Alrighty. People have been getting kind of puzzled (it's my fault, I know) so let me explain a thing or two:

Anna was captured by Shredder.

Anna was forced into death combat by Shredhead.

Anna was rescued by the Turtles, and adopted as a household guest.

Raph was kidnapped.

Anna was ill.

The turtles-and Splinter-forced her to stay behind.

But that really didn't work out all that hot with Anna, so she threw herself off a copter in pursuit of the TMNT.

She made her way inside FHQ.

The Hamatos did as well.

Splinter detected Anna's scent-which obviously concerns Leo. But, before they can do anything, there's a small BOOM from below….

Don and Mikey-still on the opposite team, are making their way up….

Nothing is as it seems to be as Anna faces down the same man who tormented her as his prisoner weeks prior….

"Mikey-HURRY UP!"

The turtle panted slightly as he hastened his motions, swiping at his forehead with a growl.

"Hey-not MY fault my exercise videos melted in Kara-"

Don groaned slightly as he continued to run, chest burning from the force of his inflamed lungs.

Master Splinter....Leo....Raph....



It hurt.

A lot.

So were Anna's thoughts when Shredder sent her flying back-!

Straight into the nearby wall.

Stars flashed in an absentminded frenzy as she stood, swaying slightly, a scowl on her face.

The Shredder lowered his hand, gauntlet still sharp, still deadly as it glinted. He raised it again-and licked it.

Anna narrowed her eyes.

"Hate to say it, but that's hardly hygienic."

Silence. Then, the Shredder began to laugh again.

Anna winced, fists tightening as the urge to rain an endless blow of punches grew ever greater.

"True, little girl. True enough. You really have no idea how many beings my blade has taken."

The girl smirked.

"Well-I'd love to play twenty questions with you-but I'd rather skip to the fun."

Shredder narrowed his own scarlet irises.

"Oh? And what festivities do you speak of?"

Anna stepped forward, and silently began to circle the Shredder, fiery blue orbs becoming small glaciers in her face.

The Shredder did not move-nor did he react as Anna continued her quiet pace, ignoring the frantic bird underneath her ribcage that might as well

be her heart.

Finally, Anna paused, and allowed her lips to move.

"Me kicking you across the arena and back."

Anna leapt forwards, a snarl tearing from her as she readied an icy blast to consulate on her palms.

But nothing came.

As she ducked the Shredder's fists, she tried flames.

Nothing. Her eyes widened.

Again and again, they wouldn't-?!

Oroku Saki seized the flailing girl by the wrist.

And force crashed her into the wall.


Anna struggled to free herself, expression becoming desperate as she writhed.

"What did you-?!"

Her eyes flashed to his wrist. Her expression hardened.

Foot Tech again.

For several seconds, the samurai simply glowered at her.

"I hear you have taken abode with the turtles and their rat master, eh? How very sweet."

Anna kicked out-but her footwork would not penetrate the armor. It simply clanged hopelessly.

"You expect them to accept you."

The Shredder made a slashing movement in midair, as if hewing someone's neck.

"You expect them to LIKE you."

Shredder's eyes were nothing short of frost-nonetheless, the onyx burned into her cobalt as he stepped ever closer.

"You're not a human."

Anna raised her head, a smirk growing across her features.

"So what? It's not as if THEY-"

"SILENCE!" The Shredder bent down to her level-and Anna tried not to draw back as his eyes began boring into her own.

"You. Silly. Little. Incompetent, don't you understand?"

Anna winced.

"I understand you SERIOUSLY have bad breath for a cyborg, dude."

She started, a shudder rippling from her body.

A gloved hand had found her neck, her heart almost pausing in midbeat.

"You're weak."

His grip tightened. Anna choked, her vision flickering.

"You're tired."

Anna was gasping for air at this point, hands still captive by the Shredder's fists on the wall.

"And you're pathetic without any power."

To Anna's surprise, the hand loosened. Coughing, she drew back, The Shredder scrutinizing her.

"It needn't be like that, child. I will not leave in you that filthy abyss."

His voice had taken in a seductive purr.

"I will not leave you all. Therefore, I ask of you, Anna. Will you join me willingly....or will I have to resort to...other methods to make you


The onyx shackles clinked threateningly in her mind.

Anna closed her eyes.

And took the Shredder's hand.


The girl closed her eyes and smiled.

"Y'know, Shredder? I must say, I really appreciate this."

"My offer?"

Anna's eyes narrowed as they flashed, a weary smile on her face.

"No. The fact that you were dumb enough to actually give me your hand."

And she smashed the control disk on Shredder's wrist without another word.