Author's Note:I still do not own Labyrinth. Nor do I own any neon pink body socks. However, if I owned both, the film's rating would be significantly higher. ;) Inspired by a conversation Sebastian W. Melmoth and I had while she was shopping.

"No. There is no way I am wearing this."

"A bet's a bet, Jareth."

"It's undignified!"

"Look, you only have to wear it for one day. One measly day out of eternity!"

"My subjects won't respect me."

"You yourself said that goblins have the long-term memory of goldfish."

"Not when it comes to humiliating incidents."

"Please, Jareth? For me?"

Jareth sighed, knowing full well there was no way he could resist Sarah. When his fiancée spoke in that tone and batted her wide hazel eyes at him, he was powerless.

So now she's got me powerless in a hideous garment of-

"What did you say this was called, again?" he asked, picking at the neon pink fabric which now encased his legs and torso.

"It's a body stocking." Sarah was obviously trying to choke back laughter. Horrid little minx.

With supreme impatience, Jareth replied, "No, I meant the fabric."

"Oh. Lycra, I believe."

powerless in a hideous garment of lycra. I'm beginning to fear a military coup.

Suddenly, though, he remembered something he'd seen in an Aboveground shop. One that Sarah had hustled him out of rather quickly and still believed he had entered by accident.

Leaning down until his face was just inches from hers, he whispered, "Isn't there a female version of this…body stocking?"

Though her breath caught slightly and a visible flush appeared on her cheeks, Sarah spoke as though discussing the time of day. "Yes."

"Well, then," Jareth purred, "Let's make a little deal. I'll wear this today…if you'll wear one tonight." He backed away slightly. "Have we an accord, my dear?"

A devilish smile crossed Sarah's face. "Certainly." As quickly as the smirk had come, it suddenly disappeared. "But one thing, Jareth…"

Her slightly anxious question made the Goblin King almost laugh in spite of his embarrassing attire.

"Does mine have to be neon pink, too?"

*evil grin* Somehow I don't think our Goblin King will be generous in this matter. Free body stocking stolen from Jareth for all who review!