The war is over and they have won.

Percy is back at home and mum and dad are very happy about this.

Charlie has gone back to Romania to be with his dragons (mum is not so happy about this).

Bill and Fleur are getting ready to have a baby and have moved back in to The Burrow to make things easier for Fleur.

Ron, Hermione, Ginny, and Harry have gone back to Hogwarts to help rebuild and to continue their education.

George is…George is taking it one day at a time. He works in the shop with Lee and tries to go see his mother often. He smiles and laughs with his customers and family, but those who know him well can see that the smile doesn't quite touch his eyes and the laugh is hollow and emotionless.

At night George goes up to the apartment above the joke shop and re-heats something for dinner. When he is in bed, he finally allows the tears that have formed to fall. He hugs his pillow and whispers, "Fred…" He looks over at the empty bed across from his, the one he has not quite been able to let go of, and wishes Fred would appear there and tell him it was all a big joke.

The war is over and they have won. Or so everybody keeps saying. George is not so sure.