From the moment I read the DH Epilogue I knew there was no reason for me to be sad for Harry Potter's ending; Rose/Scorpius became my new OTP and once I found out about I couldn't stop reading and, lately, writing.

Devastating Love is a huge project for me, a story of about 20 chapters which I'm determined to complete. I hope you will enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it. I have to warn you, though; since I absolutely love drama this story will get really devastating *winks*

This story wouldn't have happened if it wasn't for my sister who helped me with the ideas or for my beloved and devoted friends (D, E and A) who dealt with my constant nagging. Thank you, girls!

Rating is and will remain, through the entire story, T mainly for language.

Chapter beta read by Lida whom I thank deeply for everythingg she has done for me and this story:)

Parallel lives


Tuesday, the 15th of August, 2023


Malfoy Manor, 11.46

Scorpius Malfoy was sitting at his bed, reading the following year's Advanced Potions, when the owl from Hogwarts arrived. He was ready to throw the letter in the pile with the books and letters he had read- he had already bought what he needed- but he felt it heavy in his hand. His face was lighted by a glimpse of hope. He quickly opened it and there it was; Head Boy's badge.

"Yes!" he shouted, full of pride. Finally. This was the reward for all his hard work through the past 6 years. He had been a prefect but that was nothing in front of 'Head Boy'. It meant that he was the best wizard in his year. Of course, he already knew that; there was no one good enough to compete with him.

Well, that's not completely true now, is it? a voice said in his head, a voice that some people name conscience- a word unknown for a Malfoy. She is more of a threat to your grades, to your first place than all the others together. She is not a step behind you. You are not a step in front of her. It's like a dance, one step forward, one step backwards. No one wins…

He sighed. Rose Weasley: the most unbearable girl alive. Who happened to be the cleverest girl at school, the only competition he ever had. He hated that girl from day one. And not just because she was a Weasley.

When he said she was unbearable, he meant it. In all his seventeen years, he had never met anyone more annoying or stubborn than her. (His best friend, Albus, said that he had- himself, but Scorpius always pushed that thought away. There was no way he and Weasley had anything in common.) He hated her not only because she was a Weasley, but also because she was smart enough to challenge him and make it through alive.

The truth was that he liked teasing Rose Weasley; he liked spending time with her; he even enjoyed their fights. It was fun, and having an academic rival always made life really interesting.

Then he smirked evilly as a new thought crossed his mind, because who else would be Head Girl this year, but the only person he wanted to spend time with?


Ronald Weasley's House, 11.47

"Merlin's Pants!" Rose Weasley nearly screamed, dropping the letter she was holding at the floor.

"What's wrong, Rosie?" Victoire, her older cousin, asked in a caring tone.

She didn't respond, being frozen at the edge of the bed. After a moment- which Victoire spent examining her- she screamed once again and started jumping happily around the room.

"Rose! Rose, what happened?" her cousin asked obviously worried. She got up, moved towards the younger girl and grabbed her by the shoulders.


"I'm Head Girl!" she said- enthusiasm radiating from her.

"Felicitations, ma cherie! This is amazing! Of course, we all expected this but… The whole family is going to be so proud," she congratulated her, hugging her tightly.

"Go downstairs and explain to people why you are jumping like you're nuts," Victoire suggested.

"Okay." Rose agreed with a silly grin at her face and then ran downstairs to announce the great news to the whole family.


Having heard Rose's screams, everyone downstairs looked surprised and worried when Rose came down the stairs running, with a huge grin at her face—well, except Hugo, who somehow always manages to appear cool.

"Rose, what's wrong?" Hermione asked.

"I'm Head Girl!" she exclaimed.

The whole family started congratulating her, all together. Uncle Harry, Aunt Ginny, Uncle Bill, Aunt Fleur, Uncle George, Aunt Angelina, Uncle Percy, Aunt Audrey, Teddy and of course all her cousins. Her father beamed at her full of pride, and her mother's eyes brimmed tears.

When everyone finally took a breath, Hugo dramatically exclaimed. "God, now our lives will be hell!"

"I guess that's your way of congratulating me," Rose snorted, "Thanks brother!"

"You see," he told Louis, faking fear, "now she's started the 'brother' stuff. It's gonna get worse…" he warned.

"Hugo, think of it in this way: she could take off all of Slytherin's points!" Ron said with a silly grin at his face.


"Sorry 'Mione." He smiled. "Yet it would be great!" His face had such a dreamy expression that everyone burst into laughter.


Malfoy Manor, Dining Room, 12.13

Like every single day, lunch at Malfoy Manor was served exactly at 12 o'clock in great silence, which Astoria Malfoy was trying to break without much success. In spite of enjoying the silence himself, Scorpius had never blamed his mother for persuading his father to rent an apartment in the city for the winter, when Scorpius wasn't with them - - an action which his grandfather had, of course, disapproved. Scorpius) understood it must have been hard for her, especially in the beginning, to live in such a cold atmosphere.

His father, on the other hand, was trying to keep the balance between Lucius, who had been through many things, and his wife, whom he truly adored. The one whom Scorpius really admired was his grandmother, always patient, calm and kind, quiet even when she spoke.

