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Chapter 4: BPOV

As I sat watching Edward play with Masen and Tony, I couldn't help but smile. I was sitting on a bench in Esme's garden after dinner. While Edward played with Masen and Tony, Alice was talking to Lilly and Carlie about going shopping, Emmett was off somewhere with Rose, Jasper was amusedly watching Alice interact with the girls, and Carlisle and Esme were strolling around the path in the garden.

When we first arrived at the Cullen house, I was in awe.

"This is where you grew up?" I asked Edward, the awe evident in my voice.

"Yep. This is the famous Cullen mansion," he said jokingly.

We got out of the car and Edward led us to the front door. He opened it and I was immediately attacked with a hug from Esme.

"Bella!!" she squealed. "It's so good to see you! Come on in. OH! These must be your children! They're adorable."

"Hi," Masen said sticking out a hand. "I'm Masen and this is my sister Lilly."

Esme completely ignored his hand and grabbed him up in a hug. "Oh it's so nice to meet you dear!" She put him down and picked up Lilly to give her a hug. Then she turned to Carlie and Tony to give them hugs.

"What? Your loving and youngest son doesn't get a hug?" Edward said, pouting slightly.

"Aww," Esme cooed pinching Edward's cheek. "Let Mommy give you a hug and kiss and make it all better!" She planted a big, wet, sloppy kiss on his cheek and gave him a hug.

I snickered as he hugged her back. Edward heard and turned his head to glare at me; I smiled sweetly at him and blew him a kiss. His scowl immediately turned into a slightly goofy grin. Esme ushered us into the house and out to the backyard.

"BELLA!" I was immediately wrapped up in a big bear hug by Emmett.

"Hi…Emmett…" I wheezed once he put me down. Emmett grinned at me, slapped Edward on the back before greeting the children. I watched in awe as he engaged them in a conversation before running off with all four kids on his heels.

"Uhh…where are they going?" I asked as Edward wrapped an arm around my waist.

"Oh don't worry," Esme said dismissively, waving a hand. "They'll be fine. Edward dear, why don't you give Bella a tour of the house?"

"Sure," he agreed, pressing a kiss to my temple. He nuzzled my neck for a moment before leading me back into the house. After a quick tour of the downstairs, which included me standing in awe in the humungous kitchen for about five minutes, Edward led me upstairs. He pointed out rooms before coming to a stop at a door at the end of the hall.

"Uhh…yeah this is my room," he said opening the door. I walked in and looked around in wonder. "THIS is your room? Seriously?"

Edward's room was incredible; there were no words to describe it. And the view—don't get me started on the view.

Edward's velvety chuckle broke into my thoughts. "So I take it you like my room?" he asked wrapping his arms around my waist and resting his chin on my shoulder.


"Come on," he laughed. "Let's go find our children before Emmett corrupts them."

"So Bella," Esme said sitting down next to me, startling me out of my thoughts. "I was just wondering…I don't mean to pry but is the children's father involved in their lives at all?"

I immediately felt myself tense up. "No he's not," I said rather rudely. I instantly felt horrible about my bad manners and apologized. "I…I'm sorry," I said my eyes filling with tears; I started to stutter from the effort of keeping my tears at bay. "I'd…I'd rather not talk about it. E-excuse m-me"

With that, I pushed off the bench and walked briskly towards the house wiping away the tears that had started to stream down my face.


I ignored Edward's panicked voice and continued into the house. I stumbled into the bathroom and locked the door before collapsing on the floor. I leaned against the door and brought my knees up to my chest. I tried to stop crying but I couldn't; the tears continued to stream down my face.

When Esme asked me about him, she brought up the one thing I was desperately trying to forget. It's bad enough that tomorrow is the fourth year anniversary…if you could even call it that. As the memories rushed back to me, I began to sob.

"Daddy?" I heard Tony's worried voice ask from outside the bathroom door. "What's wrong with Bella?"

"Well buddy…Bella's just a little sad right now. Why don't you go play with Masen, Carlie, and Lilly while I try to cheer her up ok?"

"Ok Daddy…but give her a BIG hug and kiss from me ok!"

