A/N: This story is an attempt to expose some of the faults that others and I have found with the fan fiction today. No offense if your story includes these faults; some people can pull off certain storylines really well. I just wanted to produce my comments on these things.

Today's story is courtesy of Aino Minako.

"Ah, wow, Usagi, I like your new computer!" exclaimed Minako.

Usagi grinned. "I know, isn't it great?" She open the lid of her new pink laptop and turned it on for the first time.

All of the senshi were at Usagi's, seeing her open her high school graduation present. Ami had helped Usagi's parents pick out the best computer through bargain shopping, and was sitting on the other side of Usagi on the couch, studying every pixel on the screen.

"Hmm…what should I do on it first?" Usagi asked.

"See if the Internet works," Ami said. "I helped your parents set up the Wi-Fi as well."

"Ah, okay." She clicked on the Internet browser. "It works!" she exclaimed happily. "Now I can go read my fan fiction…"

"Since when do you read fan fiction, muffin?" asked Haruka amusedly from the other side of the room.

"Since I got interested in that new show on TV. If you go to , there are stories in every genre, in every story!"

"That's cool. I bet my soap opera has it's own fan base too," remarked Minako.

Makoto said, "Or that new movie I watched last night…"

Usagi opened up the home page of her favorite site. "Hey, let me see something," said Minako. She browsed through new stories. "What! Guys, you won't believe this!"

"What?" they chorused.

"There's fan fic about us!"

Usagi giggled. "You mean, something thinks we're a story?"

"And I bet they totally don't know what our lives are like," stated Makoto.

Minako clicked over to the Sailor Moon page. "Wow, that's freaky. They have our full names!"

"What?" the other girls said. Mamoru just raised an eyebrow.

"And they know about the Crystal…" declared Usagi in awe.

Minako gasped. "I wonder how they know all of this about us…."

"Yeah…well, as long as they think we are fiction, we should be safe," said Setsuna.

Ami nodded in agreement. "She's right. They think we're a figment of their imaginations."

"Hm…maybe we should make up our own stories and see what they say," Usagi suggested.

Minako smiled. "That would be pretty interesting."

"Okay, then, you go first."

"Well, I am the Goddess of Love….so here goes:"

Usagi stood upon the balcony of her new apartment, waiting for her Mamoru to come over. It was nighttime, with the moon settling on the horizon of the city.

"Wow, not bad," said Usagi. "Keep going."

Suddenly, a key turned in the door, and her Mamoru walked in. "Hi, I brought you a gift." From behind him, he produced a box of chocolates.

"Aw, how thoughtful of you," Usagi said. She leaned forward to kiss him. Mamoru held her close, and began kissing her passionately. She eagerly deepened the kiss, holding him closer than ever before. They both had a burning passion within them that had to be fulfilled. Mamoru reached up her back and unsnapped her bra—

"Minako! Stop it!" ordered Usagi. "You're starting to get perverted."

"But I haven't even gotten to the good part," whined the blonde.

"I wouldn't do all that for a box of chocolates."

"Yeah, she's not that cheap," remarked Mamoru.

"Shut up!" Usagi glared at him.

"But what was wrong with the story?" asked Minako.

Ami answered, "It wasn't enough background. I mean, what kind of story does the lover walk in and the two people just start suddenly showing each other this sort of attention? It's impractical…and Usagi's right…this scene was starting to get perverted. You don't need a sex scene in every story."

"I don't know about impractical," murmured Michiru to her partner. "It seems to happen a lot…" She grinned at Haruka, who grinned back mischeviously.

"Seriously guys…can't someone come up with a good story?" inquired Usagi.