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It was a few days before Halloween. Kagome woke up to the sun shining through her bedroom window. She lazily put a pillow over her head, and groaned.

School . . . . Ugh . . .

She looked up at her ceiling. If she didn't hurry and get dressed her mother would come upstairs and pull her blankets off and say "You're going to be late, if you don't hurry your grandpa will make up some excuse for you not going to school". Kagome was used to this. Her grandfather thought it was hilarious to make up excuses to why she wasn't in school if she was sick or something.

Once I had the flu and he told everyone I had an inner ear disease that made me hear voices.

She turned over with the pillow still over her head. Then she heard the door open, it creaked and a footstep stepped on a squeaky board. . . Kagome knew who it was and didn't bother looking. Then . . . PLOP!


She felt him reach all of her ticklish spots; she couldn't hide under the covers because he pulled them off. She felt her sides start to hurt. . .

I'm serious get off! She said laughing and crying.

Not until you say your gonna get up! He didn't quit and kept at her sides.

Inuyasha was her best friend since kindergarten. They went to the same school since forever. Now they were in high school, and still best friends.

Though He didn't know it, Kagome secretly liked him, she wished she could tell him he but was too afraid too. (If I told him it would scare him off) Inuyasha got off and helped her up, "You know we'll be late if you don't hurry up". Kagome suddenly took her eyes off his golden amber ones and realized he was right. "DAMN!!" She quickly ran over to her closet to find an outfit to wear. She grabbed a short black skirt a light blue tank top with a jean jacket crop top, still searching for her lace up boots she forgot Inuyasha was still in the room. He watched as the busy girl put an outfit together in 3 seconds flat. Kagome whirled around and threw her shirt across the room and quickly put on the tank top.

"Ummm kagome . . ."

Inuyasha's wide surprised eyes didn't leave her bare back as she slipped a bra on. Kagome then realized he was still in the room. ("Kill me now kill me now kill me now!") She threw her shirt at Inuyasha hitting him square in the face causing him to fall backwards in the hallway outside her door. Kagome ran and closed the door, ("THAT WAS TOO CLOSE!!") but then she realized he saw her without a shirt on . . . well her back anyway. She blushed and then shook her head, and got dressed.

"I can't believe that just happened" he said taking the shirt off his face. He saw Kagome take her shirt off . . . well her back was too him of course but . . . it still should count for something. He secretly had a crush on her since the 6th grade in middle school. They were having a middle school dance, and everyone was really excited about it. All the guys in the class were getting serious and thought they should ask and get dates. Inuyasha didn't realize he had feelings for Kagome until that Hojo kid asked her to the Dance.


Inuyasha was at the end of the hall by Kagome's locker, "Has anyone asked you to the dance yet Inuyasha?" He looked at her with questioning eyes, "No . . . Why should I go anyway, it's just a stupid dance". Kagome looked at her locker before shutting it suddenly "Oh". Inuyasha looked taken back, ("why did she sound disappointed?") Then a guy with a big white bow tie and flowers walked up to them. Inuyasha didn't like him, he smelled like medicines, and looked like a complete whimp. He crossed his arms and leaned his back against Kagome's locker. Waiting to hear what this fool had to say.

Hojo: Hello Kagome! How are you lately?

Kagome: I'm fine, how are you Hojo?

Hojo: I'm terrific now that I've gotten to speak to you today, by the way these are for you.

Kagome smiled and took the flowers and inhaled the scent. "Hojo they smell so pretty, Thank you". Inuyasha could feel a vein on his forehead ready to pop. ("What does this clown want?") .

Hojo: Well Kagome the dance is this Friday . . . I was wondering if you had a date yet?

Kagome: Actually no, no one has asked me.

Hojo: Great! I mean that's actually a little weird, your so beautiful any guy would be lucky to take you. . . umm Kagome I was wondering if you would allow me the honor to take you?

Kagome smiled and blushed a little. "I'd like it very much Hojo".

Hojo smiled very big and then the end of school bell went off. "Kagome can I come pick you up at your house at 7:00? It's a half an hour before the dance I know but . . . We could go get something to eat before the dance?

Kagome smiled and blushed "Sure, see you Hojo". Hojo bowed and left.

Inuyasha stood fuming, ("Why did she say yes!? What could she possibly see in that guy, any guy can bring a girl flowers) Then he mentally kicked himself for not doing it himself in the first place. ("Wait why do I all of a sudden care that this guy is taking Kagome to the dance?") He turned to look at her blush, as she took a flower out of the bouquet and set it in her hair. He felt really depressed all of a sudden, as he noticed her blush made her look extremely cute, and the white flower stood out in her raven black hair.

Dance night was depressing as he stayed at home and thought about how much Kagome was having without him. He then realized he liked her . . . and that it should've been him taking her and not that Hojo guy.

