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Lisbon and Don sat in the waiting room for hours. They would look at the clock, look at each other and then watch the door again. It made Lisbon feel a little better having someone with her. Even though as soon as Don heard news of his brother he would be off like a shot.

"Who's here for Charlie Epps?"

"I am." Relied Don as he started to stand "How is he?"

"He is on a ventilator, he had a punctured lung and quite a bit of internal bleeding." The doctor paused "your brother was very lucky though. His injuries could have been much worse. If he makes it through the first 24 hours I believe he will make a full recovery."


"His condition is still serious. His body has endured a lot."

"Can I see him?"

"Not yet, he is still in recovery. Someone will come and get you when you can."


Don went and sat back down with Lisbon again. He noticed that she seemed to be in a world of her own. A cocoon.

Half an hour passed and no word. Then a doctor walked into the waiting area.

"Who is here for Patrick Jane?"

Don put up his hand and then nudged Lisbon. Her attention was then on the doctor that approached them."

"How is he?" Don asked, he could clearly see that Lisbon couldn't.

"He's stable. He went into shock and crashed shortly after arrival. We were able to get him back and perform the surgery. The knife did some serious damage and at the moment Mr Jane's chances are pretty slim. But if he can make it through the next 48 hours his chances improve."

Don knew doctor was trying to help, but it clearly wasn't working.

"Agent Epps," said a nurse as she approached him "your brother is out of recovery. You can go see him now if you want to follow me."

"You going to be ok?" he asked Lisbon as he looked at her.

"You go see your brother, I'll be fine."

Don didn't believe her. He really wanted to see his brother, but he didn't want to leave agent Lisbon alone either.

"I am going to stay with agent Lisbon till one of her team arrives."

"Ok, your brother is on the first floor, room 123."

The number made Don smirk. But it disappeared as he saw Lisbon's surprised look.

"You don't have to." She said. A small smile touched her lips.

"You shouldn't be alone right now." He said.

"When can I see him?" Lisbon asked the doctor.

"Once we get him settled into the ICU someone will come and find you."

Lisbon nodded and the sat down again, Don mirrored her movement.

"I am going to call your office and get one of you team to come over ok."

She nodded and the watch him in the corner of her eye as he got out his cell and dialled the number into the keypad.

She hadn't known Agent Epps long but she already respected him. He was understanding and put others before himself. She was a great example of that.

"They are sending over Van Pelt. She can't concentrate on work so they though she would be the best person."

Lisbon nodded and waited for her co-worker with Agent Epps at her side.

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