I heard Edward laugh softly. "How about I give her ten big hugs and kisses so she gets one from everyone?"

"Ok…just make sure she gets mine first!"

"Alright Tony," Edward laughed. "Now go play."

I heard Edward sigh heavily before he knocked on the door. "Bella? Can I come in?" he asked softly. My only response was to sniffle. "Baby please?" he pleaded.

I bit my lip, debating whether or not I should let him in. Just as I was about to open the door, I heard Tony say, "Daddy? Masen told me why Bella may be sad."

"And why is that?"

I didn't hear anything after that but a soft 'Thank you' from Edward.

"Edward?" I heard Esme's soft voice call.

"Yeah mom?"

"Do you know?" she asked softly.

"Only what Tony told me."

"Tomorrow it'll be four years," Esme said sadly. "After she ran away, Rose and Alice told me the whole story. Can you just…just tell her I'm sorry. I didn't know…I didn't mean to upset her and…and tell her I hope that she'll forgive me," Esme said softly.

After a few moments, Edward said, "Bella love…please let me in…I think we need to talk."

I got up and flung open the door. "What?" I snapped.

"Oh Bella," he said sadly once he saw my puffy, red-rimmed, tear-filled eyes.

The look on his face was one of such tenderness that I completely lost it again. I threw my arms around him and sobbed into his chest.

"Come on," he murmured softly. "Let's go up to my room."

After picking me up bridal style, we walked slowly upstairs. He laid me down on the bed and walked over to shut the door before lying down next to me. I cried softly into his chest as he stroked my hair and murmured soothing words to me.

"Why? Why him?" I whimpered as my eyes drifted shut.


"Masen said him and Lilly's daddy died tomorrow…four years…"

Tony's and Esme's words kept replaying in my head as Bella drifted to sleep in my arms. I carefully unwrapped my arms from around her and got up. I shut the door softly behind me and went to find Alice and Rose. When I walked downstairs into the living room, I found everyone wrapped up in a tense discussion. They immediately stopped talking when I walked into the room.

"What's going on?" I asked curiously. "Where are the kids?"

"The children are in the game room watching SpongeBob," Esme said.

"Edward, how much do you know?" Rose asked.

"All I know is that tomorrow it'll be four years since the children's father died. And I just found that out today from Tony who found out from Masen."

"Ok well we can't tell you anything," Alice said sighing softly. "We weren't even supposed to tell Esme or the rest of the guys."

"Wait so you're saying that everyone else in this room knows what happened except me?"

"Yes…I'm sorry Edward, but Bella needs to tell you this on her own. Ever since his death, she hasn't gotten close to anyone because she's too scared to tell them what happened. She's actually never really gotten over it. Anytime she's tried, it would end up in a disaster. But you're different…you've only known each other for two days but she's already changed. Last night she spent hours talking about how perfect you are to her sister, Nessie, and how she feels complete again when she's around you," Rose said quietly.

"Trust us Edward," Alice said. "Don't question her…just be patient and everything will fall into place." She glanced at Rose before saying, "I'd go back upstairs if I were you; I have a feeling Bella's going to need you."

"Why don't you guys just spend the night? We have more than enough room," Carlisle suggested.

"Ok. Can you just tell the kids?"

"Sure," Rose said. "Now go back to Bella. And don't worry, she'll be fine."

I nodded my head and walked out of the room. I went upstairs and debated going back to lay down with Bella. After about five minutes of internal debating, I lay back down and wrapped my arms around Bella's waist, watching her sleep. She looked so peaceful, so angelic in her sleep. I felt myself slowly drifting off as I watched my own personal angel sleep.

"NO NO NO!!! SETH!!!"

I was jolted out of my sleep by Bella's screams. I thought she was awake, but I quickly realized that she was still very much asleep. She was thrashing around the bed and she kept sobbing 'Seth's' name.

"Bella…Bella…BELLA!!" I said her name softly at first, but she didn't respond. It was only once I had yelled her name and shook her that she woke up.

"What…Edward?" she gasped. She stared at me in shock for a moment before launching herself at me, sobbing hysterically.

"Bella? Baby you need to calm down," I said tensely, wrapping my arms around her, trying to quell her tremors.

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