(End of Flashback)

"Are you done YET?" he yelled at her door.

"Gimme a minute!" the door opened and then he felt her fall on him and they both ended up on the floor. She shook her head and opened her eyes to see two wide and surprised Golden eyes staring back at her. They were just a few inches apart. She quickly got up and held out her hand, he stood up and left her hand hanging.

Inuyasha: Were gonna be late let's go!

Kagome: Alright

They rushed down the stairs, and kagome quickly kissed her mother and ran out the door, she got half way down the street when He stepped in front of her and turned around leaning down so she could get on his back. "This is faster". Kagome smiled and got on his back, he grabbed her legs for support and used all of his speed to rush to school. She admired how the sun shone on his silver hair, and his ears were bent back a little from the speed. She loved them, there were several times were she wanted to pet them but the one time she did he got angry. He could feel her laugh as he jumped from the street onto a rooftop and then jump off another onto the next one. They reached school in 2 minutes flat.

Kagome: I think that was a new record

He smirked and opened the door for her, and they just made it as the bell rang. The smell of her hair as she walked by lasted him until the end of 1st period class. He almost fell asleep before the teacher yelled at him . . . then the bell rang for second period giving him a good getaway.

Kagome ran to second hour which was her least favorite class. "Why does math have to be so hard?" Kagome! Her friend Sango saved her, her usual seat. In the back corner of the classroom it was Sango sitting in front of Miroku, Inuyasha next to Miroku and Kagome in front of him. During the talk about the Pythagoras theory. Sango passed Kagome a note. Inuyasha saw but decided to look over her shoulder instead for fear of kagome getting angry with him.

Kagome' have you heard about the Halloween dance?

Kagome rolled her eyes and smiled throwing it back.

"Of course, I have!"

Sango wrote again

"Has anyone asked you yet? Or have you asked someone?" like the person breathing down your neck to see what your writing and reading?"

Kagome looked over her shoulder to see Inuyasha leaning back against his chair like nothing was wrong. "What?" he said faking a confusing look? Kagome rolled her eyes and wrote underneath her math book so he wouldn't see.

"I wish he'd ask me . . . but this is HIM were talking about, AWKWARD scenario! He wouldn't even think of taking me, so is Miroku taking you?"

Inuyasha was struggling to see what she wrote. He missed his chance when kagome turned it into a paper football and flicked it to Sango. It hit Sango's desk and bounced by his shoe. He quickly covered it with his shoe. Kagome tried getting it back from him but Inuyasha smiled and opened it anyway. ("Huh? WHO TO ASK HER WHAT?) He was confused, but Kagome suddenly took the note gave it to Sango and didn't look at him the rest of the period. ("Great now she's mad") he thought folding his arms, but still wondering . . . who is she hoping to ask her . . . and to ask her what? The bell rang . . .His first objective was to ask her in Art Class what she and Sango were talking about. Kagome and Sango rushed through the door and walked down the hall in a fast manner to art.

Sango: Did he read it?

Kagome: Yes . . .she said biting back tears

Sango: Well maybe he doesn't know

Kagome: Cha right!

Sango: he is a guy after all , guys are dense.

"I take offense to that!" said Miroku coming up from behind them. As he walked beside them, Sango felt an all too familiar hand rub an all too familiar place.

"HENTAI!!!!!" She smacked him across the face leaving a hand print on his cheek. He walked silently and slowly to art behind them. Inuyasha caught up with Miroku, "Another hand print to add to the collection?" Miroku smiled sheepishly and shrugged

Miroku: She likes me, I know it. Underneith that tough exterior is a woman in love trying to get out . . .

"Keep your opinions to yourself Miroku!" Sango flipped her hair and walked away with Kagome.

Inuyasha: So what were they talking about? Do you know?

Miroku: Probably about the dance coming up

Inuyasha clicked the note and the dance together in his mind. ("she's hoping someone would ask her? But who?")

Inuyasha : Miroku . . .Kagome doesn't like someone right now does she?

Miroku was like an older brother to Kagome he would know if something was up. They reached the art room door, "I'm not saying anything to incriminate the poor soul she likes". Inuyasha pulled him up by the scruff of his shirt. "WHY NOT?"

Miroku: *calmly* Because you'd kill the poor man

Inuyasha let him go and walked briskly into the room. They were supposed to paint how they were feeling by using flowers and colors today. Inuyasha made sure his easel was right next to Kagome's.

Inuyasha: So who are you hoping would ask you to the dance thing?

Kagome answered him with silence, she had never ignored him before.

Inuyasha: Come on Kagome you can tell me (It was starting to hurt that she wasn't telling him)

Kagome: I'll text you about it later okay? She got back to her flower surrounded by blue and silver hues. Leaving Poor and Confused Inuyasha dazed and feeling hopeless.