Title: The Perfect Wife

Author: slytherin-nette

Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter or any of the characters you recognize from the HP books in this story. All I own is the plot. Everything else belongs to JK Rowling. She rocks.

Full Summary: Sequel to 'The Perfect Girl'. As the new mistress of England's most prestigious wizarding family and the Ministry of Magic's top undercover Auror, Jaimee "Harry" Potter quickly discovers the importance of the time management, stealth, sanity and 'morning sickness' necessary to become the perfect Malfoy wife. Hilarity ensues! DM/femHP. (Post-Hogwarts).

Pairings: DM/femHP, RW/OC, BZ/HG, BM/??, AM/?? and many others.

Warnings: This is a Post-Hogwarts story so it will be slightly more mature than TPG but equally insane. Wahaha. Also, this story contains PREGNANCY, RATED scenesand SLASH relationships.

A/N: Hello again everyone! As promised, this is the well-anticipated sequel to my other story, The Perfect Girl. If you haven't read that one yet, I suggest reading it first before this one because otherwise, you will be lost. (Warning: This chapter has light mentions of a prostitution scam.) Enjoy the first chapter!

Chapter 1 – Prologue

"Remind me again why I'm the one who's supposed to distract all those drunken rich bastards in there…?!" Jaimee – formerly Harry – Potter Malfoy asked in frustration as Vincent Ashford handed her a small vial of clear blue liquid potion. The Head Unspeakable smirked and watched as the Malfoy Mistress grumbled and swallowed the glamour potion in one gulp.

"Because you're the only woman in the department who is remotely hot enough to pull off being a veela and you're probably the only woman who knows from personal experience how a man's mind works." He answered her bluntly, smirking when Harry made a face and set the empty potion vial back down on the table in front of them.

She and Ashford were currently whispering behind the large performance stage of an illegal brothel situated in Siberia – within which they had been given an undercover assignment by the Ministry of Magic. She, Byron Malfoy and Spencer Addison had been assigned to track down the wizard owner of the said brothel which was suspected of abducting veelas and using either the imperius curse or illegal potions to sell them off to rich clients.

Although the women entertainers being sold off inside were undoubtedly exquisitely beautiful enough to be veela, the Ministry wasn't certain enough to confirm this since the hair and appearances of these women had been altered by several charms and potions by the brothel's managers.

It was therefore their job to confirm this allegation.

At the moment, Spencer and Byron were undercover and mingling among the other customers inside as English businessmen who were interested in hiring a date or two for the night – much to both gay men's great reluctance. On the other hand, Harry had been assigned the equally degrading role of posing as one of the women being sold off and was now grumbling as she wrestled herself into one of the brothel's skimpy dancing costumes.

Vincent smirked as he watched his top Unspeakable slipping herself into a very short and very daring, frilly pink dress that showed off a lot of her long, slim legs and slender figure. The neckline dipped low along her neck and provided a very generous view of her breasts. With the fluffy pink and white bunny ears she was now adding onto her head, Vincent couldn't prevent the amused laugh that had escaped his lips.

"Just wait until your husband sees you in that. Malfoy will kill you." He smirked at the thought. At his words, Jaimee's eyes flashed and she glared warningly at him.

"Draco is not going to find out about this mission because no one is going to tell him." She warned, wincing as the effects of the potion she had swallowed finally began to take effect. Her long, black hair suddenly began transforming into a sunny, bouncy golden blonde while her eyes brightened into a clear shade of sky blue.

Grumbling, she took her wand from Ashford's offered hand, lifted her lacy skirts and attached it to the garter tied around her thigh. Then, with a cringe, she took her silver wedding band from her ring finger and transferred it quickly to her forefinger instead.

"I look like a skanky doll." She complained in a low hiss as Ashford finally checked his synchronized watch and gestured for her to climb up along the stairs to the stage with the other veela dancers. He shook his head and signaled to another male Unspeakable waiting by the backstage entrance – who upon seeing this immediately went to alert Byron and Spencer.

Vincent then turned back to her and gave her a firm glare. "Remember…You are to earn a 'private' invitation to the bedroom of this brothel's owner – Armando Petrovski. The minute you do, signal us and we'll follow behind you to activate the listening wards. Understand?!" He waited until she nodded with an aggravated scowl.

He offered her one last smirk of acknowledgment. "Think of it this way, Potter…You pull this off well and distract all those rich bastards well enough, they'd be so busy drooling all over you that it'll be like taking candy from a baby." He drawled but this did nothing to ease Harry's irritation.

"I did not take two years of your bloody training program to be eye bait and dance around in a ridiculous, pink frilly dress, Ashford."

He shrugged and gave her another handsome grin. "The worst that could happen is that they find out you're Harry Potter and they try to kill you." She grunted and returned his words with a grim, sardonic smile.

"Story of my life."

She had to bite back a scream of frustration when her boss merely chuckled and gave her a conspiratorial wink of good luck. He drank a similar glamour potion and ran back off to where the other Unspeakables had gathered by the bar, leaving Harry staring after him in dismay.

At least no one here recognizes who I am.

Draco Malfoy, Head of the aristocratic Malfoy family, bit back a growl of frustrated boredom when the international clients and business partners of MMC seated in front of him began whistling and hooting loudly. The small poled stage right in front of them lit up to signal the start of the show.

I can't believe I'm in bloody brothel! In Siberia! I could be at home right now shagging Harry instead of staring at these idiots drooling over these smelly whores! He thought irritably, running a hand through his sleek, blonde hair as he inspected the dark bar around them in disgust.

President and CEO of Malfoy Multinational Conglomerates (MMC) at the young age of 20, Draco had been scheduled to meet up with some of their company's best international partners that afternoon. He had originally planned to entertain them around Paris so that they could discuss future business models and strategies to be undertaken that year.

Unfortunately, his halfway drunk comrades had insisted upon 'enjoying themselves' first before talking business and had forced Draco to come along with them to this supposedly 'elite and private' bar hidden along the mountains of Siberia for the night. Since then, the Malfoy Head had been counting the minutes he had spent trying to hear his clients' disgusting comments and perverted laughter above the loud, booming beats of the raunchy music echoing around them.

He somehow suspected that his clients knew this bar wasn't actually a bar in itself but was a brothel in disguise but he didn't voice his opinion on the matter. He knew it wouldn't be good to create tension between himself and his business relations.

