifted it so that it was standing upright.

I stared at the sword, it was the sword that my master wielded so many years, he killed so many people with it, splattered so much blood. I ran my hand along the side of it as I stared at it mesmerized.

"It's appropriate," I said to myself, too low for Sarutobi to hear, "for Zabuza's tool to wield his blade…to carry on Zabuza's legacy…" I said before looking up to Sarutobi and nodded lowly. "Arigato, Hokage-sama."


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I had Haku go with Team Guy for two reasons: 1) I don't want to center the story around Team 7, it seems like a lot of stories revolve around them. 2) I really want to experiment with Guy's personality in combination with Haku's personality.