Author Notes: Third fic written for the kinkmeme. OT3 YEAH. XD Kiba totally wants people to call him 'Kiba-sama'. Guh. Why are these three so damn adorable?

Pairings or Characters: Kiba/Hinata/Naruto
Word Count:
Kiba and Naruto help Hinata finally feel like royalty.


Hinata had always been a princess.

She wasn't treated like the ones people read stories about, where their frailness was valued, and they were loved by everyone -- the evil villain typically being the only exception -- so she'd never really acknowledged herself as one. Her family scorned her, her teachers were unimpressed with her, and her friends, what few she had, failed to fully understand her. But she was the heir in a family that valued blood over everything, and whether she felt like one or not, she was still a princess.

Now, sitting naked on the futon with Kiba's head in her lap, she was playing the part of servant.

Kiba was wary at first, uneasy with the idea of her pretending to be lowly, even if it was her idea to begin with. He was eventually persuaded, though, perhaps made easier by the suggestion of food being added to the mix.

Naruto, however, was still rather baffled by the whole thing, which she found quite adorable.

"You're doing it wrong," Kiba pointed out, breaking the rules of their game as his head rested on Hinata's thighs. She fed him another strawberry as he rolled his eyes at the blond. "You're not supposed to eat it like that."

"Well then how else do you eat it?" Naruto snarled, embarrassment coloring his cheeks. He was still wearing his boxers as he sat beside them, an open jar of cake frosting in his hands, which he had taken to eating from by the fingerful.

"Like this," Kiba snickered. He sat up then, grabbing the jar from Naruto, and handed it to Hinata who blinked curiously back at him. He winked, and she knew the game was back on.

"Rub this on."

"Where would you like me to, Kiba-sama?" she asked softly.

"Here," he said after a moment, placing a hand on her chest and trailing it down her breasts slowly. She nodded and dipped her fingers into the frosting before bringing them up to where he'd indicated and spreading it on her pale skin. She repeated the motion a few more times until there was a fairly large patch of sugary coating on her chest.

"Now, Naruto, as your King, I demand you lick the frosting off of her."

"You aren't my king," Naruto grumbled, though his eyes were having a hard time looking away from her chest.

"I am tonight, and you will address me as 'Kiba-sama'," he grinned. Hinata stifled a giggle behind her fingers, amused at how quickly he'd come to enjoy playing this game for her. "Now lick," he repeated, pulling her into his lap and resting his chin on her shoulder.

"Um," Naruto mumbled awkwardly. She giggled again and nodded, holding out her hand. He draped his fingers across her palm hesitantly before she gripped them firmly and tugged him forward.

"Naruto-kun, you must do as Kiba-sama says," she smiled. Kiba kissed her shoulder gently, pulling her hair back to expose her breasts completely.

Naruto made a loud gulping noise, looking between the two of them as if asking for permission, before finally pressing his mouth to her frosted skin and licking. Hinata made a contented noise as both boys kissed and licked and nipped at her body. Naruto was far more hesitant than Kiba, as if worried he was going to be reprimanded any moment, but was slowly growing more comfortable with each stroke of his tongue against her. As their mouths became bolder, and their fingers joined the exploration of her skin, she was hit by a thought that was both entirely random and completely appropriate.

Sitting between her two lovers, pretending to be their plaything, Hinata finally felt like a princess.