Title: Shy Love

Chapter: Three

Rating: PG-13

Author: Vikki

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I'll try getting at least one out a month. I hadn't realized how much I had

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Shy Love

Chapter Three


"Serena! Wake up!"

Serena winced at Luna's loud voice booming in her ear. She had yet another horrible day at school to attend to. Without thinking, she quickly sat up and threw her feet over the bed, but instantly regreted it when pain shot through her. She let out a groan. Today was not going to be the best day in the world. Luna looked at her owner with worry.

"Is there something wrong, Serena?" The black cat inquired.

"Oh no. Of course not, Luna. Just sore from last night." The blonde assured. "Now shoo, so I can dress."

Luna eyed her for a few moments before she scurried out of the room. Serena sighed and painfully began to dress. She pulled on her uniform and cursed at it angrily. The skirt was too short to cover the cuts and bruises that covered her legs. She pulled out a pair of long socks that reached just above the knees and sighed. She'd have to wear the jacket all day to cover her arms. She slowly pulled the jacket on, trying her best to not cause any more pain on her battered body, then preceeded to put her shoes on and sit in front of her vanity table. She applied just enough make-up to cover the faint bruises on her face and leaned forward, chin in palm, staring intently at her reflection.

A blissful sigh escaped her glossed lips at the remembrance of the mysterious Tuxedo Mask and his gentle touch. Oh, his touch. How could she forget it? It was like an angel's. His hair was as black as midnight. Strands had fallen from under his hat to land right in front of the mask that covered his eyes.

She wished she could have seen his eyes. What color were they? Were they as warm as his embrace? Oh, they had to be. Her eyes fell once again to her body. The

wounds shouldn't take more than a week to heal, considering that she's Sailor Moon. She gave a slight smile and headed down stairs. Being Sailor Moon did have its advantages.

Her mother smiled at her brilliantly when she walked into the kitchen. Serena returned it and sat down at the table. Her father, Ken, munched on a slice of toast as he read the newspaper. He gave his daughter a brief smile before turning back to the paper. To her right her older brother, Sam, sat lazily, chugging a glass of orange juice. She gave him a curious gaze and took a bite of eggs.

"What are you doing here?"

Sam rolled his eyes. "I do live here, ya know."

"Well, ya. But I never see you in the morning." The blonde faked gagging as she continued. "Your usually with your girlfriends in front of school, showing off your car and 'good looks'." He gave her 'the eye', and she laughed heartily. "I tell ya. I don't know what they see in you."

"I feel the love in this house." He said sarcastically. Taking his last bite of food, he grabbed his jacket and books and made his way to the door. "I gotta go."

"And scope out more babes?" Serena asked. He laughed and winked at her, ruffling her golden hair. "See ya later."

Ilene walked into the dining room and gave Serena a kiss on the cheek. "You better get going or you'll be late."

"I guess so. Love you guys. Bye!" She called, walked out of the house and down her drive way. She walked stiffly down the street, her face set straight in concentration

to keep her posture.

"Hey, Serena!" She turned to see Darien catch up to her. He flashed her a bright but shy smile.

"Hi, Darien. What do ya do? Time when I exit my house every morning?" She asked jokingly. He blushed and shook his head. "Well, lets get going. We have another

horrible day at school to attend."


"School sucks." Serena mumbled under her breath. Her body had been sore all day, and it didn't help any that she had to go to gym. They had ended up playing volleyball. Volleyball, of all sports! She didn't even bother counting how many times she'd been hit with that stupid ball. She must have had a sign somewhere on her back that said, "Hit me!"

Darien looked at her amused, despite her bad mood. "I take it you had a bad day."

"You don't know the half of it." She reached behind her neck, trying her best to not show her bruised skin beneath the blouse, to massage the kink in it. She felt Darien's eyes on her and turned to look at him. His eyes showed curiousity and suspision, as he examined her carefully. She blinked, surprised. "What?"

Pink tinted his cheeks, and flustered, he tore his eyes away from hers to stare at the concrete ground ahead of them. He shoved his hand in his pocket out of habit and

pushed his glasses futher up his nose. "Nothing."

She shrugged and watched the scenery as they passed. After successfully kneeding out the kink in her neck, she sighed satisfied and lowered her arm to let it fall at

her side.

Darien furrowed his brows in concentration. What was wrong with Serena today? She walked as stiff as a board and had complained all day about how sore she was. And when he had looked at her just a minute ago, he could have sworn he'd seen a discolorment on her skin. But he shook it off, thinking he was seeing things.

