Summary: That island had seemed rather nice, normal, and pretty much like all the other islands they had visited so far - inasmuch as it had had many pretty girls that Sanji liked to gander at and (unsuccessfully) flirt with. It also had an unusually high number of same-sex couples, or so he had presumed in most cases, and it wasn't until they had left the island some months ago that he realised why.

Comments: Holy crap I don't think I've ever written a summary that long. Well, quick introduction - I'm Beau and this is my first ever zosan fic, so characterisations might be kind of bad, even though I have been lurking in this fandom for five years. (Yes, I counted.) Contains mpreg later on, rated for later chapters if I don't put any smut in this one.

Sanji smiled as his bare feet hit the warm stone floor of the busy harbour. It seemed that this place had certain customs which any visitors were obliged to conform to, and one of them was the apparent dislike of footwear. It was probably due to the high temperature of the place, he noted, as the air was humid and the heat was almost tangible. He supposed it came with the whole jungle island thing.

He turned around to look back up at the ship, where he could hear the voice of his lovely Nami-swan and the not-so-attractive, deep voice of the Marimo. He grit his teeth slightly as he realised that the two voices were arguing, over what he couldn't tell, but it was probably money. The same argument that was had at every island that had a market. Zoro would want his swords repaired and would have no money to have it done, and Nami-swan would rightfully tell him that he still owed her several thousand beli and that he would have to wait until it was repaid before he even came close to touching any of her money.

Sanji glared at a plank of wood on the Sunny. He knew what this meant.

"No." He snapped, the second Zoro's boots hit the stone floor.

"But I didn't even ask you yet!"

"But you're going to."

"How do you know?"

"You just said you were going to."



Sanji held back a growl as he slammed several beli notes on the blacksmith's counter. How did he get into this again? He glared in the general direction of his green haired - he grit his teeth again - lover, who was currently admiring the different swords on the wall of the blacksmith's armoury.

"Oi! Marimo!" He called.


"We're done. Let's go." Zoro mumbled something under his breath, which the blond didn't hear, and they were soon on their way out. The swordsman was about to turn away and make a break for it, but the cook grabbed the back of his shirt.

"Not so fast, princess. You're going to return the favour."

Zoro's eyes darted about briefly. "You mean… right here?" His face was slowly breaking into a dirty grin. Sanji rolled his eyes.

"Not that, idiot. You're going to carry the shopping." He deadpanned, before grabbing the white shirt more forcibly and dragging the whining lump of swordsman along with him to the market.

"Oi! Ero-cook!" Zoro called, his voice muffled by the bags and crates he was carrying. "How much more stuff do you need? You can just get a freaking cart for this junk!" Zoro could probably carry most of the crew, including Franky, so it wasn't exactly hard to carry the pervert's shopping. He just wanted to go and drink some cheap booze and spend the rest of the evening screwing the blond.

Sanji looked back at him and grinned evilly. "I already have one," he said, and smiled, "and its not 'junk'. You're going to be eating that." He glared slightly.

Zoro groaned.

The two made their way around the marketplace, mainly doing mundane things before they stumbled across a jewellers. Sanji wasn't usually one to be particularly interested in jewellery, and they had enough on board anyway, but the place looked quite expensive and classy and the blond figured it wouldn't hurt to look inside.

"Oi, we're going in here," he called over to the swordsman, who was being admired by several people sitting around the outside tables of a diner - most of them men. Sanji was slightly confused for a moment, but brushed it off and dragged his boyfriend through the door, with a hint of possessiveness that he'd never admit to having.

"Why are we going in here?" Zoro asked, thankful that the other had the decency to guide him through the door. He tried to ignore how the cook's finger gently brushed against his abdomen as he pulled him along by his shirt, as if trying to calm him subconsciously.

Sanji looked around the quiet store for a moment. The walls were decorated in a deep navy and the cabinets were lined with silver. He bent down slightly to look at some of the rings, which were all beautiful until he looked at the price tags. One near the back, a masculine silver one with unusual, intricate engravings on it caught the blond's blue eye. The band was very wide and would probably nearly reach his finger knuckle, but there was a big blue stone in the middle - probably Sapphire - which was cut into a sphere.

