The Scandal in Konoha

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Summary: AU! Ten years after Sasuke returns to Konoha, trouble erupts within Konoha's ninja ranks when Uzumaki Naruto finds his wife in a compromising position with their former teammate. What will this mean for Naruto and his daughter?

Pairing: Naruto/Harem


Chapter One


Naruto sighed softly as he pulled on his ninja sandals, staring out at the dark rain splattered window, which was rather unusual since it had been raining since the day before. The blond got off his side of the bed and walked out the door, wanting to spar with his best friend, despite the wet conditions.

"Hey Hinata!" The blond greeted cheerfully when he saw the pale eyed woman. "Thanks for babysitting again!"

Hinata smiled. Over the past ten years Hinata was able to get over her crush on Naruto and, even though it took some time, no longer fainted or stuttered whenever Naruto looked in her direction. "Oh it's no problem." She said just as cheerfully. "I love Hiromi, you know that."

"And she loves you too." Naruto responded although that could be because Hinata was like her overindulgent aunt, getting whatever her little heart desired. 'She's going to be so spoiled when she's older.' He thought with a slight wince and looked around the living room for his little hellion.

"Daddy! Hi Daddy!" A cute little baby-ish voice called out from behind Hinata's legs. A little blond head appeared from where she was hiding, clutching at Hinata's pant legs, grinning widely up at Naruto.

"Morning Princess." Naruto knelt down and scooped up his daughter in a hug. At a little over fourteen months, Hiromi had wavy golden blond hair that barely touched her shoulders, currently in pigtails, aquamarine eyes, and a perfect blend of both her parents features. "What is my little Princess going to do with Auntie Hinata today?"

Hiromi smiled happily, showing little white teeth, "We're going to the park!" She exclaimed.

"It's raining today love." Hinata pointed out in a gentle voice. "We'll go tomorrow, okay?"

Hiromi swung herself toward the window and pouted when she heard the steady 'drip drip' sounds that the rain was making. "But I wanted to go today." She whined tears welling up in her eyes.

"We can go tomorrow when the rain has stopped. Mommy wouldn't be very happy if you got sick." Naruto said kissing his daughter's head, smelling the sweet scent of lilac in her hair. "If you got sick then you wouldn't be able to go to the park at all and you wouldn't like that would you?"

"No." Her little voice was muffled because she had buried her head into her daddy's shirt, undoubtedly wiping away the tears and snot. "I like the park."

"I know you do, Princess. I'm sure there will be things for you to do with Auntie Hinata today."

Hiromi nodded and allowed herself to be transferred into the Hyuuga Heiress' arms.

Naruto leaned in and kissed Hiromi's chubby cheek. "I'll be back in a little while." He told Hinata. "Sasuke promised me a spar after he flaked out on me for most of the last week."

"In the rain Naruto?" Hinata asked in concern. "I don't think Sakura would be very happy with you if you got sick just for a spar with Sasuke." She said Sasuke's name with some distain. "Just tell him you'll spar tomorrow."

Hinata and the rest of the Rookie 9, including her cousin Neji and his teammates Lee and Tenten, didn't approve of the last of the Uchiha and didn't understand why both Naruto and Sakura went out of their ways to make him feel included, when the rest of their friends couldn't care less.

She shook her head. "Fine but don't come to me when you get sick."

His face split into a smile and he surprised her when he swept her into a hug. He quickly let her go, inwardly laughing at the stunned look on her face, and practically ran for the door. "Be back in a little while!" He called out as the door swung shut.

He turned and strolled down the gravel pathway that led to the front gate to the estate and the rest of the city beyond. While he walked toward the Uchiha family compound, he wondered where Sakura was at the moment. It wasn't like her to leave without saying bye to him in the mornings before she went anywhere.

'She's probably at Ino's.' He thought navigating through the maze of roads that made up the majority of the Village Hidden in the Leaves with expert ease. Despite the fact that it was drizzling slightly at the moment, there was quite a few civilians around, probably heading to the shopping district before it got too busy.

Twenty minutes later Naruto calmly walked up to the gate that separated the compound from the rest of Konoha and pushed it open, it squeaked shrilly as it swung open, allowing the blond to walk into the deserted area.

"Sasuke!" He bellowed as he walked up to the main house. "Get out of bed you lazy bastard! You owe me a spar! Don't make me come in there and drag you out!"

Naruto waited ten seconds at most for the darker man to appear before easing himself into the house, smirking foxily. "Guess you want do this the hard way." Naruto walked to where he knew where Sasuke's bedroom was located and noticed the noise dampening seal that was upon the door and grasped the door handle, sliding it open, hoping he could embarrass the normally unruffled Uchiha.

Almost at once Naruto's ears were assaulted by the noise of deep grunting and soft girly moans. Naruto froze when he saw locks of pink hair on the pillows suddenly Sasuke shifted, allowing Naruto a perfect view of his wife, naked and being fucked by a man who wasn't her husband. Naruto was furious, he clenched his fists, crushing the metal handle that he was still holding.

Inside him, Kyuubi shifted in his cage, his red eyes glaring at the metal bars and baring his teeth, a fearsome growl tearing through them. "Kill them…All their doing is laughing at you…At us…Kill them now and be done with it." He snarled his tails lashing out around him as he sensed his jailer's anger slowly start to escalate.

"Shut your furry face, I will not leave my daughter without her mother." Naruto's body shook with the effort of keeping the red chakra suppressed, he hated it because Kyuubi's chakra responded whenever he got very angry and it was rather painful to transform into the fox with it.

Kyuubi's loud booming laughter made Naruto inwardly growl at him. It was true, he didn't want Hiromi to grow up without her mommy.

"Just do it. Otherwise the kit will eventually find out what a whore her mother is." The fox snapped his jaws sinisterly.

"Don't call Sakura a whore." Naruto snapped at Kyuubi feeling the need to protect the pick haired woman from the fox even though he knew Kyuubi's words were true.

"I bet the slut has been spreading her legs for the Uchiha long before you two ever thought about marriage or having kits. Why the fuck do you think she was so adamant with getting married here of all places?"

Naruto bristled at the things Kyuubi was implying and snarled aloud, his eyes tinted red. The noise carried over to the couple on the bed and two heads jerked to face the irate Naruto. Sakura's flushed face paled drastically as did Sasuke's when he realized just who was standing there.

"Naruto." Sakura stuttered looking utterly terrified, pulling a sheet over her to cover her body.

Naruto's red eyes snapped to her green ones and she shivered at the intensity of his anger in his eyes. "Why would you do this Sakura?" Naruto asked roughly, Kyuubi's chakra was obviously influencing him in a few ways. "You have a fourteen month old daughter waiting for you at home. Did you really want us out of your life this badly?"

"No. I love both of you." Sakura said. "I don't want to hurt either of you."

Naruto glared at her. "If you loved us like you say you do, you would have never pulled this shit!" He growled turning away from his soon to be ex-wife. "Don't bother coming home tonight. I refuse to let you hurt my daughter anymore than you already have."

A hurt look blossomed over Sakura's face when Naruto said 'my' daughter instead of 'our'. "But she is my daughter too." She protested.

"That doesn't mean I'll allow you onto my property after this. I'll pay for a Genin team to move all your stuff over here." And with that said, he walked away from his ex-best friend and wife, trying to ignore the hurt that the betrayal was causing.

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