Division of the Elements

愛はすべてを征服する! アナおよびRaphael!


A young elemental mage named Anna is forced to work for the Shredder. First Mission: Destroy the turtles. But, as Anna makes friends with the TMNT, Shredder may learn that tampering with the forces of nature could have fatal consequences...


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"It must be a golden autumn
coming into view.
The leaves are a golden hue.

The birds are singing,
and the sky is bright blue.
The sun is beginning to shine,
on the frosty dew.

The air is nippy and just right.
The distant mountains clothed in purple and gold,
are shining in the morning light.
What a pretty sight.

It must be a golden autumn
coming into view, much to my delight,
and I know Heaven's just out of sight."

A rumble from a truck causing light weight materials like crushed cans to tremble on the old road as a truck swerved by, roaring as large

headlights flashed into the rainy night.

Green glass that had been shattered earlier that day glittered like thousands of light green emeralds in the night before the light zoomed away,

causing their luster to fade once more.

The glass silently glimmered into the late evening. No other cars were passing....


A large, gleaming white limosine rushed past, barely avoiding the shards that would tear the tires to bits.

One of its occupants attempted to scream, before a dark hand plastered over her mouth.


Anna shot a filthy stare straight into the Foot Ninja's empty eyes beneath his mask. He shuddered and looked away, avoiding her burning

cerulean gaze.

If she wasn't in these chains, she'd-why she'd-!

Anna winced as her cold shackles constricted even tighter around her wrists as she futilely attempted to pry them off.

Feh. Ridiculous Foot Scientists and their Magic-Tech. She couldn't summon so much as a spark....

At least her feet weren't too bound. She still managed to aim a kick towards the Foot Ninja's shin.

It didn't accomplish much, other then seeing the ninja yelp and seize his ankle, glaring at her with narrowed eyes as he continued to whine like a

little girl.

Oh, well, everyone needed a stress reliever.

Anna nonetheless continued to struggle, trying to choke back a sob, even as the car drove into a dark, secluded alley near an old warehouse.

One Oroku Saki used for....."Special Matters."

The ninja aimed a kick towards Anna's back once he'd dragged her in. He'd missed, but the result was when Anna leapt to dodge it, her chains

caused her to then stumble, then stagger.


With a loud scream, tumbling head over heels into the darkness, the young girl stumbled to the earth like floor, light blond hair streaming behind


She glowered up at the no doubt smirking ninja.

"WOW. It's incredible," she spat, wriggling as she attempted to stand upright. This was easier said then done.

The Foot Ninja smirked underneath his mask.

"What? How easily we ensnared you?"

"No. How ugly you are."

The ninja froze, and his hands began to clench...

Excellent. If she could just get him angry enough to land a punch, she could have him break through the chains....

...and the fireworks would begin.

Kidnapping the young elemental in the dead of night, shackling and gagging her.....

It was bad enough being terrified for your life.

But....this awful, this terrible HELPLESSNESS....feelings that should not even approach the heir of sparks.

The heir of the gales.

The heir of sky-fire-or, as people down here liked to use a slang word for it.....what was it? Lightning?

And the heir of metal and earth properties.

It was a strength that many mortals would gladly give their right hands to own, she discovered.

Unfortunately, if she HAD her hands free....

Otherwise, her movements were nothing short of worthless.

Anna had often wished she hadn't been born with this kind of power.

It was dangerous, weird, creepy, and, revolting, even to her.

If people saw her, they'd think she was trying to play God.

But....right now-!

She swore she could see a vein pop in the ninja's neck. She grinned.

"It's Okay, you know," she said simply.

"What is?" snarled the ninja. It was evident no orders were going to stop him from delivering a blow slow enough.

"It's okay.... if you want to drop dead," she remarked, a small smile on her lips.

The Ninja huffed.

"This is your last chance, you stupid little-ARRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH!"

Anna's eyes widened.

The ninja had been struck from the darkness north of them.

He staggered a step forward, then another....

Before falling flat on his face with a groan.

Anna staggered to her own feet, staring.


Suddenly, in the echoing silence, a small sound echoed like wildfire.

It was simple enough, but the hairs on the back of Anna's neck were now standing up as a shudder passed through her body.

Someone was clapping.

Anna ridgened.


She could handle this.

She could handle this!

Despite the fact she was unarmed-well, if she had her shackles to swing. They might come in handy....

"So.....miss Annete, I presume?"

Anna shuddered again as she swung around.

The stuff of nightmares was gazing right back at her with blood red eyes.

The samurai gave a mocking bow. Anna's eyes narrowed.

"Ah....Miss Annete...I get the impression you are not happy to meet my acquaintence."

At this, Anna's temperature swelled up six inches.

"Oh, NO, you conniving idiot. I'm so ENJOYING this. I get chained up, dragged off to old warehouses, and meet seriously outdated thugs for kicks.

Where am I?! WHAT'S WRONG with yopu people?!"

But she was shivering all the same. The Shredder simply smiled again.

"Ah....very well, then. I see you are a bit....restless. That can easily be ammended.

At that, Shredder snapped a blinking crimson button that was at his waist.


And the shackles fell from a shocked Anna's aching body.

Anna stumbled, feeling blood course through her half asleep limbs again, giving them an unpleasant tingle.

"How about.....a duel?"

Anna gasped.

Was he suicidal?

"I'm an elemental, you moron! I'd like to see YOU try and top that!"

But her hands began to glow ghostly white with the energy she was going to surge through him.

Shredder gave a cold smile as his mean little eyes twitched.

"And so would I.

But I doubt I'll have to try."

The duel lasted four minutes and twenty six seconds.

Lucky for Anna. Normally, opponets couldn't last that long against the Shredder.

Lightning was difficult for her to summon, so she had attempted to attack with Frost and Fire. Wind had proved a little pointless, because

although it was a favorite of hers, and she blew the entire warehouse to shambles, the Shredder did not move. Anna's eyes had widened.

What was his armor made of?!

How did he manage to battle in all of that, if it could endure like pure iron in this windstorm, let alone stand up straight in it!

The Shredder merely walked forwards....

Anna lay gasping on the floor.


Pure Shock.....

She had been.....overwhelmed. It had been awhile since she had a fit match-whenever she wasn't just sparring for fun in the dojo using nothing

but her hands for a fair, clean battle.

But she'd never been so harshly outclassed....

She groaned. The Shredder didn't hurt her so much as stun...

Saki began to laugh, and, once more, even in her current stage, it sent shivers running down her very spine.


Preview for next chapter:

"Come ON, Raph! We need to get out of here!"

Raph hesitated.

Anna HAD saved Master Splinter....

And had attempted to get the turtles out alive, despite the obvious injury to her own body....

And so, cursing himself all the way, he seized Anna's limp body and pulled her over his shoulder.

Everyone turned to give him bewildered looks, but no one chose to comment.

Raph's eyes narrowed as he scanned for an exit. Finally finding one, he nodded in the flurry of debris.

"Let's get out of here."

And so, the five rushed out as the pillars of the building groaned, and splintery wood began to fall like hail, Anna's petite figure bumping with

every movement each time.


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