The scouts landed peacefully on Kinmoku right as the sun was starting to set in the horizon. Tsuki stood in front of them staring at the ground trying not to show what she was feeling at the moment. After a few minutes had pass she turned around and faced them and looked at them with her big blue sad eyes.

"Sailor scouts thank you for bringing me here, but I want you all to return to Earth without me."


"Maker please just let go please I have to do this on my own without you guys near."

"We understand Tsuki and we will be back for you when you want us to okay."

"Thanks Mercury."

She hugged them all and smiled as a tear slide down her face. As she watched them leave she felt lonely for the first time in ages. She started to make her way to the palace when she saw a young woman with fiery red hair looking into the sunset. Tsuki slowly made her way towards her hoping that she would know where she would be able to find her father. Feeling the presence of someone close to her the young woman turned around and smiled at Tsuki as she wondered why such a small child would be out so late.

"Hello little one. Are you lost?"

"No…well…I don't know."

"You don't know? Don't you know where you live?"

"I'm not from here. I'm just visiting someone, but I don't know where they are."

"Well who are you looking for I know everyone in this kingdom."

"Star Fighter."

The young woman looked at her in shock since no one ever asks to see any of her starlights, unless they needed help. There was something about this girl that looked familiar to her though; she just couldn't figure out why.

"Fighter is in his room. If you want I could take you to him."

"No thank you, I can find my way."

Tsuki started for the large silver building with a big yellow star on the top of it as the young woman watched her. Soon as Tsuki was in the building though she walked back into the palace to try and figure out why that Tsuki looked so familiar. Tsuki took a right down a pinkish hallway and stopped at the door that read Fighter. Scared and nervous Tsuki stood there a few minutes until she finally knocked on the door. Fighter opened the door a few seconds later to reveal Tsuki standing there. Instantly Fighter's face went cold as he saw the familiar face staring at him.

"What are you doing here?"

"I..I…uhh.. wanted to see you."


"Because you're my dad."

Fighter's eyes widened in shock as he looked at the little girl in front of him; amazed that Serena didn't tell him when she was here months ago.

"Why didn't you or Serena say anything before?"

"You were too angry dad."

"Where is your mother?"

"Back on Earth."

"You came here alone?"

"No the scouts teleported me here, but then I asked them to leave."

"Does you mother know you're here?"

"She doesn't even know I exist anymore."

"What? Why?"

"A month ago she had my half sister Rini and a few weeks ago Darien broke in our apartment and took her. Mom hasn't been the same since. Dad you have to help her!"

"I love your mother Tsuki, but she doesn't feel that way about me. Let the scouts handle this one."

"Yes she does daddy."

Tsuki reached down and took the folded sheet of paper out of her pocket. Fighter watched her as she carefully opened it and set it in front of him. Her eyes pleaded with him to read it. Fighter picked up the sheet of paper and read Serena's words carefully as he took in every word she was saying.

"Mom wrote it before we first met on the moon. I know it's for you daddy, you are the one that brings the light into her eyes."

"Let's go sweetheart mom needs us."

As they left the room they found the young woman Tsuki met just minutes before. She smiled at the two as they walked towards her hand in hand. Fighter looked at her asking her if she knew and she nodded in reply to his question.

"Princess, this is Tsuki. I have to go to Earth Serena needs me."

"It's okay Fighter I know all I want is for you to be happy. I already talked to Venus who believes that it was time for her to return to Earth. Healer decided to go with her."

"Thank you Princess."

Tsuki and Fighter left Kakyuu standing in the starlights dormitory and headed towards the place where he knew Venus and Healer would be leaving from. As they approached the couple they saw that they were facing towards them taking in Kinmoku one last time before they left.

"Fighter? What are you doing here?"

"Going to Earth; Serena needs me."

"Is she okay? I knew I shouldn't have stayed here so long!"

"Venus calm down. She will be alright."

"Hey Fighter whose the kid?"

"Healer, Venus, this is Tsuki mine and Serena's daughter. Now's not the time to explain anything I have to get to Serena."

The two nodded and Fighter picked up Tsuki as he shot off into the sky with Healer and Venus close behind. The foursome landed in the park and deformed into their normal selves before Mina lead the way to the apartment she shared with Serena. When they arrived the door was unlocked from when Tsuki left earlier. They all walked in to find the place dark and quiet.

"Sere? It's me Mina!"

Mina walked towards Serena's room with Seiya close behind while he left Tsuki and Yaten in the entryway. When the two walked into her room they found her sitting in a chair holding onto a pink blanket.


Serena lifted her head as she heard the familiar nickname and saw Seiya and Mina standing in her room with saddened eyes. Tears started to flow from Serena's eyes as she got up and ran into his arms. He held her close to him as Mina left the two to be alone for awhile.

"Odango why didn't you tell me about Tsuki? I feel like such an ass now."

"I don't know I was planning on telling you when we went back to you before we left, but the way you looked at her and me was just unbearable."

"I'm sorry Serena I really am. I never meant to do that to you."

"I know Seiya I know."

"Odango why was it that you came to Kinmoku?"

"I wanted to tell you I love you and that you are everything to me."

"I think I'm more of you're horizon."

"Where did you get that idea?"

"Tsuki gave me this."

Seiya handed Serena the folded sheet of paper that Tsuki had handed him only hours before. Once she opened it she knew what it was and smiled. How Tsuki knew it was about Seiya was beyond Serena's imagination.

"Its good darling, actually it's amazing."

"You know Seiya I was actually planning on having it recorded and then sent to you, but I guess that saves me a lot of time and it saves you a trip to the doctor."

"Sweetheart your voice is amazing."

"Seiya do you want a trip to the doctor seriously listen to Serena!" yelled Mina from the hall

The couple laughed as they made their way out of the room, but what they saw in the hall was priceless. Tsuki, Mina, and Yaten each had their faces up against the wall so they could try to hear what the two were saying. At this sight Seiya gave a mischievous grin and picked Serena up and started making his way back to the bedroom, until he remembered that Tsuki was their child. Instead he set Serena down and they all decided to make their way to the kitchen for ice cream sundaes, but as Seiya walked next to Serena he whispered something to her.

"I will do whatever it takes to get Rini back home to us."

Serena stopped in her tracks as she heard her daughters' name. A smile grew on her face once she knew that Seiya would do anything in his power to protect her and get Rini back, but he also knew that she would be fighting right along side of him. He drew her close to him and laid a kiss on her forehead before they sat down and had their sundaes before Tsuki and Yaten ate theirs for them.