"Hello gentlemen, may I help you?" The blond glanced up to see the angelic face of a young brown haired girl with big amber eyes. Her hair was plaited into two braids that fell over her chest gracefully, and her skin was lightly tanned. Sanji's heart-shaped eyes travelled down the woman's body until it descended upon her hand, where a large, transparent rock adorned her left ring finger. The heart popped dramatically.

"May I ask, miss, who has the honour of being the one to give you that beautiful ring~?" He cooed, looking back up at the woman who blinked at him quite cutely.

"O-oh," she said, "m-my wife. We've been married for five years now, and together for seven." She explained, smiling tenderly down at the beautiful ring.

Sanji blinked. Then he tried his very best not to kick the green haired swordsman behind him who had tried to conceal an obvious snort at the shoot-down. "Oh, I see. It's beautiful. Congratulations." He said, almost on automatic.

"Oh, thank you," she replied, smiling in a heartbreakingly cute way. "So, what are you looking for? Engagement rings? There are plenty of wedding sets available for gay couples."

The two turned white. If it had been anyone else, Sanji would've kicked whoever said it into oblivion, but as it was said by a woman - a very pretty one at that - the thought didn't cross his mind. Unfortunately, Zoro felt that a verbal assault was necessary.

Just as Sanji was about to open his mouth, Zoro interrupted him. "Eh? You seriously think I'd waste my time on this retard? Pah!" Zoro yelled from behind the pile of shopping he was carrying, and shifted his weight onto one foot.

Sanji glared at said pile, as if his glare could pierce through it. Zoro shivered. Then he cracked an evil grin. "Sweetheart, could we go home now? I think I left the vibrator on." He asked sweetly. Usually he wouldn't be so rude in the presence of a lady, but every time the swordsman was around this countenance seemed to disappear. Zoro bristled.

"Ch-oi!" Zoro retaliated, his following rant drowned out by Sanji's voice.

"Goodbye miss~" He called with heart-shaped eyes, pushing his lover out the door. "Sorry for wasting your time~~" The jeweller giggled girlishly, waving her goodbye to the two men.

Upon stepping outside the store, Sanji kicked Zoro.

"Hey! What the fuck was that for?" The swordsman asked, disgruntled.

"Laughing. And being rude to that nice girl." Snapped the blond, picking up a small plastic bag that he had knocked off the pile Zoro was carrying.

"Fuck, sorry for being happy…" Zoro muttered. "And you were hardly being… gracious with that vibrator comment…"

Sanji paused and brushed off that second remark. "How the hell can you be happy? You've done nothing but bitch since we arrived on this island!"

"Because you made me carry all of your stupid shopping!" The green haired man replied, exasperated. "And besides, so what if I like spending time with you?" He said, blushing almost immediately at what he just said.

Sanji stared. Not a quick stare, but a long, unblinking stare.

"Stop staring at me!" Zoro barked after several moments.

Sanji persisted for another five minutes, until Zoro seriously contemplated impaling himself the flag pole that was just in his line of sight. Come to think of it, the flag had a picture of a foetus on it. What the hell? What kind of flag had a foetus on-

"Pahahahahahaha!" He was interrupted by the silly, high pitched laughter that belonged to his lover.

"What?" Zoro shouted. "What the hell's so funny, asshole?"

The blond tried to stop his laughter to respond, but he was interrupted by several bursts of giggling. "You," he began, "you like spending time with me?"

Zoro glared and dumped the pile on the floor before turning to stalk away, his hands shoved into his pockets. Sanji stopped laughing immediately.

"Oi! Zoro! Where do you think you're going?" He called, reaching down to pick up his shopping before walking towards the swordsman quickly.

Zoro ignored him and kept on walking. Sanji sighed and decided that it was probably best to leave the bastard to cool off on his own. For now, he was done with most of the shopping as it had not been long since they left the previous island and arrived at this one, and decided to return to the ship to put it all away. Then he'd come back into town to find his lover who would no doubt be lost within the next few seconds.