They had spent about a half of an hour in silence, when Astoria decided to speak.

"Hasn't the letter from Hogwarts arrived yet?" she asked her son with interest.

"Actually, it did. I completely forgot about it."

"And?" she continued impatiently.

"I'm the Head Boy," he simply said.

"Sweet Merlin!" Astoria almost screamed. She got up and hugged her son tightly, making him feel even more proud than before. "That's amazing, Scorp! You truly deserved this. Congratulations! Oh, I'm so proud!"

Her excitement made him feel an unexpected joy and warmth in her arms. She made him feel as he felt when she was hugging him more often, when he was younger.

Her reaction made Lucius' face to turn into a display of disgust and disbelief. He coughed and said; "Well, that's not such a surprise. It's his duty."

She nodded and sat in her place, with a glimpse of sadness in her pretty face, pushing her lips together until they turned into a thick line in her face.

Narcissa smiled to him and Draco said; "Well done, my boy" with his eyes full of pride, rolling them to his father's reaction. Scorpius couldn't help it but smile, an action which both his parents followed. Even Narcissa chuckled a bit when Lucius got up, shaking his head again, with disappointment this time, murmuring something like "I'm going to my office."

When they stopped laughing Narcissa asked to be excused and followed him.

After some silence, Draco asked, "Would you like the three of us to go for dinner tonight? To celebrate?"

"I have plans with Al, but…" Scorpius stopped looking at his father's disappointed expression. He hated doing that, yet it was a proof of his love, a proof that Draco wasn't turning into Lucius. "I can do it earlier," he decided coolly and seeing his father face to light up he added; "Of course we'll go, Dad! It's gonna be great!"


The three broomsticks, 17.08

"Hey, Malfoy! Why so early?"

" Hello, Albus. And I wouldn't call this early since you are late. 8 minutes, Potter."

He looked at Albus' face to see an expression of disbelief, the usual of his grandfather, which caused him to laugh.

"I guess that this sophisticated style and way of talking is to match your brand new Head Boy badge?"

"How did you know?" Scorpius asked, full of surprise.

"Well, if it's not me, it's you." he joked.

"Jealous, Potter?"

"Nah, not really. I wouldn't like to spend my last year at Hogwarts with Rose in the next room," Albus answered mockingly.

"I knew it!"



Albus hesitated for a moment, studying carefully his friend's face. Scorpius noticed. "Don't worry, Al. I'm going to break her nerves and she's gonna break mine, like every single day, since we met. Only this time, it will be in regular basis."

"Good…" Albus warned.

"Oh, come on…"

They stayed silent, till Scorpius smirked at a thought and Albus, who knew him too well, couldn't help but take the bait. "What?"

"I was thinking…"


"About Rose… Let's torture her a bit."

"It depends."

"On what?"

"On what do you mean with 'torture' my favorite cousin."

"I mean you not to tell her I am the Head Boy. Let her wonder. I really want to see her face when she finds out it's me."

Albus smirked too, doing something extremely unusual for him. "I'm so in. It's a deal!"


"Anyway, you haven't told me what you are going to do tonight. Jessica included, maybe?"

"What? Jessica? No! Where did this came from?"

"From the fact you became a bit more cozy with her, than with the past 'few' others."

"Really? I haven't noticed. Actually I'm going to dinner with my parents."

"Oh, good. I have made plans too…"

"Like? Following poor Wood around?" he laughed.

"No, you idiot!" he tried to remain calm but he had already blushed. "I'm going out with Rose."

"Well, that's great! You are going to have so much fun." Scorpius answered ironically. "I'm really sorry for what this sudden change of plans made you to do. Honestly."

"Ha, ha, ha. Very funny. Rose is fine, mate."

"Whatever you say, Al."


The Three Broomsticks, 20.39

"Al…" Rose Weasley leaned towards her cousin, speaking with an obviously fake tone.

"What is it now, Rose? Would you like to tell me what do you really want?" Albus Potter answered, obviously bored by his cousin's games. If she and Scorpius decided to be normal with each other, they'd make great friends.

"Nothing!" she said with all the innocence she had.

The whole night she had been unexpectedly sweet and kind, as she was every time she wanted a favor. He raised an eyebrow.

"Fine. I'd like us to speak about… school…"

Yeah, school certainly. Why don't you say you want to learn if Scorpius is the Head Boy? I'm definitely not going to give you 15 days to get used to it.

"Sure, Rose. Anything you want."

"You've been with Malfoy, this afternoon…"

School, she says… Straight to the point this time. She must be dying to learn. This is going to be extremely funny.

"Yeah, why?"

"Well, I was wondering; if you are not Head Boy…"

"Look, Rose… You won."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"That I believe he should have been, but he hasn't told me anything so…"

"So he isn't?"

"Obviously not, Rose."

"Great! I am Head Girl and that arrogant Slytherin is nothing. He thinks he's better than anyone else but he obviously isn't. I hope this trashes his huge ego."

She stopped to take a breath and then added with a dream look in her eyes: "It will be our best year, don't you think?"

"Definitely," he agreed, trying hard to not explode with laughter.