As he looked around the bar again, however, and glanced at the appearances of the numerous waitresses and entertainers circling the area to cater to the customers, he couldn't help feeling that something was off.

Two years of Unspeakable training in Romania had taught him at least that.

The male entertainers around the area looked almost effeminate and the females held some veela characteristics in their features – along with the fact that their eyes were constantly disoriented and hazy, almost as though they were under some kind of allure or controlling spell.

Draco was broken out of his musings when one of his clients – a Russian businessman with a moustache by the name of Benedict Federov – turned to him and gave him a suggestive leer. "So…Malfoy…I'll bet you're enjoying yourself tonight, huh? It isn't every night you get to go to a place like this!" He exclaimed drunkenly, causing Draco to cringe when he caught a whiff of his breath.

Forcing a smirk, Draco merely raised a single eyebrow. "Well, I'll admit that this place is certainly one that I've never expected to find myself in…" He drawled carefully, taking a small sip of his drink before wincing in disgust and setting it back down on the table.

Benedict scoffed and sniggered to himself, taking a long swig of his beer. "I love it here! It gives me a place to get away from my ugly, frigid and overly controlling freak of a wife! Ugh…Who invented marriage anyway?! It's nothing but a prison and a hell-hole for us men, eh?!" He nudged Draco sharply, causing the former Slytherin to sneer at him in growing disgust.

"I beg to disagree, Federov…"

"Nonsense!" Benedict sniggered and gestured to his other associates around the table, drawing their attention to their conversation. "Do you mean to tell me, Malfoy…That you're not in the least glad to be here with us right now? Free from the confining cages of your marriage and from the need to clog your ears from your wife's constant nagging?" His words caused the other men around them to snigger to themselves as though in agreement of a private joke.

Draco merely raised an eyebrow, clearly not amused. "Evidently you haven't met my wife yet, Federov. I'd much rather be with her right now than with all these dirty, skanky women—"

"Oh lighten up, Malfoy! It's nice to try new flavors once in awhile! It's not like your wife is here anyway and we certainly won't tell her if you decide to hook up with one of these lovely ladies or so…" One of his Italian clients, Alphonse Ricci, spoke up with a grin just as a red-haired waitress passed by him. Smirking, he grabbed her arse and pulled her easily to sit on his lap.

"Come here, duchess…How about a lap dance?" He murmured drunkenly and the woman automatically straddled him and did as she was told. Draco saw this and blinked in shock before turning around to inspect his surroundings suspiciously once more.

Something 'definitely' doesn't feel right.

He noticed three dark-haired, skulking gentlemen seated at a single table in one of the far, dark corners of the room near the stage. Squinting at them, he met the suspiciously familiar golden eyes of one – who immediately paled upon seeing him there, smiled back nervously and hastily snapped his head back as though in sheepish panic.

Do I 'know' those three…? Draco thought to himself with narrowed eyes. He would have stood up and walked over to them in inspection when the crowd of seated businessmen around them suddenly erupted into a chorus of drunken yelling and cheering.

Blinking in slight confusion, Draco turned to Benedict and saw the other man leaning back in his seat with excitement growing in his eyes. "Ahh! This is my favorite part of the night! The gorgeous pole-dancers! I love those girls!" He whispered to him, causing Draco to cringe again as he turned his eyes to the center of the stage.

The room around them darkened until only a spotlight was left on each of the three scantily dressed figures who had walked up to the very front of the stage behind three thin poles. As all three women smiled seductively at the crowd of men and winked before assuming their dancing positions, Draco swallowed and shook his head in dismay.

Merlin, Harry is going to kill me… He thought to himself, his eyes inspecting each of three women situated on the stage. The music hadn't started yet and all of them were giggling and waving at the hooting men with flirtatious smiles, allowing Draco to inspect each one of their faces.

The one on the far left was brunette and was wearing a low cut, violet dress while the one on the far right had dark, red hair and was wearing a two-piece black lingerie dress.

It was the golden-blonde in the very middle, however, who had caught Draco's attention completely with her deliciously slender curves and creamy white skin. She was currently giggling and squealing every now and then while blowing kisses at the three men Draco had seen awhile ago – winking as several men hooted their approval when she adjusted the bunny ears on her head.

That one isn't bad…If I do say so myself. Draco thought reluctantly to himself, letting his silver eyes trail along her long, smooth legs, slim waist, all the way up to her beautiful face.

Strangely enough – as much as it was obvious that she was easily the most attractive among the three dancers – it hadn't been her body or her surprisingly exquisite features that had drawn him to her, however. It had been the way that luscious body was so suspiciously familiar and the fact that Draco was certain he had seen those legs or that arse before.

In fact, he knew and recognized that body so well that his growing suspicions were causing his eyes to narrow smaller and smaller in growing shock and anger.

'Trailing his eyes back up to the woman's face, he watched angrily as she smiled again and winked at the crowd of men, tilting her head cutely to the side and successfully allowing Draco to see the small red bite mark right at the base of her neck – the same bite mark he had given to his very own wife just last night.

"Look at me! I'm a little pink bunny!" She squealed within high-pitched giggles that earned her several agreeing hoots and cheers from the drunkards around her. She pretended to fluff up her skirt flirtatiously, causing more whistles and catcalls to erupt from the crowd of eager men.

As she raised a hand and waved at them again, Draco caught sight of the unmistakable silver Malfoy wedding band positioned on her finger.

Raunchy, upbeat music started up around the entire bar but Draco's eyes flicked back to the crowd of three skulking men near the stage – who at the moment were watching him with panic and warning in their eyes. The Malfoy Head and former Hogwarts Valedictorian finally pieced everything together and cursed out loud in menacing anger.


His eyes flashing red in anger and horrified realization, Draco spit out the whole mouthful of vodka in his mouth. He looked up and gaped stupidly at the scantily clad figure onstage.

His WIFE gave another high-pitched, teasingly feminine giggle and blew a kiss at the crowd right before she expertly twirled herself around the pole and began to ease herself into an erotic dance – effortlessly earning herself the rapt attention of every straight man in the room.


Keep smiling…Keep smiling…Keeping giggling…Act like a giggly fool. Don't blow these perverts' heads off… Jaimee chanted like a mantra over and over again in her head. She feigned another one of those cute, high-pitched giggles that she knew drove domineering rich bastards absolutely crazy, wincing to herself when she heard her own voice.

Ugh. I'll never live this one down.

