NOTE; Originally I had a slightly longer chapter planned to make up for the absence of this fic, but it's turned out that it's probably going to run a little too long for one chapter and I've decided to split it. But fear not! I'm determined not to go on such a long hiatus as last time o~o; Otherwise, enjoy! :D

Nami sighed to herself tiredly as she flicked through the newspaper in her hands, blowing a stray hair from her face as she read the day's headlines. It was mid-morning and the sea was calm- they had been sailing for a little under a fortnight after restocking on a small, uninhabited island, and were likely to find another island in a few weeks. It was a rare act for her, but Nami had decided to sleep in an extra hour, so it was no surprise that there was the usual mid-morning racket coming from outside.

Nevertheless, she concentrated on the newspaper in front of her. Once again, simply more news about so-and-so pirate being captured and executed and more propaganda from the World Government. Flicking through the paper, it appeared to be the same old thing as it usually was, until one small article, pushed to the side on page twenty-six, caught her eye. It featured a small, black-and-white image of Salrynn, and below it was a short article.

'Five days ago, the Island of Salrynn on the Glordonia Chain was attacked by their long-time enemies, the inhabitants of Marné. It is thought that the attacks were unprovoked but were over a political issue spanning back many decades. Casualties are as of yet unknown.'

Nami's eyes had widened to twice their size as she read the text. That little island… where they had been only months before… attacked? She sat there for a good minute, her hands crumpling the paper as her hands balled into fists.

Her horror was only interrupted by a polite knock on her cabin door. Robin was an early bird and had been up since about six- Nami hadn't paid much attention, but the dark-haired woman had kindly left today's paper on the table between their beds and left her alone.

As if she had been caught in the act of some awful crime, she crumpled the newspaper up and hid it under her blanket.

"Nami-san, breakfast is ready!" The cook's polite voice was muffled slightly. "I'll hold off the pigs for as long as I can but I really think you should hurry before it gets cold."

The redhead blinked slightly. "Ah, okay, Sanji-kun, I'll be out in a minute!" She called back, climbing out of bed and walking over to her wash basin to freshen up.

Breakfast was the usual affair, and Nami noted, quite amusedly, that Sanji was becoming more and more like the younger crewmembers in his eating habits as his belly swelled larger- though of course, he was more capable of keeping his manners in check than they were.

The short newspaper column was playing on her head like a nasty headache. It was awful news. What was she going to do? Should she tell everyone? No, they'd probably insist on turning back and going to fight, and that wasn't a good idea for a number of reasons- not least the fact that one of their strongest was in a very fragile state and another would probably dive in front of a bullet to save him at this point. No, announcing it over breakfast was certainly not a good idea.

Once Luffy and Sanji had begun their usual bicker about seconds, Nami murmured something to Robin and left soon after. "Thanks for breakfast, Sanji-kun," she said sweetly, and motioned for the archaeologist to follow.

"You're welcome, Nami-swaan!" Sanji shouted around trying to hold the captain away from his still-unfinished food.

As soon as they were back in their room, Nami retrieved the newspaper out from beneath her covers and flipped to the page, laying it out on her bed for Robin to take a look at. The dark-haired woman blinked as she read over the short paragraph and looked up at Nami with a slight frown. "I knew you'd bring this up." She said, sighing and moving to sit on her own bed.

"It's awful!" Nami exclaimed, but then she clasped a hand to her mouth in fear of someone having heard her. "What should we do?" She added in a hissed whisper.

Robin seemed to think for a moment, crossing one long leg over the other. "For now at least, I think that we should keep it quiet. It's certainly not a good idea to go all the way back to save them when we're in such a delicate situation."

Nami nodded and looked at the floor. "That's what I thought. But…"

"I know, Navigator-san. I feel the same way." The dark-haired woman said softly. There were a few moments of silence before she spoke again. "Try not to worry yourself over it," she said, picking up the newspaper from the bed and walking over to their large dresser with it, placing it on top of a shoebox. "You never know what might happen."

Nami nodded and followed the archaeologist as she walked out the door.

A week later, Sanji was standing at the stove flipping the ingredients for a stir-fry in a large metal pan for the day's dinner. He was contemplating making twice as much for tomorrow's bento when he reached over for a large jar of whisked egg that he'd made a minute ago. But he misinterpreted the distance and accidentally knocked it over, spilling the sticky yellow liquid all over the floor.

