Author Notes: First fic written for the latest Naruto kinkmeme on LJ. Saw the prompt and went "hells yes" and then attached a bit of post-coital snuggling because you know I can't resist the fluff.

Pairings or Characters: Anko/Iruka
sex involving light bondage
Word Count:
Anko gets tied up for once, and Iruka does the tying.

Some Like It Rough

Anko hisses as he ties the leather around her wrists, tight enough to leave marks but loose enough to keep her from losing feeling in her fingers. Her legs are already locked together at the ankle by another length of leather, and he's tying a cloth over her eyes as she breathes heavily beneath him. She's enveloped in darkness and her heart rate quickens, the anticipation and anxiousness combined with her need making her squirm.

"No," Iruka says suddenly, his voice stronger than she's ever heard before, as one large hand wraps around her restricted wrists and the other lands on her hip, pushing her down into the mattress. "Stay still," he commands, and she obeys.

With no warning, she's flipped onto her stomach and he pushes two fingers into her cunt roughly. She winces beneath her blindfold and lets out a moan, but he grabs her jaw and whispers into her ear to be quiet. She quickly adjusts to the rhythm of his digits, and then there's another as his thumb presses against her clit. She hisses through clenched teeth and he pulls his fingers away.

"Quiet," his voice tells her. Only years of training as a kunoichi enable her to tell where it's coming from. He's right above her haunches she determines, right before he grips her by the ass, pulls her up onto her knees and forces his fingers into her again. This time she bites her tongue and manages to keep from making any noises, but she tries to push against him, allow him to reach deeper, and he pulls them out again. He smacks her ass with his damp hand, leaving her skin shimmering with her own juices.

"Stay still," he repeats, "But if you're so eager, I suppose I won't keep you waiting."

She buries her face into the sheets and waits, and she's soon rewarded. She feels his dick pushing into her slowly, and she bites her lip to keep from moaning. But suddenly he's forcing himself in faster than she can adjust, and it stings as he pulls out and thrusts back in before she's ready, but she keeps quiet. His breathing is harder than hers, still heard over the slap of his flesh against hers and the creaking of the weary mattress beneath them. The pain is quickly being replaced with pleasure, and she can't stop the groan that bubbles up through her throat.

Another smack against her ass, but this time she lets out a gasp and he doesn't punish her for it. It all feels so good, the sting and the fullness and the sudden feeling of his forehead on her shoulder as he leans over her. He's close, and so is she, but he reminds her through his panting that she's not allowed to come before him.

"Fuck," he grunts finally, biting her marked skin as he comes. She lets out a cry and follows him, the bliss and the ache blurring together to make the feeling so mindblowing it takes her a good five minutes before she realizes he's no longer inside her and the leather and blindfold are gone.

Rolling her head to the side, she sees him staring back at her. She rolls over all the way then, tossing a leg between his and biting gently into his shoulder before smirking up at him.

"Told you it'd be fun," she smiles.

"It still makes me feel weird," he admits, scratching at his cheek with one hand and stroking her back with the other.

"Why? It's not like I tied you up."

"It just feels weird."

"But it felt really good, too, right?"

The blush on his face is her answer, and she bites him again with a chuckle.