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"Another midnight stroll, child?"

Her feathery steps would have gone unheard for most. That was her plan in any case. It was too dark a night to be caught outside the marble halls of Mare Serenatis without an appropriate chaperone. Selene caught her step at once.

"My dear, the rumors of your late star gazing have even reached your mother. I'm pleased you've taken an interest to the endless kingdom you will be entrusted, but times are somewhat chaotic for even our peaceful home."

Little Selene cursed herself. Had she but left just a few moments quicker she wouldn't be standing at the edge of the royal gardens. Her graceful mother was too understanding to argue with. Complete failure, she thought to herself. Her four general guardians would have been inconvenient but her mother she far too loved to disrespect…directly, at least.

Selene turned from her slightly crouching pose. It had been second nature to hide behind the climbing blossoms at the garden gates regardless how soft her mother's voice was.

Queen Selenity glanced to her daughter's bare toes as they peeked from under her gown. The young heiress tucked her toes behind the hem quickly and her cheeks caught a warm hue.

"The princess of Jupiter always catches me even when I wear the most velvety of slippers." Her voice was barely above a whisper. Selene knew her mother worried to great excess for her daughter's health and would not likely approve of bare feet out on the chilly lunar surface regardless of the lengthy lifespan they were all granted as nationals.

The queen laughed. Selenity always wondered how her mother could make such a sound. She certainly didn't have her mother's laugh. She often described it to others like the flutter of Earthian birds in flight. The sound of wings echoing through the air…her mother had one of those laughs. It was gentle, reaching and hard to catch if you weren't accustomed to that delicate brand of nature.

"I'll have to speak to her about being so in tune to our darling's footsteps! For goodness sake, should you ever want to walk about in the middle of the night without supervision, what will you do?"

Selene scoffed slightly, but recovered her composure quickly. "If you're going to talk to one of the princesses, corner that Mars! She is always teasing me…it's so cruel, mamma! She's still trying to frighten me into listening to her."

Selenity tilted her head in interest. If Selene thought you weren't taking her serious, things tended to get very abrasive.

"Please, dear! Tell me what the Mars princess is telling you that frightens you so much."

"Well," the young girl ducked her head down coyly, not expecting such an enthusiastic audience for her tattle, "the large mirror above your dresser in my bedchambers, mamma! She swears by the Moon that a black witch pulls in young children who stare too long at the Earth!"

Her small, short hands trembled as she twisted her dress with unease.

"…She's not telling me the truth, right? Mother?"

Continuing her echoed chuckle, the lithe figure found her daughter's small hand and gave her a loving squeeze. Dismayed and interrupted from viewing her lovely sky, Selene gave way to the warmth of her mother and clung tightly to the arm offered. The edges of her large cerulean eyes glistening slightly with moisture that rode high on her lashes.

Gazing into Selene's eyes, Selenity bent towards her child.

"I want you to remember something. The stories you will hear should never scare you, little princess, love. With or without their actuality, the real story is where you find your heart should you happen to meet such characters. The scariest of reputations is the one attached to those who refuse to see the need in others lacking the courage to fight their own witches or demons. Those who refuse to see tend to refuse to stand up and help support the weighty price of fear!"

Clumsily, the child lifted herself in her mother's embrace, anchored by the queen's long neck. Silver strands of hair caught in her fingers for comfort, Selene's bow-shaped mouth turned in confusion as she rested her head on the nook of Selenity's arm.

"Why should is it important to help all those who are scared of witches or demons, mamma?" The young girl's voice lulled with drowsiness.

Lifting out of her stoop, the mother carried her child as she glided back into the sanctuary of the palace. Sandy pathway sifting as she passed up towards the large stone pillars.

"You will see yourself one day, my little bird, that other's have helped you fight against yours."

The glow of the Earth cast a pastel mist on the moon's surface. Queen Selenity walked at a slow and steady pace, the child nestled in her arms slept contently. She disappeared into the shadows of the marbled halls, humming a lullaby.

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