He growled deeply. Wasted food.

And some of it had got on his trouser leg.

If weren't for the memory of agonising hunger pains in his belly, Sanji would've thrown the pan out of the window, stir-fry and all. He was certainly not a patient man these days- if he ever was to begin with.

"Fuck!" He shouted in annoyance, furrowing his brow and turning the heat on the stove down so that the food wouldn't burn. Muttering a string of curses under his breath, he bent down- with slightly more difficulty than usual- and picked up the now empty jug. He stormed over to where he kept the paper towels-

And there were none. He couldn't use a cloth; he'd never get the smell out.

"Urgh, for the love of-" bending down to look in the cupboard for back-ups, he growled again. Clean out of paper towels. Damn crew and their total lack of ability to eat like civilised people…

Restocking on uninhabited islands were certainly exciting for Sanji, as they often challenged his creativity as a chef. But they were rather lacking when one was looking for things that had more utilitarian purposes…

He sighed, and made his way down to the toilets. He hated using toilet paper in the kitchen…

Only to find that they were both occupied. What the hell?

"Oi! Who's in there?" He asked, banging on one of the doors under the stairwell.

"Ah~ Sorry Sanji… We won't be out for a while. We've already been in here an hour. I think Chopper ran to the other one…" Usopp groaned painfully.

"It still tasted good," Luffy interjected loudly from the other one, but nothing about his voice said that he was smiling.

"Your own feet would taste good to you, baka!" Usopp shouted back, "I don't think that we should eat the fish around here Sanji… or the seaweed."

Sanji slapped his palm against his forehead and decided that he was going to snap their fishing rods in two. Whenever those three were left to fish, nothing good ever came of it.

"Never mind," he said, and stormed off to find something else.

After a few minutes of looking for something that resembled a paper towel, Sanji reached was at his irritation peak. He looked around; Robin was on the forecastle with Franky, Brook and Nami, watching with interest as the shipwright worked on a very pointy looking piece of machinery. The navigator lounged in the background on a deck chair and flicked through a catalogue, Brook at her side and in serious danger of having his lights punched out again with his perverse comments about the models.

Eying the magazine in her hands, Sanji had a sudden brain wave. He quietly made his way over to the women's' quarters, being careful not to be seen as he slipped inside the ladies' bedroom. He was far too experienced in this act than he should've been to get caught.

He gently shut the door to the bedroom and looked up suddenly as he heard a short calamity above him, but it calmed down after a moment. Sanji calmed his nerves and began looking for a newspaper. His eyes quickly zoned in on a rolled up object resting on top of a girly shoebox on the dresser, and he walked over and checked the date. Seeing that it was quite old, he grabbed a few sheets from the inside before placing it back where he found it and slipping silently out of the room again. The familiar clandestine spike of mischief washed through him again, and he gave a small grin.

However, as he turned around, he was suddenly met head on by the swordsman. Zoro stood there, arms folded, shirtless and with a damp towel around his shoulders. There was a sheen of sweat over his body as he glared at Sanji, obviously tense from his pre-dinner workout and nearly ready for his pre-dinner nap.

"What did I tell you about doing that?" He asked quietly, ignoring a blast from overhead, as did Sanji. (He distantly heard a groan coming from the toilets as well…)

"I was getting some newspaper. We're out of paper towels," he explained, pushing past Zoro to make his way back up to the galley. Zoro stopped him.

"Have you smoked today?" He asked, dark eyes scanning the cook up and down momentarily.

Sanji narrowed his eyes at him and then shot a sarcastic grin at him. "No, I haven't actually. Why?"

Zoro nodded. "So that's why."

Sanji gave him a confused stare but then he shook his head and brushed past him, making his way back to the galley.

Zoro followed, and Sanji shot a glare over his shoulder at him. Zoro ignored him as usual, and they both ended up in the kitchen.

"What the hell?" Zoro asked looking at the floor As Sanji began to clear up, using the newspaper to absorb most of it, but leaving a few sheets out.

"I knocked it over by accident." Sanji explained. "Obviously." He added under his breath.

"Well I can see that," Zoro shot back indignantly. "I'm just surprised. You're usually like an acrobat in here."

"Yeah, well, if you hadn't knocked me up, I still would be. And I'd be able to smoke. And drink. And fight." He added, getting closer and closer to a pout with every word.