Serena placed her arms behind her head, taking in the beautiful scene surrounding her. Kids ran carelessly around in the park across the street, enjoying the sunny day. Her gaze moved to the birds in a tree close by, singing exquisite tunes that were like chocolate; you could never get enough (in Serena's opinion, that is). The wind blew gently, ruffling her golden hair and wrapping her in a comfortable blanket. She smiled to herself, enjoying the wonderful feeling it gave her. It almost took away the the never-ending pain. Yes, today was a beautiful day.

Yet still, it wasn't all too great, at least for her, considering her condition. She felt like she'd been to hell and back. The torturing pain was in all of her body. Gashes. Sore muscles. You name it. And the make-up she had caked on her face was irritating the hell out of her. It kind of felt like dirt just smeared every which way. She cringed and resisted the urge to run to the nearest water fountain, throw water on her face, and start scrubbing away.

Just up ahead was the Crown Arcade. She thought about passing it and heading on home, but her body thought differently. Serena walked through the sliding glass doors and up to the counter, Darien right beside her. She plopped down on a seat and grinned up at the sandy-haired man.

"Well, well, well. Two days in a row I see you here early, Darien." The man laughed at the small smile starting to form on Darien's lips. Switching his gaze to the petite blonde, he grinned.

"Your usual?"

"You got it! But make it strong. Today's been rough."


Darien gave a short nod to Andrew to say he wanted his usual too, before sitting down on the stool next to Serena and leaning forward against the counter on both elbows. Andrew came back with a cup of coffee in one hand and a chocolate milkshake in the other. He noted the weary expression on Serena's face as he set the drinks down. She really must have had a rough day. He watched as she reached slowly for the glass and scooted it closer to herself. She leaned down and took a rather large gulp. Sighing, she leaned back in the stool, content with her milkshake.

"So, how come you had a bad day?" Andrew asked.

Serena groaned. She just knew that he was going to ask that. He was always the one to ask her about everything that went on in her life. He was like a second older brother. She rolled her eyes. Like she needed another one. "I'm just tired, Andrew. My gym teacher was hard on us today. And it didn't help that I fell several times yesterday and got hit with a volleyball who knows how many times." She scrunched her nose up in remembrance, earning a laugh from Andrew and Darien.

"Well, you guys don't have to laugh at me." She crossed her arms and pouted. Darien chuckled and took a sip of his coffee. "Meanies. I'm going to play the Sailor V game."

Walking the short distance to the game, she plopped down on the seat and inserted two quarters. Darien opened one of his books and began reading it. He took a sip of his coffee, never taking his eyes from the book. Andrew walked away to take some more orders.

After losing for her 34th time, Serena decided it was time to head on home. She spotted Darien, who's nose was still in the book. Smirking, she tip-toed silently behind Darien. Sticking out her index finger on each hand, she positioned them near his sides. Counting to three, she poked him. He jumped and spun around, spilling his coffee all over them. Thankfully, it had not been steaming hot. Serena shreaked at the large coffee stains on her blouse. She looked at Darien, who also adorned large coffee stains on his white shirt and black pants. His eyes were wide with shock. Stealing the cloth Andrew had left on the counter, he began dabbing the stains on her blouse.

"Oh god. I'm so sorry." Serena winced when he squeezed on a wound unknowningly. She

backed away from him, just out of reaching distance and smiled.

"I'm the one who poked you. It was funny to see your face when you turned around." She laughed, holding her hand to her mouth. Darien just sat there, wondering why she wasn't angry. "Darien, you gotta have some fun. Don't worry about it." She patted his back. "Andrew has some work shirts in the back we can use. Don't want to walk home in these shirts." Darien nodded and followed her into the back. Picking out a shirt, Serena went into the small bathroom to change. The white blouse fell to the floor. She cursed under her breath. Some of her bandages were soaked with coffee. Shrugging, she pulled the arcade shirt on and buttoned it up. She would be home soon. Then she would be able to change the bandages. The shirt was two sizes too large, which was good. It wouldn't cling to her and went down to the end of her skirt. She rolled up the sleeves a few times to where she could see her hands. Picking her stained shirt up off of the ground, she opened the door and walked out. Darien was found sitting on the couch, shirt in hand, waiting patiently for her return.

"Ready." She called as she walked over to the door. Darien stood and followed her out the door. He wasn't surprised to see Andrew cleaning up the coffee on the floor.

He picked up his books and threw some money on the counter to pay for Serena's and his drink. Andrew the put up the mop and grinned at the two.

"Looks like Dare got spooked. Haha. Good one, Serena." He praised, giving a 'thumbs up'. "But next time, you'll be cleaning up the mess. See you guys later."

"Fine fine. Bye, Andrew!" Serena waved and headed out the arcade doors. "I still-beep.....beep...."

Darien looked over at her curiously. "What's that?"

"My..uh...beeper. Be right back." She hurried off around the corner into an alley. Popping it open, she saw Rei's face. "What?"