Keeping one hand on the pole she was dancing from, she tilted her head up and bent back as far as she could – exposing her neck and cleavage to hundreds of feasting eyes around the dark room. She heard another loud chorus of yelling and cheering before she straightened herself up and twirled around the pole once more, her short, flimsy skirt flying up her thighs.

"Woohoo! Break me off a piece of that blondie! I want the bunny one in pink!"

It took Harry all of her efforts not to grimace, yank her wand out and blast the crotch off the one who had shouted out that last comment. Instead, she pretended to smile coyly and batted her eyelashes at him, winking and blowing him a kiss before twirling around the pole once more.

From the corner of her eye, she spied Ashford, Byron and Spencer – all in their appropriate disguises – seated on the small round table in the far corner of the room. She pretended to wave flirtatiously to them for a minute and they winked back, their eyes darting sideways as a discreet signal to the black-haired, bearded men seated on the table beside them.

That must be the pervert who owns this place…Harry thought silently to herself. One coy eyebrow raised, she smiled as she walked to the part of the stage just in front of Byron and dipped backwards again, her long legs locked tightly around the pole to distract more hungry male eyes from what she was actually planning to do.

From her position, she met Byron's golden brown eyes as he bent down over her face and pretended to 'kiss her' when in truth, he was actually whispering something into her ear. "We've got a serious problem, Harry…Look who's over there." Byron raised an eyebrow at her and gestured briefly to the back of the room.

Failing to understand the panic in Byron's eyes, Harry wrongly followed his gaze and caught sight of Armando Petrovsky again – wrongly interpreting Byron's warning message as a sign for her to keep her cover and maintain a close eye on the owner before anything else.

Jaimee answered him with a feigned wink, pausing briefly to teasingly adjust the hemline and neckline of her dress. Byron's eyes widened at her misunderstanding but before he could correct her, she had righted herself back up and was already slinking back to the center of the stage.

When the other two female dancers beside her began to make their way into the beckoning crowd, she tried not to wince and followed them, her eyes expertly darting back every now and then to Petrovsky's smirking, scruffily bearded face.

Yep…This one looks like a sick pervert alright. She thought to herself in disgust, edging away from the eager male hands that were reaching for her arse as she glided down the stage and walked past their tables.

Petrovsky was keeping his eyes on all three of his female 'veela' dancers, watching as several men around the room shouted loudly for their own individual lap dances. When Jaimee glanced at him again, he was signaling her impatiently towards a particular table near the center of the bar to where someone had apparently requested her for a private lap dance.

"Over here, sweetheart!"

I'm not about to give bloody lap dances to these snobby perverts! Is Ashford serious with this?! In panic, she turned to look at Ashford again but he – as well as Spencer and Byron – were watching her with wide, panicked eyes, gesticulating madly to another table at the center of the room.

What are they so panicked about?! I thought they wanted me to keep my cover.

Swallowing her disgust, Jaimee plastered a fake smile on her face as she sashayed over to the table of what appeared to be around six or seven men dressed in expensively tailored business suits. Unfortunately for her, the bright spotlight remained on her and the other two dancers alone such that she couldn't see the faces or the figures of the men gathered around the table in front of her.

Ugh…They're all probably leering their dirty, ugly faces at me anyway. She thought angrily as she positioned herself in front of the dark-haired man who had spoken up near the end of the table.

"Now isn't she a wonderful treat for the eyes, eh gentlemen? Come here, my precious little bunny…I've had a long day. Come sit on my lap." The man leered out in a suggestive voice, causing the other men around the table to burst out into sniggers as Jaimee literally had to force herself to walk over to him.

Don't hex him…Don't hex him…Don't hex him…

The other man beside him chuckled and raised a bottle of beer to his lips before speaking. "Careful, Benedict…Are you sure you can handle a tasty morsel like that or shall I take her off your hands for you? Your wife might get mad." He commented, causing the other men to laugh.

Pretending to giggle and ignore their jibes, Jaimee positioned herself in front of the man named Benedict and tossed her blonde hair over her shoulder, using the same head movement to flick her eyes back on Petrovsky's smirking face several tables away.

Damn it! Petrovsky's watching. I can't punch this guy's lights out.

She was about to bend down and begin a particularly seductive dance when the man on Benedict's other side suddenly spoke up in a low suspiciously familiar drawl that drew Jaimee's attention easily and made her heart skip in unexpected nervousness.

"This one's mine, Federov."

As her eyes narrowed darkly and she was trying to figure out why the angry, drawling voice had sounded so familiar amidst the loud blaring of the music around them, Benedict seemed to turn to his companion and let out a growling response.

"Over my dead, body! I saw her first—"

"Aw come on, Benedict! He's never taken a woman for himself like this on our nights out until now! He's always so chained to his wife! Let him have his fun for once!" Another man spoke up with a chuckle, to which Benedict responded to with an impatient sigh and a reluctant growl.

"Fine… But just this once." Benedict pushed Jaimee away from him and gestured her towards the man beside him, failing to see the deadly murder on her face at his blatant touch on her skin.

Push me again, you bloody bastard and I'll tear and chop your disgusting crotch right off! Harry thought irritably in her head, her hands clenching tightly as she positioned herself in front of the man beside him. Immediately, she felt a pair of strong – surprisingly gentle – male hands place themselves possessively on her waist.

As the music began to blare louder, she turned away from him – ignoring the way she felt his eyes lingering on every part of her body – and kept her eyes trained on Petrovsky. With that, she placed a careful, sexy smile on her face and began to move seductively along the music, pausing every now and then to distract the man in front of her with several glimpses of her cleavage, legs and arse.

In the midst of her graceful movements, she felt an eerie feeling of familiarity creeping over her as his hands traveled easily up and down her body – lingering expertly and knowledgeably over her most sensitive areas and nearly making her pull away from him in nervousness.

Merlin…Who does this bastard think he is?! She thought in growing disgust, trying to ignore the man's skilled touches. At one point, one of his firm hands had traveled down to grab daringly at her arse, causing her to squeak out loud and nearly shove him away had it not been for Ashford's dangerously warning glare from his table.

Keep it together, Harry! Don't blow your cover! Another ten or so minutes and you're out of this disgusting place! She told herself, feigning a sultry laugh as she finally deposited herself on the man's lap, placing her hands hesitantly on his shoulders.

She heard his breath hitching in his throat before she leaned her head backwards, supporting herself by his shoulders and bending her body slightly away from him towards the floor. Strangely enough, she felt no harboring feelings of disgust or unfamiliarity when the man had followed her down and bent his face towards her neck, his lips grazing very lightly and teasingly just below her collarbone until the top of her breasts.