Zoro walked over to the spillage area and took a few more sheets of newspaper to help his lover mop up. "It's only for a few more months," he said quietly.

Sanji was silent, his mouth twisting a little where he would've usually sucked on the filter of a cigarette.

"Aren't you looking forward to meeting our kids?" He asked again quietly, screwing up some of the now soggy newspaper and placing it in the rubbish can behind him.

Sanji finished mopping up the rest of the mess and did the same before they both stood up straight again. With a sigh, he got the mop and bucket out and started to fill it up with hot soapy water, eying the simmering stir fry as well. "I am," he replied finally, not looking at his lover, "but I'm getting sick of the restrictions. I'm not like this, Zoro-"

"I know." Sanji jumped slightly as Zoro was suddenly behind him and wrapped his arms around his waist. Two large, calloused hands were placed on his swollen belly and Sanji shivered as the musky scent of his lower invaded his nostrils. He hated to admit it, but the blond kind of loved the smell of pheromones on the other man, and often made a point of catching him after his workouts for this reason.

Zoro's lips were suddenly next to his ear, brushing the hot outer rim of his ear and a shiver racking him as the swordsman's breath touched his neck. "Don't worry," he whispered as Sanji closed his eyes. "It'll be over soon enough. And I'll look after you." He planted a gentle kiss on the side of the cook's chest, hoping that the other man was not in a spiky mood.

But Sanji turned the tap off and turned in Zoro's arms to return the kiss a bit more thoroughly. The swordsman was caught a bit off-guard by the sudden enthusiasm, but he certainly didn't reject it. He hugged the cook closer, tightening his grip around Sanji's back and running his hands over the tight fabric. The blond's own hands were planted on either side of Zoro's face as the kiss deepened, and another kiss turned into another.

Sanji gave a breathy, pleased moan at the contact and as his lover's mouth travelled down his neck to lick a healing love bite from one of their earlier sessions, he purred contentedly, the slight stickiness on the galley floor forgotten for now.

Zoro's hands moved down to cup the two firm globes of Sanji's ass, and the cook's hands buried themselves in his lover's hair as his lips brushed the swordsman's cheekbone. Zoro sucked on the blond's Adam's Apple and smiled against his skin as he buried his face in the crook of Sanji's neck, breathing his scent in indulgently. His hands ever so slowly slid around and down the cook's body, sliding over his lower abdomen and stroking the slight bulge there lovingly.

"Will you…" Sanji began breathily at the action, face flushed and eyes closed but slowly opening to address the other man, "will you… still want me when I get… big?" He asked, uncharacteristically shy in his self-consciousness.

Zoro grinned wide. "So that's what you're -really- bothered about.." He replied, rolling his eyes momentarily.

Sanji furrowed his brow in embarrassment and glanced down to how he had instinctively covered Zoro's hands with his own on his belly. "Well?" He muttered quietly.

Zoro snickered. "No way. All that baby fat? Pssh."

Sanji's eyes widened and he raised his foot of the ground. "You asshole-"

Zoro only laughed louder and pecked Sanji on the nose. "Jesus, dude, you're even more gullible than Chopper."

Sanji's eyes narrowed again and he lowered his foot to the ground, cringing when he felt the slightly stickiness beneath his shoe. He pushed Zoro off of him and turned around to . "Whatever, Marimo. Get out of the way, I have to wash the floor."

Zoro stepped away willingly and walked off with his hands behind his head. "'Kay. I'm going to go catch a few Zs before dinner anyway." He replied.

As Sanji wrung the mop out into the bucket, a smile tugged at his lips.

That night, after dinner had been cleared away and the festivities calmed, Zoro loomed over Sanji between the night-darkened sheets of their own bed, his mouth trailing wet kisses down the blond's heaving chest. The light below deck was dim from the small lap that was nailed onto bedside table, and it cast a bluish chiaroscuro around the room.

Sanji gasped and hissed when Zoro's lips closed around his nipple, and he bucked his hips up to rub against his lover. The swordsman laved over it and then his mouth travelled lower once again, until he stopped right over the small bump. Sanji's eyes flicked down to his face, watching as the green haired man pressed the side of his face against it with his eyes closed. Sanji ran his fingers through the short green spikes of hair he found there, his thumb tenderly stroking the other man's forehead.

Green eyes flicked up to meet his. "They feel bigger," he whispered from under the covers, Sanji holding up the blanket to allow air in.

