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That ass!

Stunned immobile and comprehending the circumstances at hand, Beryl stared at the spot the white haired boy had stood. Would he call for punishment? She had worked so hard to get from the underbelly of her social standing to the bedside of the frosty Endymion.

Seduction was a powerful tool in the right hands, and though it was purely carnal, the two enjoyed each other's companies. The red head hoped more would be born of their relationship…but NOT if that little foreign prince ran his mouth!

"The kingdom has a scandal on its hands!"

Though dazed by the conversation and possible repercussions, Beryl's ears were as sharp as ever. Past the archway of the marble plaza, two court members dressed in foreign garb were gossiping. Hoping to siphon off leverage, the girl hid out of sight and kept her ear pressed close to the thick curtains separating them.

Holding luggage and parchments held together with ratty strings, the two girls appeared to be servants, as these two had even less grand dressing than their tattered prince. Their brows, unlike the boy's, did not bear a black crescent either.

The moon and solar royals tended to have insignias representing their heredity.

Damn, that should have been my first clue! What are these morons gabbing about?

The girl's whispers continued.

"They say that Earth is really concerned about the Dead Moon women who cast a curse on the Moon's young heir. The witch is said to be no other than the Queen's own sister!"

"Oh, my! No wonder that Queen never lets her daughter out of the palace. She wasn't able to keep her own daughter safe from kin? That explains the four guardian princesses I've heard about. What was the girl's curse?"

Hugging the drapes, Beryl strained to hear the softening voices.

"Doom! The witch cursed her own family out of hate to destruction through the death of the young princess. That is why the White Queen is gathering all courts to gather like this. She is looking to lift the curse on her daughter and bargaining the power of the silver crystal!"

No, the Moon kingdom would never release the great crystal so easily! The power was what all realms desired! It was what split so many nations and pitted them against each other. Surely the White Queen needn't throw the stone away for such a minor life. The queen was young. It would be easy enough to have another heir- a son, perhaps - to carry her kingdom on. If the crystal could not save the child from the curse, then to cut the loose ends and save your empire seemed the only choice.

The young woman shook her auburn hair in disbelief. What could possibly save the girl? The White Queen was surely a fool!

Conversation done, Beryl turned to find her prince. He would confirm the rumors. She never had a more honest friend in her life, than Endymion. She also had to be close to counter any accusations that may be floating in the air about a rash encounter between the visiting prince and a court girl.

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