Sometime after the conversation, Zoro found himself staring up at a glowing neon sign above his head. 'Taboo' it read. Zoro snorted at the tackiness. Well, he supposed any place with booze must be good, so he booted the tatty looking door open to a faceful of blaring music and stepped in.

The place reeked of cigarette smoke, which the swordsman instantly disliked because it reminded him of the cook. There were strove blue lights that swayed around the room, and about a hundred spandex and sequin clad men dancing in front of (and sometimes against, to his horror) him as he waded through the sea of bodies to what he hoped was the bar.

He eventually arrived at the bar, sitting down at a stool tiredly after having been groped many times. He glanced around the place warily. This place scared him. And not much scared Roronoa Zoro. He glared over at a man seated a few metres away who appeared to be mentally undressing him.

"Hello sir, what can I get you~?" Zoro turned to where the girly voice had come from. In front of him stood a tall blond man wearing a white shirt and black waist coat, but no tie. His shirt was unbuttoned to reveal most of his chest where sat a large silver medallion.

The green haired man groaned. For fuck's sake, even the fucking bartender looked like the cook. "Give me the strongest stuff you have." He answered, staring at the tiles of the bar. The bartender raised his eyebrows cattily before turning around and pouring a flourescent green liquid into a small glass from a tall, thin bottle. He placed the glass in front of the swordsman expectantly, before putting his hand on his hip and jutting it out ever so slightly. Zoro looked at it as though it were an insult.

"What the fuck is that?" He asked, glaring at the bartender slightly.

"Absinthe." He replied.

Zoro shrugged. Couldn't hurt to try it once... He picked the small glass up and held it to his lips, before downing the liquid in one go. The resulting light-headed affect made him dizzy, and he soon decided that going on a pub crawl on a weird island with a foetus emblem on its flag that he didn't know much about was not a good idea. With this in mind he promptly paid the bartender with the few coins he had left in his pocket and made his way back through the sea of dancing men towards the exit.

Upon stumbling out of the club door, he leant against the wall to rub his forehead with his palms, groaning slightly at the onslaught of a white spots he could see behind his eyelids. The lights, the music and the sudden burn of absinthe down his throat made his eyes water and gave him a headache. He was tired and decided to go back to the ship. The only problem was he was lost (again) and had no idea how to get back.

He opened his eyes, and in the distance was a yellow dot that appeared to be looking through the windows of a closed shop. He began walking towards it, knowing that if it was yellow and there was a stream of smoke drifting up from it, it was probably Sanji's head.

Sanji almost jumped out of his skin when the green haired swordsman placed a hand on his shoulder.

"Jesus!" She shouted, looking over his shoulder at his lover. "You scared the shit out of me." He said, slightly quieter.

"Sorry." Zoro replied, looking at the floor and burying his hands in his pockets. "Can we go back to the ship? I drank something weird in a club," he explained.

Sanji rolled his eyes. He settled for the first apology, even though he knew that Zoro wasn't really apologizing for earlier. It was stupid anyway, and from the looks of it, his lover had gotten lost and done something even more stupid, and the best thing for him was to go home and sleep.

"Okay. I guess I should take you home so you don't get lost and stumble into anymore gay bars," Sanji remarked with a wink.

Zoro made a confused noise. Gay bar? Roronoa Zoro did not go into ithose/i. Not on purpose anyway. He took his lover's hand and they made their way back to the ship in silence.

The next day, it appeared that all chaos had erupted on board the Thousand Sunny. Zoro rubbed his head at the onslaught of noises.

Walking into the galley, he yawned loudly at everyone, who were all (excluding Nami and Robin, who were eating like civilised human beings) stuffing their faces like the pigs Zoro was convinced they were. But then again, he was one of them, so he didn't really give a crap.

He sat down heavily at the table, grabbing whatever he could before it ended up in Luffy's mouth. Unfortunately, as he grabbed the handle of the jug of juice, his captain's hand landed upon it too, resulting in the two of them engaging in a minor argument that lasted several minutes, before Sanji cut in.