"Well, good," the cook replied with a smile. "Hopefully they'll be big and strong, like me."

Zoro rolled his eyes. "Psh, more like thin and scrawny like you," he said, stroking over the bump affectionately.

Sanji narrowed his eyes and flicked the other man around the ear. "If I'm so unattractive then why are you with me?" He asked, affronted.

Zoro rubbed his ear. "I didn't say that you were unattractive. I think you're gorgeous, you know that, right?" He said. He wasn't exactly used to paying the other man such compliments, but if he was going to be putting up with the hormones as much as this it probably warranted such things.

Sanji looked away. "You haven't touched me in ages," he mumbled.

"Oh for- I touched you this afternoon!" He replied indignantly.

"No, not just kissing," Sanji snapped, "I mean, -really- touched me," he added, and his hand snaked down to grip Zoro's and press it to his groin.

"Sanji, we had sex last night," he was getting exasperated.

"That's like six months ago in pregnancy time," the cook shot back.

Zoro groaned. This was ridiculous. Just a week ago, Sanji would've kicked him in the nuts for even coming near him with any kind of sexual motive, but in the last couple of days his sex drive had gone through the roof.

"Or can you not keep up?" Sanji asked lowly with a wry grin on his face, knowing just how to push all of Zoro's buttons.

It worked. The swordsman's eyes narrowed and the cook suddenly found himself with his legs hitched up over Zoro's shoulders and his hips yanked forward. Zoro had taken his half-hard cock into his hand a bit awkwardly and had begun to work it to full hardness.

Sanji gasped and writhed a little, his hands fisting in the pillow either side of his head. "Shit," he ground out through clenched teeth, surprised at the sudden onslaught of sensation.

He was fully hard before long and Zoro used his position to his advantage; his tongue licked over the sensitive underside of the other man's dick and travelled up the dark throbbing vein hungrily. Sanji bit his lip and panted through his nose in response, and then his dimly-aching back arched sharply and his legs melted open even more when the swordsman swallowed him whole, taking him deeply into his throat. Zoro moaned softly around the meaty flesh in his mouth, his groans sending vibrations down the blond's dick.

The cook let out a beautiful moan, and Zoro's own cock twitched in response. He was eager to draw more of those noises from the blond and so he hollowed his cheeks, concentrating on bringing the other man off. His head bobbed and he took in more and more of the other man until he was deep-throating him.

Sanji let out sharp cry when he felt the head of his cock hitting the back of Zoro's throat and he gave a long, gruff moan. He reached up with one hand and he buried it in Zoro's hair, trying to buck up into his mouth even as the swordsman panted through his nose. Blond curls tickled his face when he took the other man in to the root and swallowed, and he squeezed the cook's raised ass, one thumb finding his puckered entrance and dipping into it.

The blond gave a moan that probably would've woken up the whole crew if he hadn't buried his face into the pillow to muffle it. He came hard in his lover's mouth, but Zoro didn't stop. He sucked him through his orgasm and swallowed every last drop.

Sanji lay panting on the mattress when he was done, letting out a quiet, tired groan as the swordsman released him from his throat, and gently lowered him back to lay full on the soft mattress. Zoro scooted and laid down on the bed beside him, his own dick now fully hard and unsatisfied. But nonetheless he wrapped one arm around the cook and brought him to lay with his head on his chest, both of them panting softly now.

After a minute or two, Sanji looked up tiredly to study the other man's face. "Has anyone ever told you that you give really amazing head?" He asked, his voice slurred in post-coital bliss and fatigue.

Zoro's eyes were closed, as if he were meditating, but he cracked one open to regard the cook. "You've mentioned it once or twice," he replied with a smirk.

Sanji laid his head back down again but his eyes tiredly travelled to the tell-tale bump in the duvet. "Do you…" He began.

"Don't worry," he said, "just go to sleep."

"But I don't mind…" He answered, but his eyes were already falling shut.

Zoro looked down at the other man and stroked his hair lovingly, tickling his ear ever so slightly as he tucked a strand of it behind his ear. "Maybe in the morning." He whispered, and joined the blond in sleep.

"We'll see, shithead," Sanji muttered in half-slumber.

Some distance behind the Sunny and below the sleeping lovers, a periscope popped up from beneath the torrid waves and glanced about before it locked onto their ship. It plonked back down again, and returned to trailing its target.