Griffith and Allegrachan shredded the hoops loops and doops of the mountain as easy as could be.

But then! "ohld gold Allegrachan! I am sorry for bumping into you like that! Man oh man, I mean I was just riding my snow board dangerously close to you trying to smell your hair. I know that when you don't shower for a while it starts to smell like lemons, your least favorite citrus Frat! Hells bells aren't you in pain my dear sweet ally? Oh how I pine. I should have been more carefulll! I should have watched were I was shredding! Glory bee the guilt I am feeling for this horrible incident!" Grunewald sobbed dryly.

Allegra paid him no seeming mind. Fall off the back of a lorry…

"oh allergy! My little allay phalli! Judo! Don't! Don't ignore me! Don't not pay me a mind!"

But alli palli was crying tears of raisins. Clear ones, wet ones.

What did I dro rongly? Hlp! Gve mi one hint!

Then Gryffindor remembered he was a ghost……..

By then he was feeling pretty gosh darn stupid so he melted himself int0 th3 sn0w.

So every time it rains it is raining the heart of one thousand elegant men, all of them fools. Every last one of them.

les pets d'aux balles de canon

AND THAT is the stories of how raisins got there name.

Oh yeah the part I left out and this was the major twist in things, was thet Gillbert diddn't raly run into allegra but in the hella real reality of it all went right through her. \ and, but, that's why she was crying. When he went through her she like thought about him and his tragic death about when he fell off a hoarse and things and even though they only met in a cyber planet that is fan fiction los pedos lejos a pelotas de canon. : Fürze ab zu Kanonenkugeln le scorreggie via alle palle di cannone Scheten om van ballen te kanonneren os peidos fora a bolas de canhão пукания прочь к ядрам oh sorr0y I 10001 got caught up in all this typing I switched to me native tounge. Oh well, I do not have eraser