"Monster near Starry Lake. Hurry." Rei's face disappeared, and Serena closed the communicator. Lifting her hand into the air, she called out, "Moon Star Power!" Warmth

enveloped her like a velvet blanket. When it was finished, she pulled up the illusion once again. She felt the drain of energy and sighed, taking off for the lake.


"Damnit!" Jupiter dodged a shard of ice. Mercury typed furiously on her mini computer. She couldn't find a weak spot.

"Hey, Venus! Lets both try attacking it. You get that side!" Mars yelled. Placing her hands together, she chanted. "Mars....fireballs....charge!"

"Venus....crescent beam....smash!" The two attacks rushed towards the monster. Much to their surprise, a sheild of ice surrounded the monster, blocking off the attacks,

before disappearing. Mars cursed and stomped the ground. "Mercury, you got anything?"

Mercury sighed in frustration. "No. Not yet."

"Alright, Venus. Lets try it again. You too, Jupiter!" Once again, they tried it, but to no avail. "Damnit! Where the hell is Sailor Moon?" Mars rolled to the side to escape an ice shard.

"Right here." Moon ran up beside Jupiter. "Do we have anything yet?"

"No. Everytime we try to attack, a sheild appears around it."

Moon stared at the monster for a few moments. "Have you tried getting under it and attacking? Surely the sheild doesn't go under it."

"No. The thing is in water. Plus how can we get under it without it knowing?" Mars said. She held out her index fingers like guns and began shooting fire balls at all of the ice shards.

"Well, if we distract it, someone can go under it and attack." Moon pointed out, walking over to Mercury. Mercury scanned the bottom of the monster, looking for a way to hit it.

"Sailor Moon is correct. If we all attack it from all sides, it'll keep the sheild up to protect itself, but will be too distracted to focus on the bottom. Who's going under?" Snapping the computer shut, Mercury looked at the other four scouts. Jupiter stepped forward.

"I'll go."

"Alright. As soon as it has the sheild up you dive under and attack, ok?" Mercury explained. Jupiter nodded and walked to the edge of the lake. The other four got ready for attack.

"Venus....crescent beam....smash!"




The attacks rushed towards the monster and hit the sheild. The four scouts pushed with all their might. Jupiter dived into the water and swam under the large monster.

She placed her hands together and silently began her attack.

"Jupiter....thunder..." A bright light emitted from her tiara, catching the monster's eye. It scowled at the little pest and shot out one of it's tentacles, catching Jupiter around the waist. Her eyes shot open. It squeezed, earning a wince from her. She grabbed at the tentacle and pushed, trying to release herself.

Moon began to fear for Jupiter. She had yet to attack the monster. Something must have gone wrong. "Guys, I'm going to check on Jupiter!" She yelled to the others. Mercury nodded as she struggled with the attack. Moon dove into the water and swam quickly to where Jupiter was. She gasped when she saw Jupiter struggling with the monster and prepared her tiara.

"Moon...tiara...action!" The tiara sliced through the tentacle, which now swung around frantically. Jupiter tore off the rest off the tentacle and swam for the surface

for air, Moon followed behind her. Jupiter climbed out of the water, gasping for air.

"Jupiter, what happened?" Venus asked wearily.

"The monster saw me and grabbed me with one of its tentacles. Moon got it off of me." Jupiter stood and poured her attack against the sheild. "Should we still keep doing this? Moon's already down there and about to attack it."

"Yes. We need to distract it as much as possible." Mars grinted. "Damn, she needs to hurry the hell up."


Darien leaned against the building waiting for Serena to return. He sighed, turning his face up to the sky and closing his eyes. 'That was really strange how she just took

off, because her beeper went off.' Pain entered his head. Dropping his books, he clutched his head and groaned. 'Not again.... Sailor Moon's in trouble.' Ducking into

an alley, he pulled out a rose and transformed.


Moon swam quickly, trying to reach the surface for air. Just as she got her hand through, something grabbed her leg. She jerked around to see another tentacle. It

jerked her back down in the water. Glaring, she threw her tiara and cut another one that was headed towards her. Throwing her tiara again, she sliced the one that had a hold of her leg and took off towards the surface.

Tuxedo Mask watched the battle as he sat crouched in a tree near by. He noticed the scouts were weary of battle and probably wouldn't be able to last much longer, but

something was missing. Sailor Moon wasn't there. Where was she? He scanned the surrounding area. A splash of water caught his attention. Sailor Moon came out from

under the water, gasping for air and swimming towards the land. His eyes widened when a tentacle shot out of the water and towards her. It wrapped around her neck and yanked her under. He dove into the water and swam after her.


Heehee. Cliffhanger. Not much of one, but it still is one. ^^