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"Mina wait up will ya!"

"I swear you get slower every year!"

"Oh shut up! Hey I just remembered that I have to be somewhere I'll see you back at home later k!"

"Serena what about Darien!?" Mina called after her.

"Who cares Mina, because Darien sure as hell doesn't!"

Mina looked at her beloved friend with widened worried eyes as she walked away. As she walked towards the arcade Serena's words rang in her ears "Who cares Mina, because Darien sure as hell doesn't!" When she walked in she sat down in the booth that she always sits in and when Andrew saw her she looked deathly pale. He walked back to the counter and made her her usual triple chocolate milkshake with whipped cream piled high. He set the drink in front of her and she gave him a slight smile.

"Mina are you okay? You look like hell."

"Gee thanks Andrew."

"Your welcome; now what's going on?"

"Serena, just said that Darien sure as hell doesn't care."


"My thought exactly."

Meanwhile Serena sat in the lobby of the hospital waiting to see Amy's mom. After a few minutes the nurse called her name and led her to the examination room. The young woman gave her a gown to change into and said that Dr. Mizuno would be there in a few.

"This is ridiculous. I'm just overreacting, it's nothing." she said to herself as she changed.

After a few minutes Dr. Mizuno walked in and shook Serena's hand. She got everything that she needed from Serena so that she could run some tests.

"Okay Serena why don't you get dressed while I run these tests and I will give you a call with the results."

"Thanks Dr. Mizuno."

Dr. Mizuno nodded and left the room leaving Serena alone once again. As she was changing a thought crossed her mind that made her smile for the first time in ages. She quickly finished changing and hurried out o the hospital. Once she was out she raced towards the apartment that she shared with Mina. She raced up the stairs and opened the door throwing her things on the table as she raced to her room. Clothes started flying everywhere as she tried to find what she was looking for.

"Damn it where did I put that thing!?"

"Put what Sere?"

Serena turned around to find Mina standing in her doorway with her arms crossed. Before Serena could answer Mina though her cell phone rang.


"Serena? This is Dr. Mizuno. I just got your test results back from earlier and they are positive."

"Thank you."

Serena dropped her phone and quickly sat down as a worried Mina rushed to her side.

"Sere! What's wrong?!"

"I…I'm pregnant."

"What! When! Who!"

"It must have been with Darien two months ago. Damn it Mina now what am I going to do?! I don't like Darien like that anymore, besides he has moved on!"

"Sere everything is going to be alright, besides you have me and the girls we'll all help you through this and take care of the baby."

"Thank you Mina."

The young girl hugged her friend and left her alone to think for awhile. Hours had passed since Mina saw Serena and she started to wonder what was up, but when she went into her room she wasn't there. All she found was a not.

"Mina I'm sorry, but I had to leave for awhile I will be back sometime. Please don't worry I will be fine as I brought my broach with me.

Love S"

Mina dropped the note and ran into her own room and began to search for her own wand. Once she had found it she raced up the stairs to the roof and transformed. Once transformed Mina clasped her hands together and closed her eyes.

"Raye, Lita, Amy I need your help. Serena is missing and she took her broach. Hurry!"

Each girl stopped in the middle of whatever they were doing when they heard the Princess of Venus' voice call for them. Instantly they ran into their rooms and grabbed their wands that had not been touched in two years. Once transformed they raced to Venus' aid wanting reasons for Serena's disappearing act.

"Well which one do you want first the fact that she said that Darien sure as hell doesn't care anymore or the fact that she's pregnant?"

"What! Are you saying that Darien dumped Sere?!"

"I think so Mars."

"We need to find her before something happens to her and Rini."

"Jupiter's right let's split up and search the city; if worse comes to worse we'll inform the Outer scouts."