"Christ! Will you stop acting like kids? Luffy, just let the Marimo have it. He missed breakfast, after all." He said. Luffy frowned dramatically, before replying with a sentence that no human could ever understand as his mouth was full of food.

Zoro stared at the cook, befuddled. "I slept through breakfast?" He asked. "Fuck, why didn't anyone wake me up?"

"I tried, but you wouldn't wake up. That must've been some weird stuff you drank last night. What did they say it was?" The doctor asked. Fucking Eyebrow, must've told everyone about his... trip to the gay bar.

"Absinthe." Zoro replied.

"Must've been fucking strong," The blond said quietly, reaching up to light a cigarette. "Well! I'm going out to do some exploring. Would you like to come with me, Nami-swan~? Robin-chwan~?" He cooed.

Zoro didn't hear the rest. He decided it would be best to continue training for the rest of the day, and so he made his way up to the gym.

A few hours later, Zoro climbed down to the deck of the ship. His mind was clouded and for some reason, he found it difficult to concentrate. He figured that this island must have a waterfall or some other area he could meditate in, so he made his way into the town.

Unfortunately, he ended up lost, as usual. How did he do that? He was headed for the jungle that seemed to begin near the back of the town, behind the residential area, and he was in what looked to be the red light district. He grimaced.

"Hey handsome~ You looking for a good time~?" Zoro looked up to where the voice had come from, horrified. Above him, leaning out the window, was a pink-haired man smiling at him flirtatiously.

He glared slightly. "No!" He shouted. "And get a real job!" Flustered, he turned to speed walk away from the weird place.

'Fuck, is everyone on this island gay?' He thought, rubbing his head slightly as if the man's offer had physically wounded him. He continued to walk, staring at the floor, until he bumped into someone.

"Hey, watch where you're-Zoro?" The swordsman looked up and into the confused face of the cook. "I thought you were spending the whole day training?"

"I wanted to meditate," the swordsman explained, "but I got lost and ended up... never mind. Listen, how the hell do you get into that jungle?"

Sanji looked back at him, raising an eyebrow and glancing in the direction his lover had just came. Then he stifled a giggle. "I'll take you. I don't want you hanging out with anymore prostitutes." He quipped, smiling slyly before leading the other off in the direction of the jungle.

"...Teme." Zoro mumbled, shoving his hands into his pockets and stalking after the blond.

The foot of the jungle had an entrance that was dark and shrouded. It was almost woven together with thick vines, and Zoro couldn't help but admire Sanji's ass as he bent down to crawl through the small opening. He looked over his shoulder at the green haired man.

"Oi, you coming?" He asked, oblivious to the suggestiveness of his pose.

Zoro suppressed a grunt.

"Yes." He croaked, before following the cook in.

The jungle seemed to be much wider inside, as if the shrubbery seen from the outside were just a disguise in the shape of a dome. It was still rather dark, but there were hundreds of cracks in the vines that allowed columns of light to shine through into the serene, garden-like place. There had obviously been humans here before, as there was a mossy stone path that lead deeper into the forest, and in the distance, Zoro could hear the sound of water running.

Sanji was studying some berries on a nearby shrub, as if questioning whether it was safe to eat them. He decided that they were probably safe to eat - from what he'd learned most of the berries in the market had been grown in the wild, so they probably wouldn't harm him. He ate one and it tasted pretty good, in his opinion. He began walking along the path next to his lover, who seemed suspicious of the place.

"What's wrong?" He asked, looking over at the other.

"Can't you feel it?" Zoro replied, his voice sounding quite detached, as if he were entranced by the place . "It feels... alive."

Sanji stared at him. "It does?" He couldn't feel it, not really. He did feel like he was being watched, though. Maybe that's what he was talking about. He looked around the place, inspecting it for enemies on instinct.

"Let's go deeper," Zoro suggested. He couldn't understand it, but there was something dragging him to the core of jungle. Some deeper instincts were probably at work.

Sanji nodded, and the two began following the path, wherever it led.