Eventually, in the middle of her dancing and the loud catcalls of the men around them, she felt the hands on her waist travel up with a strange familiar knowledge of her body, resting comfortably along the curve of her back. His other hand moved up to gently trail along her neck, lingering teasingly just above her nape almost as though he knew it was one of her secret pleasure points.

Something's not right.

Harry's eyes had long strayed from Petrovsky's actions at this point. Now, they were narrowed in growing suspicion at the fact that this supposed stranger in front of her seemed to know a little too much about the workings of her body for her liking.

Nobody else knows how to touch me like this except…for…OH GOOD GOD!

Just as Harry's green eyes had widened in horrified realization, Benedict chose that moment to speak up in a loud, perverted voice.

"Hey, Malfoy! You look like you're having a lot of fun with that little bunny! Don't get too cozy with her, your wife might slit your throat! Haha! Although that little morsel may be worth it, huh?" He cackled loudly but Jaimee never heard the rest of it.

Instead, the recognized and esteemed Mistress of England's most prestigious Wizarding pureblooded family was now looking up with a nervous, sheepish smile at the angry, penetrating silver eyes of her glaring husband – Draco Lucius Malfoy.

Feeling his hands now tightening dangerously on her arse in warning and meeting the fierce, blazing fires emanating from his piercing glare, she attempted a flirtatious smile.

"F—fancy meeting you here…I thought you were at a business trip in Paris—Draco, what the bloody hell are you doing in a whore house?!" " The nervousness in her voice had transformed into angry accusation somewhere in the middle of her sentence but this did nothing to prevent her husband's eyes from hardening even more in barely restrained fury.

"What are YOU doing as a WHORE?!"

At his hissed words, she stared at him with wide, unblinking eyes – unable to process anything in her mind except for the fact that Draco was glaring very menacingly at her in that very moment and she was still straddling his lap. She knew he recognized her easily despite her disguise and unfortunately, the former Slytherin looked like he was just about ready to slit her throat.

Finally managing another nervous, sheepish laugh, she offered him another weakly flirtatious, though slightly terrified, smile.

"Mmm…Shall I give you another lap dance,Mr. Malfoy—YAH! OW—OW—OW! Wait—"

Her fruitless efforts to distract him with a skilled seductive drawl ended up as a pathetic squeak as Draco shoved a hand through her mass of golden blonde curls and yanked. He knocked the bunny ears off her head and pulled at the soft tresses so that her head snapped down low enough for him to hiss something into her ear again.

"You have a lot of explaining to do…HARRY!"

"—OW—OW—OW! OW—Mmmph!"

The rest of the oblivious men around the table erupted into drunken hoots and whistles as Draco grabbed the wincing, nervously laughing former Gryffindor on his lap by her hair again and smashed his lips against hers in a hard, possessive kiss.

"Alright, we're done here! Take him away!"

Harry sighed in relieved exhaustion later that same night as Ashford signaled to the other Ministry officials who had arrived on the scene, indicating for them to haul Armando Petrovsky and the rest of his men away.

Though her hair and her eyes had gone back to normal, she was still in her skimpy undercover dress later and was now shivering herself to death amidst their snowy surroundings. Walking over to her, Byron offered her his jacket and the two of them watched as Petrovsky struggled and snarled wildly with the officials restraining him.

"I demand to speak to my lawyers! I'll have your head for this, Ashford! Mark my words!" Vincent sneered at the other man's vicious threat and watched in amusement as one by one – Petrovsky's entire crew was apparated out of the area back to the Ministry of Magic.

Behind this scene, the slightly disoriented veelas were slowly coming around and were gently being attended to by the numerous healers that had arrived just a couple of minutes ago. The rest of the abducted veelas with more serious cases of brainwashing were being taken to St. Mungo's for further tests and examinations.

Slightly exhausted and still shaken up from the events that had happened, Harry wrapped Byron's offered jacket tighter around her shoulders and watched in silence as Ashford continued to speak with Kingsley about the incident. The rest of the normal Aurors had arrived just minutes after Harry and the others had signaled in their confirmation of Petrovsky's illegal activities. Everything else after that had happened so fast, it was almost like a complete blur.

Moments after Draco had discovered her identity, Petrovsky had immediately called her in to his private chambers for alleged preparations. Harry literally had to tear herself away from her husband's angry, bone-crushing clutches to follow Petrovsky towards the back of the club where several more of the dancers had been asked to gather.

Ashford and Spencer had followed her in immediately while Byron had rushed over to Draco to signal his cousin and the rest of MMC's clients to leave the vicinity before the Ministry arrived and an entire scandal broke out. Fortunately, Draco seemed to understand immediately and had ushered his business associates out of there before anything happened.

Sure enough, their suspicions had been thoroughly correct.

Petrovsky had called in all his dancers into the back room precisely to administer another fresh batch of illegal, red-label potions needed to maintain their trance-like state. Spencer and Ashford had rushed in several seconds after that – followed by Byron – and within ten minutes, the four of them had cleared the entire place immediately.

Byron broke Harry out of her thoughts when he nudged her gently, giving her a derisive smirk. "Looks like it turns out most of the customers here never knew these women were bewitched veela. Look over there." He gestured over to where an entire group of irate businessmen yelling at several ministry officials and reporters who were trying to implicate them on the issue.

Seeing this, Harry shook her head and disgust and began following Ashford towards the other Unspeakables waiting near the apparition site. "That still doesn't change the fact that they're disgusting, cheating bastards. Serves them right if their stocks take a plummet after this scandal." She muttered darkly under her breath but Byron shook his head.

"We're under strict orders not to disclose any of the names we've seen here tonight. Minister Fudge's orders." He told her, watching as she froze mid-step and her face colored in anger. "What?! But that's completely messed up! They all probably bribed him, that old fart!" She grumbled, earning herself a grim laugh from the metamorphagus.

"That's politics and money for you…Hey, by the way Harry—" Byron flicked his gaze to her and gave her a teasing wink. "—those were some moves you did in there! I have to ask you though, do you do those things for my cousin in bed because if you do, no wonder he's always exhausted every morning—" He was cut off when Harry had snapped her wand and pointed it directly between his eyes.

"Not another word, Malfoy."

