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Chapter 6

Bella POV

Tanya was the new girl.

Tanya was tall, blonde and stupid.

Tanya was not getting the message.

And Tanya was hanging all over my boyfriend again.

I slammed my locker door.

Fucking slag.


Can't she take a fucking hint?

For the third time that week I'd shoved the thick white envelope that'd been left in my locker, into my bag without looking at it. And this time, Edward had caught me.

Was I being corny, or did I see the pain in his eyes?

Why the hell did he throw out his old clothes. If he stuck some of that baggy shit back on with his Harry Potter style glasses she'd drop him like a hot potato.

I was being a bitch, but I hardly cared.


I wasn't even being truthful. I sighed. Edward was fantastic no matter what he wore. He was gorgeous, smart, loving, wonderful in every way possible…

Of course some other girl was going to notice, and try and do something about it, sometime in the near future.

I just wished it wasn't her.

Not only had she got (as much as I hated to admit it), natural blonde hair, massive blue eyes; long-ass lashes, and legs that went on forever. She also had breasts, and daddy owned half of Africa.


Who the fuck would even want to own Africa.

Only her.

Bitch needed to realise that despite having a bigger bank balance than half of corporate America, Edward wasn't for sale.

It's just a shame her skull is so damn thick.


A direct contrast to her lower half.

I could almost feel the metaphorical steam coming out of my ears and other such orphuses as I watched her carefully coloured and cut claws sunk into Edward's right bicep, and used it to pull him down the corridor towards the food hall.

That little wench.

I wasn't sure how long after they disappeared down the corridor I stood there for, fists clenched tightly. But I relaxed slightly when I felt a familiar hand close over mine, and a soft voice whisper in my ear.

"Don't let it get to you", it said, and another pair of footsteps joined my own as we made out way towards the rest of the school and our lunch.

Nobody looked up as we entered, though some people turned to stare as we took out places at the table.

Well, Angela took her place next to Ben.

I stood at the end of the table and looked down at Edward, who looked back up at me with worried eyes; hidden behind gorgeous thick-rimmed glasses that made me want to pull them from his face and press myself against him. Minus our clothes.

Two other eyes stared up at me from beside him; and, as I watched, Tanya reached out and placed her hand over Edward's.

I felt more stares on my back as the tension at our table thickened. Over the last couple of weeks, lunchtime at the unpopular table had been almost soap-opera-esque. I was under the impression that people were now actually taking bets over what would happen each day.

"Can we help you, Isabella?" Tanya asked, sweet as sugar. I felt my eyes narrow at her.

"Edward", I turned to my supposed boyfriend, and ignored the bitch. I saw him trying to pull his hand from under hers and a frown crossed my face. Then I saw how deeply her nails were digging into his skin, and I became downright livid. "I need a word. Privately."

He nodded, and I watched as Tanya reluctantly let go of his hand.

He stood up and began to follow me out of the hall and into the corridor.

It was then that I noticed we had a stalker.

"Why the fuck are you following us?" I hissed.

"I'm not", she replied, smiling sadistically.

"Fuck the hell off", I told her, and pulled Edward's hand into my own, dragging him away from her as fast as I thought I could without tripping.

No weakness.

We ended up behind the bike sheds.

And so, as it happens, did Tanya.

"It's a free country", she crooned. I decided to ignore her, and turned around to look at Edward. Who the fuck cared what she heard. Slut.

"What the hell Edward?" I started. "I'm supposed to be your fucking girlfriend. What's with letting the fucking whorebag all over you, huh?" I was angry.

I watched as Edward's head dropped. His copper hair fell into his eyes, and he fiddled with the bottom of his shirt. I'd almost forgotten this side of Edward. Somewhere below the surface, the 'old' Edward still lurked. Shy Edward. The Edward I began to fall in love with at the beginning of the school year. My posture relaxed slightly, and my eyes softened. His eyes snapped back up to meet mine, and they were full of sadness, regret, and water that was threatening to spill over.

His mouth moved, as though he were about to speak, but I was already going to apologise. I'd been harsh and bitchy. What the fuck gave me the right? Edward had been nothing but amazing to me, ever since I met him.

Then I saw another hand reach out and touch his arm, grabbing him and pulling him away, and a high pitched banshee-like noise hit my sensitive ears.

"Look at what you've done!" it shrieked, "now you've upset poor Eddie!"

I'd forgotten all about her.

Edward looked panicked; but he was too nice to pull away. Tanya had learnt how to play Edward's game the first day she'd arrived. And she'd not insulted me since. Only an insult to my person would get Edward riled enough to push her away.

I didn't wait to see what happened. Without glancing back at Edward's distressed form, I turned on my heel and left.

My trusty red truck aided me in my skiving.

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