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It's been one week since the gang split ways for the rest of the summer, and right now, everything was okay in the Yuki household. Their parents didn't find out anything that had gone on during their absence- all they had seen were the photos that Tammy had thrown rapidly into a scrapbook, embarrassing and not alike. And, of course, Jaden had slipped in one of the pictures he had taken of his little sister and his best friend kissing, which earned Jaden a death threat and near murder attempt by said little sister.

So, really, in all honesty, there was nothing new.

Right now, we skip over to our youngest Yuki, Tammy, where she lies in bed, sleeping. Let's find out what she's dreaming about, shall we?

"Atta boy!" One of the kids cheered once Jesse and Tammy stopped kissing, both of their faces red. The new couple glared at Atticus who immediately gave a large smile and side stepped behind Tabby. Tabby glared, and pushed Atticus playfully.

"I am not covering for you," She smiled, and pushed Atticus towards the two. He laughed and scratched the back of his head sheepishly.

"Uh… sorry?" Atticus said, apology sounding more like a question than a statement. Tammy and Jesse laughed, eliciting laughs from the others. Tammy turned back to look at Jesse, and Jesse turned back. She stood on her tip toes again to give Jesse one last kiss goodbye, but jumped, and tried to back away from him, finding herself unable to, frozen with fear.

Jesse had started bleeding from every orifice on his body blood draining everywhere and anywhere, splattering all over her face, and his left eye was hanging out of its socket, staring at Tammy. The right side of his face was empty of any and all flesh, showing only the skull underneath along with various levels of decay. His hair started to fall out clump by clump as if he had been exposed to radiation, and his left eye fell completely out of the socket.

Tammy watched, horrified, as Jesse's right eye shriveled up and hung limply in his eye socket while the left side of his face slowly melted. His body slowly shriveled up until his skin was just hanging on his skeleton like his skin was too big for his body. Tammy cringed as Jesse lifted his hand to put it on her shoulder and the hand fell off of his arm, tearing through the skin.

Tammy backed away from Jesse and Jesse turned his head to the side, head just a skull, as if asking if something was wrong.

Tammy let out and ear piercing scream of terror as Jesse's head fell off of his shoulders and the body less head started laughed.

She started screaming even louder as she saw that everybody else was just a decaying skull, laughing like there had been just some big huge joke told that she didn't get.

Suddenly, her body was being shaken as if somebody was trying to wake her up as she continued to scream bloody murder. Nothing was able to deter her from her screams of horror and fright.

"Tammy! Wake Up!" Jaden shook his sister, trying to get her to wake up and stop screaming. It was midnight on the dot, and Tammy had just started screaming for (seemingly) no reason. And, it was only Tabby and him as well as Tammy home.

"Tammy!" Jaden cried, shaking his sister harder, half on her bed, trying to get her to wake up. Tabby rolled her eyes and walked over to her screaming little sister.

"Move Jaden." She ordered and Jaden obeyed, slipping off of the bed waiting for whatever Tabby was about to do.

"What are you going to do?" Jaden asked Tabby, and got his response not even five seconds after he asked, Tabby bitch slapping Tammy across the face. Tammy's screams came to an abrupt stop, and her eyes forced their way open and she blinked before staring at her siblings slightly frightened, as if she was afraid something was going to happen to them. She absently rubbed her cheek, not knowing what was going on.

"Tammy," Jaden said, repositioning himself half on his sisters bed. "Are you okay?" Tammy's eyes looked up at him, full of fresh fear and terror.

"Do you want to talk about it?" Jaden asked, putting his hand to cover his sisters, nearly jumping when she yanked her hand away. What had Tammy so shook up?

"We're not going to hurt you," Jaden tried again. "What happened?" Tammy shivered in fear, and Tabby watched her as if she was some interesting specimen. Tabby suspected something, but what?

"Tammy we don't want to hurt you," Jaden pressed. "We just want to know what happened, so we can help you. Okay?" Jaden's tone was calm, like he had dealt with ear piercing screams of bloody murder at midnight all the time. Not close, but he had dealt with little kids. Jaden used to babysit kids in the neighborhood before he went to Duel Academy, all the kids he babysat almost always having at least one nightmare. And really, that didn't change when he started going to Duel Academy, because of Syrus.

"Are you sure you don't want to talk about it?" Jaden asked when Tammy kept her lips sealed shut evermore.

"Tammy, please," Jaden was concerned. What had his sister acting like this? "We just want to help."

Tammy continued to shake, trying to get the repulsive image out of her head. It was so frightening, so scary! She didn't like it one bit!

"Well, if she's not going to talk," Tabby said. "I'm going back to bed." Tabby turned around and headed for the bedroom door, and was about to go through when her sister spoke.

"Laughing." Was the quick word, so quick that Tabby and Jaden almost missed it.

"What?" Jaden asked his sister, watching her with worry filled eyes as she continued to shake in fright.

"Laughing." She repeated. She shivered, and looked up and Tabby, then to Jaden, her eyes never lingering on one for too long.

"What do you mean?" Jaden asked Tammy gently, moving her head so she was only looking at him.

"You…" Tammy shivered.

"You were laughing."


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