Byron was laughing sheepishly and held up his hands in mock surrender, his amusement still fresh from the way Harry had oh-so-failingly blown her cover a couple of minutes ago. In the middle of trying to distract Petrovsky with more of her 'seductive charms', her hair, eyes and scar had started to change back until eventually, Petrovsky discovered who she was.

Unfortunately, the former Gryffindor had been completely unaware of this until Petrovsky and his men began shouting 'Harry Potter!' and attempted to level her with a nasty hex. This forced Jaimee's failed flirting attempts to stop mid-way and transform into a series of lethal kicks, punches and attacks – the duration of which she had done in her pink, fluffy dress and bunny ears.

"That was not funny, Byron! I felt like a complete idiot! And you didn't even warn me that Draco was in there! I nearly blew my cover—"

"I did warn you! You just read me all wrong!" He interrupted her tirade with another laugh, causing Harry's eyes to flash again in righteous indignation when he continued to tease her further.

"That was hilarious though! You should have seen the look on Draco's face when he recognized you in that bunny attire! He looked like he was torn between pouncing on you or breaking your neck!" He sniggered loudly, stopping only when Harry hit him upside the head.

"Hey that hurt—"

"That was not funny!" She seethed, her face turning red as she glared at her so-called friend. "I don't even know why that stupid jerk was in a rumored brothel in the first place! I am going to kill him when I get home—" She was cut off when Byron gave her a consoling smile.

"I think my cousin has a logical explanation as to why he was in there. Draco's never cheated before – he dumps a girl pretty fast when he finds someone else he's interested in but he never dated two girls at the same time." Byron was interrupted when Harry's eyes flashed at him again.


The metamorphagus winced and took a step back as several more of Petrovsky's men were dragged in front of them, causing the two Unspeakables to pause in the middle of the conversation. Looking up, they caught sight of Petrovsky wrestling wildly again with his captors while Ashford was interrogating him about the accusations against him.

Harry was still looking pretty bothered when Byron looked at her again, offered her a small smile and squeezed her shoulders comfortingly.

"Aw come on, Harry…You know Draco would never cheat on you. He was probably here on business or something, that's all. He practically adores the ground you walk on! He'll probably jump off a bloody tower if you asked him to! Though don't tell him I phrased it that way because he'll have my head." He winked at her, finally causing the former Gryffindor to laugh weakly in agreement.

Looking up at him, she rewarded him with a small smile of gratitude and nodded.

"No, you're right…I suppose I was a little bothered at the moral character of some of the men I saw in here. I was a man once too you know and I never thought about treating women this way. It's appalling…" She was interrupted when Spencer finally made his way over to them and slung an arm around Byron's shoulders.

Byron grimaced instantly and shoved him off, his eyes narrowing and turning a dangerous shade of red. "Touch me again and it'll be the last time you ever use that arm, Addison." Byron hissed at him, causing the other man to grin widely at Harry.

"He wants me…" He drawled, winking at Harry's laughing face before he gestured around the area. "Where's your hot husband, Potter? I was hoping to catch a quick grope on him; I thought he was in there awhile ago…" He asked with a raised eyebrow, causing Harry to answer him with a warning glare.

"He apparated his business partners back to MMC about fifteen minutes before we busted everyone. You know you guys really should have warned me he was here—"

"For the last time, I did warn you. Draco practically bit my head off when I told him why we were here! He was ready to storm in and take you back with him had I not forced him out of the bar!" Byron interjected with another snort of laughter.

Harry would have turned around and walked away from her laughing teammates in irritation when all three Unspeakables heard several ministry officials erupting into loud, panicked shouts behind them. They whipped around instantly, their hands automatically reaching for their wands as they were confronted with the scene behind them.

Petrovsky had somehow managed to escape from his captors and was now storming away from the area through the snow-covered ground. Kingsley and several more Aurors were right at his heels, throwing hexes and jinxes at him, while Ashford was shouting furiously at the other Unspeakables to chase after him before he got to the nearest apparition point.


Spencer reacted first and tore off after him, his wand clutched tightly in his hand and aimed at Petrovsky's retreating figure. Harry and Byron followed behind him, pulling their own wands out of their pockets and aiming several spells of their own.

"You'll never catch me, bastards! I'll see you all in court for this!" Petrovsky cackled loudly as he dodged another hex and jumped over a small bank of snow. Spencer, who was right in front of the line of Unspeakables chasing him, was a good deal of meters behind him by now.

"Addison, move faster! He's going to escape!"

At this point, Harry was just about convinced that Petrovsky was going to reach the apparition point before them and escape when a figure apparated out of nowhere right in front of the fugitive's path, momentarily blinding him with the puffs of smoke from his arrival.

Neither Harry nor Byron had any time to react properly when the smoke cleared and they finally saw an angry Draco standing about five feet away from Petrovsky's running form. The Malfoy Head glanced around the chaotic scene once before he raised an eyebrow in irritated confusion and easily stopped Petrovsky's running form by landing an expert blow to the back of his head.

Petrovsky grunted in pain as Draco's fist collided with the back of his neck again and tried to swing at the other man but the blonde easily maneuvered around it, twisting Petrovsky's hands behind him. Draco blinked lazily and twirled his wand once around his fingers. Within a couple of seconds, a powerful binding spell had Petrovsky's struggles taken care of and as Draco flicked his wand upwards, the fugitive was then suspended upside down in mid-air.


"SHUT UP! I'm trying to look for my wife!" Draco growled back at him and flicked his wand again, cutting the rest of his protests off with a powerful silencing charm. Glancing back at the stunned faces of the Ministry officials who had witnessed his suspicious display of Unspeakable skills, he raised an irritated eyebrow at them in growing impatience.

"Who the bloody hell is this jerk anyway?! He almost crashed into me and ruined my suit! I could have him fired on the spot for that—" Draco's angry tirade was cut off when Byron slapped his forehead in exasperation before rushing forward and dragging Petrovsky's bound form back towards Ashford and the other officials.

The rest of the other Aurors followed after him while Harry bit her lip and slowly slid behind Spencer to keep at safe distance from the former Slytherin. She understood her husband well enough to know that the furious flashing in his eyes was definitely not a sign for her to be near him.

"Thanks, Drac! We almost lost him for a minute there! Oh and Harry's that scantily clad chit in pink right behind Spencer!" Byron called out cheerfully to his cousin, failing to see Harry's left eye twitching in helpless irritation when Draco's steely eyes instantly riveted to her sheepish face.

