A/N – This will be a collection of vignettes showing the relationship between Nina and Jack from Day One to Day Three, with an obvious difference. This time, Nina is Jack, and Jack is Nina. This means that Nina is now the married SAIC of CTULA, whilst Jack is the chief of Staff that Nina had an affair with. For the purposes of this fic, Nina is bisexual and is currently living in a lesbian relationship with Teri and they are married – Kim is Teri's biological daughter and the father was a sperm donor.

There he was, making himself some coffee, hiding a secret from me. I thought I knew him, though I could trust him, but it turns out that he's dirty. I strike up a conversation with him, acting natural. He seems pleased to see me. My hand goes up and slaps him, and he looks at me with shock as he rubs his now red cheek. I see he's about to speak, but I don't let him get a single word out – I want to get to the bottom of this.

"How long have you been playing me, Jack?," I ask sternly, and his expression changes from shock to confusion.

"Playing you?," he replies, and I am tempted to give the other cheek a taste of my palm.

"I met with Richard Walsh tonight, Jack, and he gave me a keycard, which he said will give me the name of the dirty agent. That agent is you, Jack!," I speak, my voice getting louder as I do.

"Nina, I'm not dirty, I promise! This has to be a mistake!," he says, and for some reason I believe him. Maybe it's the love that I still feel for him, even though the flames of that passion died down quite a while ago. I decide to give him the benefit of the doubt, and reserve further and final judgement until Jamey can figure out what is going on.

"This keycard was used on January 14th, Nina," Jamey tells us in my office. She's sure of this, and I'm sure that this date is significant.

"January 14th, Nina," Jack replies, and the look in his eyes tells me that I've made a terrible mistake. We were in Santa Barbara all that weekend, an airtight alibi indeed. As Jamey leaves the room, I don't know what to say. Jack is looking at me and I can tell that it hurt him.

"Jack, I'm sorry," I tell him, and I really am. I try to come to some conclusion about the keycard, and I get an idea.

"That means that someone has access to your computer," I tell him, but its useless.

"I thought we trust each other," he says, before leaving the room. As he walks down the stairs, I watch him, and my heart breaks in two.