Gee thanks, Byron. She thought miserably, longing to wring the metamorphagus' pale neck in frustration as she suddenly found herself backing away from Draco's furious, looming form.

Cowering nervously under his intimidating sneer, Harry began to back away from him faster in growing fear and agitation. "Ehehe…H—Hey, love…D—do you think maybe we can save this conversation until we get home because I—I really—"


She was just about ready to whirl around and run the hell out of there when Spencer chose that exact moment to walk up to the fuming blonde aristocrat and sling an arm around his shoulders. Draco froze mid-step and carefully turned his near-black eyes to the grinning Unspeakable's face.

"Mmm…Why, Draco…You are looking hot in your business suit. That was some impressive display of moves back there, do you think you could show me how you did that?" Spencer asked flirtatiously, wagging his eyebrows up and down as he trailed his eyes over Draco's lean frame.

Harry bit her lip and cringed as she watched Draco turn his face very slowly towards Spencer. He answered the other man with an eerily calm yet very sadistic sneer.

"With pleasure, Addison."

The next thing Harry saw after that was Spencer's entire body crashing violently against Byron from where Draco had flung him several feet away, causing both Unspeakables to fall in a tangled heap of limbs on the snowy ground.

"Ugh! Addison, get the hell off me!" Byron growled, shoving him away and scrambling hastily to his feet. Spencer clutched at his aching forehead and groaned loudly as he forced himself back up.

"Oookay…That hurt." He jumped up onto his feet, swayed for a couple of seconds and finally threw Draco another roguish grin but the former Slytherin was no longer looking at him and was now stalking towards his nervously cowering wife.

"U—Uhm, Draco, we're not done yet…W—we still have to examine the area for more clues… R—right, BOSS?! ASHFORD! A little HELP here, if you would!" Harry screeched helplessly at her smirking superior but Ashford merely raised an eyebrow at her, blinking as he watched Harry stumbling backwards along the snow.

"Sorry, Potter…I don't do marital problems."

Harry gave a high-pitched yelp and ducked Draco's lunge at her, twisting around him and dashing away towards the other direction. She heard him growl angrily at her evasion and storm off after her, his footsteps rapid and heavy along the clear white snow.


She cringed and, for the life of her, forced herself to run as fast as humanely possible – shoving past several Ministry officials and Aurors who were watching the married couple with amusement and stunned confusion written all over their features.

From several meters away from them, Byron grinned widely and nudged Ashford beside him. When the Head Unspeakable turned to look at him, he gave the older man a mirthful grin. "You have to wonder…If Harry is the girl in the relationship, why is it that it's Draco who acts like the nagging, controlling wife?" He quipped, grinning wider when Ashford's lips twitched silently in amusement.

"Point taken."

They turned back just in time to see Jaimee screaming and protesting madly as Draco finally caught up to her and hoisted her struggling form into his arms, slinging her upside down over his shoulder such that her head hung upside down facing his back.


Harry continued to wrestle wildly against him, her hands punching desperately against his back and her legs kicking wildly from where they were dangling over his shoulder. Draco ignored her and carried her silently through the crowd of parting Aurors smirking at the bizarre scene.

At one point, she managed to wrestle herself expertly from the blonde's grasp but the minute her feet fell back onto the snow, she began cringing and whining loudly again as Draco held her in place by pinching the outer shell of her ears.

"OW—OW—OW—OW…DRACO! THAT HURTS…OW—OW—OW…NOT THE EARS! NOT THE EARS!" She protested frantically again, unable to struggle as Draco merely sneered and began dragging her backwards towards the apparition point by her ears.

"STOP STRUGGLING OR I'LL PULL YOUR EARS LONG ENOUGH THAT YOU'LL LOOK LIKE AN ACTUAL BLOODY BUNNY!" Draco growled back irritably, ignoring the bemused stares and laughs they were eliciting from the other watching Ministry officials around them.

Byron was in absolute hysterics at this point and was trying to hold back his laughter as he watched Harry maneuver herself free from Draco again and run off towards the other end of the area. The blonde outran her easily and hoisted her over his shoulder once more – this time preventing any further struggles by casting a spell that bound her arms and legs from moving against him.

As Draco finally began to make his way back to the apparition point with a cold, grim look on his sneering face, he passed Byron and Ashford along the way and at once, Harry looked up at them and began struggling wildly again in a final act of desperation.


The rest of Harry's creatively drawn out stream of curses and shouts were promptly silenced when Draco cast another charm on her in his irritation, glaring at her in warning before shoving his wand back into his pocket.

With one final angry sneer at Byron's sheepish smile, he inclined his head once in farewell and apparated his struggling wife away with a loud 'pop', leaving the rest of the Ministry officials staring at the spot they had been standing on in stunned silence.

As soon as the notoriously bickering married couple had gone and everyone was once again busying themselves around the perimeter, Byron bit back a groan when Ashford strode off towards the other Aurors and in his place, Spencer walked over to stand beside him.

They were silent for a few minutes – Byron trying to ignore Spencer's presence altogether and Spencer grinning idiotically at him with a gleam of mischief clearly written in his hazel eyes. When the dark-haired Malfoy couldn't take it anymore, he finally shoved the report he had been reading back in his jacket pocket and glared up at the other Unspeakable in annoyance.


Spencer grinned wider and gave the other man a flirtatious wink.

"So…Will you punish me tonight too, Byron…?"

Byron blinked, took out his wand and apparated the hell out of there.


Her shouts were cut short when Draco flung her haphazardly onto the lush, king-sized bed inside the large master bedroom of their newly bought house in Godric's Hollow. She watched with a frustrated sigh as he slammed the door shut and began to snap out numerous locking and silencing charms on it to prevent any of the house-elves from entering.

When he finally turned around to face her, she glared at him and began to shout again – her words coming out in an angry, impatient growl.

"I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU HAVE THE AUDACITY TO BE MAD AT ME ABOUT THIS! YOU WERE THE ONE I CAUGHT IN A BROTHEL IN SIBERIA BUYING A LAP DANCE FROM SOME HUSSY YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW!" She shouted furiously at him, grabbing a random object from the bedside table – in this case, a vase of flowers – and hurling it at him in anger.

Draco hastily ducked to avoid it, watching as it shattered noisily against the door, before meeting her angry glare with a vicious snarl of his own.


He narrowed his eyes and stalked toward her, looming over her glaring figure on the bed and clutching her chin tightly to force her face up towards his.



"YOU WERE WEARING BUNNY EARS FOR MERLIN'S SAKE!" Draco retorted angrily, causing her cheeks to flush darkly in embarrassment. When he looked as though he was going to shout again, she beat him to it and stood up from the bed to glare right into his eyes.

"YOU SHOULDN'T EVEN HAVE BEEN AT A WHOREHOUSE IN THE FIRST PLACE! WHAT WERE YOU DOING IN THERE, DRACO?! YOU SICK PERVERT!" She ranted furiously and just as Draco opened his mouth to retort, she beat him to it again and let her voice rise several levels.


She cut off her own angry rant and aimed a strong punch right at him, cursing in frustration moments later when Draco merely sneered and evaded it easily, grabbing her fist out of the air and twisting her arm around her back. Before she could protest, he had pulled her up from the bed and slammed her against the bedroom doors – pinning her with his body and yanking one of her legs up against him to force more intimate contact between their bodies.

After about a minute of Harry cringing in pain and glaring accusingly at him, Draco's hands automatically found their place right up into her skirt to squeeze her arse and his lips clamped down hard against hers in a searing kiss. As he leaned in and kissed her deeper, she found herself forgetting what she had been angry about in the first place and melted completely against his lean frame.

His tongue slipped expertly into her mouth and his impatient hands went down to run enticingly along the curve of her waist, causing her to moan softly and return his ministrations by pressing herself against his chest. At his silent prodding, she parted her lips wider and began to tease his tongue with her own, closing her eyes as she allowed herself to revel in his addicting taste.

At this point, Draco had already picked her up by supporting her arse and was carrying her slowly backwards towards the bed. She wasn't aware of it until her back landed gently against the soft, silky covers and she felt his strong, lean body pressing down on hers. Their lips were still intertwined when his hands began to explore her body with possessive vengeance, greedily caressing and squeezing every curve until she had molded herself against him like a perfect human puzzle.

The natural scent of him enticed her senses entirely and she moaned into their kiss again when he slipped a hand underneath her skirt and began groping her relentlessly, earning a few more breathless incoherent mewls from the former Gryffindor. He finally parted her legs wider and positioned himself between them, making her very aware of the growing hardness between his legs.

When he began grinding his hips possessively against hers, she reached her hands up from his nape to entangle teasingly into his silky blonde hair, earning a soft groan from her thoroughly aroused husband. His lips parted with hers and latched themselves onto the bruise on her neck, sucking hungrily on the tender skin and sending delicious shivers up and down her spine. Hearing another of her beautiful moans, Draco caught hers lips in another kiss – this time thrusting his tongue all the way into her mouth.

After seeing so many men drooling over her tonight, there resided a desperate urgency in him that needed and pushed him to reclaim every inch of her and her body as his alone and his completely. Knowing and understanding that this was probably the best way to calm her husband down, she allowed herself to submit to his dominating ministrations.

She parted her lips to permit him full entrance, allowing him to taste her as much as he wanted until that need in him was satisfied. When his shoulders seemed to relax and he finally pulled away from her to take in some air, she looked up at him and gave him a small, teasing smile.

"You know…If this was how we fought in school and if I knew then that the best way to shut you up was to let you stick your tongue down my throat, we probably wouldn't have earned as many detentions as we did." She quipped knowingly, causing the former Slytherin to smirk as he bent down and began to nip and suck along the pale skin of her neck once more.

"If this was how we fought in school, I would have made sure we earned a hell of a lot more detentions together. Imagine what else you'd need to let me 'stick in you' to quell me when I'm more than furious." He retorted with a suggestive smirk, causing Harry sputter in indignation and punch him hard on the shoulder.

"You sick pervert."

Before she could say anything else, she watched as his steel-like eyes traveled down her body again, lingering intently on her breasts and legs more than anywhere else until finally going back up to focus on her flushed face. Seeing the sudden nervousness in her expression, he raised a single eyebrow and finally gave her a calm, otherwise still slightly accusatory glare.

"So…Care to explain to me why I found you at a whorehouse in Siberia catering to a bunch of drunken men?" He asked in a low drawl, his eyes narrowing once again as he was reminded of why he had been mad in the first place.

Harry gave him another sheepish smile and tried to push him off but he remained stubbornly in place on top of her, holding her down onto the bed with his much stronger body. Sighing, she finally looked up and gave him a mildly irritated shrug.

"Draco, I already told you why I was there. What I don't understand is why you were there when you told me you were with your associates in Paris." She answered calmly, watching as Draco's jaw clenched and his hands tightened around her waist.

"I was entertaining my associates—"

"By bringing them to an illegal brothel?!" Harry snapped angrily before she could stop herself, causing Draco to flinch and give her a silencing glare.

"Let me finish first." He took a deep breath of air to calm himself again, meeting her angry gaze and forcing the next words out of his mouth into a slow drawl.

"I was in Paris with my associates earlier tonight. We were scheduled to discuss MMC's corporate strategies for the next couple of months until they suggested a 'stress reliever' and dragged me to Siberia with them to this supposed 'elite bar' they heard about." He explained further, watching as the anger in her eyes slowly began to disappear.

"I wasn't planning on staying…Just long enough to be courteous to them. I wouldn't have touched any of the women in there…That is, until I saw you. You can imagine my surprise when I realized that the giggly twit dancing on stage making all my associates drool was my insane wife." He paused and turned narrowed eyes over to her embarrassed cringe.

When she couldn't seem to say anything to him in response, he finally gave her another teasing smirk and tilted her chin up to meet his eyes. "Does that answer your question…?" He asked with a chuckle, earning a somewhat shameful nod from Harry.

"Much. Thanks."

Laughing at the humiliation he heard etched in her muttered response, Draco leaned down and nuzzled her neck playfully. When he pulled back, he frowned down at her until Harry followed his gaze to the ring on her finger.

"This is on the wrong finger…" He pointed out in mild irritation, sighing as he placed the silver wedding band back slowly on her ring finger, leaning down and giving the limb a brief kiss. After several moments, she finally gave him a reluctant smile and rolled them over so that she was pinning him down on the bed instead.

"We've been working on busting that brothel for an entire week now. Tonight was the execution of the actual mission." She began, absentmindedly playing with the buttons along Draco's white, long-sleeved shirt. He nodded, indicating for her to continue.

"Ashford was being a complete arse. He didn't tell me I would be the one playing eye-bait until we got there so I didn't know either. I would have told you otherwise beforehand. I'm sorry." She looked slightly embarrassed and refused to meet his eyes until Draco finally chuckled again and reached up to tap her playfully on the nose.

"Well if it makes you feel any better, you should know that you make a horrible whore, Potter. You have no sense of sophisticated seduction whatsoever. Why do you think I recognized you easily?" He drawled, smirking when Harry's eyes flashed and she glared down at him in affronted indignation.

"Oh well excuse me for not being as 'skillfully slutty' as some of the skanky women you may have dated in the past, Malfoy! But in case you've forgotten, I was born a man!" She snapped and she would have rolled off him in anger when Draco laughed at her reaction and reached down to pull her face gently down in a sweet kiss.

"I know…Which is one of the things I love most about you." He responded easily when they had pulled away, causing Harry to blink and pretend to give him a very disturbed look.

"You are sick, Malfoy."

Draco grinned wolfishly and tackled her to the bed, causing her to squeal with surprised laughter when he began tickling her sides mercilessly and nuzzling her neck. When she had managed to push him away and lay there gasping for air, Draco sat up and a very thoughtful smirk crossed his face.

Harry saw the look and instantly tensed up, scooting away from him in apprehension when she recognized the Slytherin gleam in her husband's twinkling gray eyes. Draco was leering at her, his eyes narrowed slightly in thought.

"Whatever it is you're thinking, Malfoy…The answer is NO—"

"I was promised a lap dance tonight, Potter."

Her cheeks flushing deep red and sputtering in horrified disbelief, Harry gaped at him and backed away even more when Draco sat up and leaned arrogantly against the bed's headboard. In a perfect image of the bratty, Slytherin prince that he was, he crossed one ankle over the other and tucked his hands lazily behind his head.

After several seconds of her still gaping at him and Draco glaring pointedly at her, he finally spoke up again – his voice coming out in an impatient, demanding order.

"Well?! I paid for a full FIFTEEN MINUTE lap dance, Potter. I demand that I get it otherwise I just may be forced to recount this very tale to all of your innocent little Gryffindork friends and fans." Draco threatened mockingly, smirking wider when he saw the pure resentment on his wife's pale snarling face.

"You wouldn't—"

"You know I would, Potter. I'm a Slytherin." Came his easy, flippant response. He raised a single, aristocratic eyebrow at her again and sneered when she backed away from him even more and leveled him with another one of her famously disbelieving, furious Gryffindor glares.

"You're not actually serious are you?!" She hissed out at him through clenched teeth, growing even more agitated when Draco stretched his legs out even more on the large bed and pretended to prop up the pillows behind him.

When he looked back at her, he gave her a devilishly handsome smile and tucked his hands behind his head again.

"You're right…Give me a private pole dance first. Then a lap dance. If you're good, I'll give you a generous tip. Well come on, Potter! I haven't got all night! I have to get home before midnight or my wife will have my neck!" He kidded in mock complaint, unknowingly making Harry yearn to wring her hands around his neck at the bratty tone of his voice.

"I hate you, Malfoy."

Draco gave her another charming smile, his eyes twinkling with mirth as he watched her hop off the bed and grudgingly walk towards the front of the room.

"And I love you too, Mrs. Malfoy." He smirked again and pointed to one of the large bed posts in front of him. "Use that bed post over there as your pole, it's closer to me. Hurry up, Potter! Make it worth my time and money otherwise I'll tell your dorky friends about your exploits tonight regardless!" He instructed haughtily, causing Harry to growl and clench her hands into tight fists.


"What was that?" Draco asked sharply in a loud warning voice when he heard Harry muttering under her breath from where she was positioning herself atop one of their bedposts. She rolled her eyes and answered him with a sarcastic, antagonistic growl.

"Nothing, Mr. Malfoy."

"Good! Now carry on!" He ordered again with an impish grin, snapping his fingers for effect and leaning back against the pillows in amusement. He pointed his wand briefly at a nearby magical stereo, initiating another upbeat raunchy tune that caused Harry's face to turn beet red.

"A—Are you really serious about this?!"

"No, wait…You're right. Hold on." Draco paused for a minute and sat up, ignoring the relieved expression on Harry's face as he rummaged around in his shirt pocket. When he found what he was looking for, he smirked again and looked back up to offer her the offending object in his hand.

"Put these bunny ears back on."

This time, Harry didn't bother hiding the absolute murder that flashed dangerously in her green eyes. She snatched the bunny ears from Draco's outstretched hands, hissing out creative curse words under her breath as she watched the former Slytherin struggling to contain his laughter.

"I wonder how my life would be as a widow."

I think I'm going to be sick!

Harry's eyes suddenly snapped open and she tore herself out of Draco's sleeping form very early the next morning, running as fast as she could to their private bathroom in panic. Once she got there, she had barely managed to flip open the toilet before her nausea swept in and made her gag out the contents of her stomach.

Ugh…That's disgusting! She thought angrily to herself with a cringe as she pulled the flush and slammed the toilet shut. Pinching the bridge of her nose, she hurried over to the sink and began furiously brushing her teeth, peering closely at her reflection in the mirror.

Aside from the fact that she looked incredibly sleepy and grumpy from such a rude awakening, she looked perfectly normal – certainly not the reflection of someone who would suddenly wake up and gag the first thing in the morning.

At least now I know I should never eat something from Siberia again. Ugh…I wonder what upset my stomach like that. She thought moodily to herself, adjusting Draco's large shirt over her small frame briefly before heading back to the bedroom. Checking her watch, she noted that she had a good three hours left before she had to get up for work and she intended to make use of each one to get some more sleep.

She rolled her eyes when she saw Draco's sleeping form still buried deep under the covers when she walked back into the bedroom, silently blaming him for their nighttime 'activities' that had caused him to exhaust them both so much in the first place.

Stifling another yawn, she snuggled back into the covers beside him, smiling to herself when Draco's arm automatically threw itself over her and pulled her closer to his warm body. He was still deep asleep when he snuggled himself closer against her and buried his face into the crook of her neck.

That's right, Draco…You're practically taking up the entire bed…Take up what's left of my side too. Harry thought sarcastically to herself in mild annoyance, sighing sleepily and trying to get comfortable. As soon as she was settled once more into her usual sleeping position – usually pinned under Draco's larger, lean frame – she closed her eyes and began to fall into another deep, exhausted slumber filled with idle thoughts about the day ahead.

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