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Chapter 1

Jaden spared a glance over towards his youngest sister. She was up, but it looked like she hadn't slept a wink since she woke up screaming at midnight. And something still bothered him.

What had Tammy meant when she had said, 'You were laughing'. She made it seem like it was a really bad thing, but really, what was so bad about laughing? He laughed all the time and she hadn't been freaked out by it before. What was different this time?

Tammy yawned, and Jaden saw his sisters' eyes slowly slip shut. Yet, just when Jaden thought she was about to fall asleep into her cereal, her eyelids snapped open so fast that he would've missed the action had he not been paying so close attention to her. Really, what had his little sister so frightened that she didn't want to go to sleep?

Jaden gave a troubled sigh and stuck a spoonful of cereal into his mouth as his cheek rested on the opposite hand his spoon was in. He watched as Tammy left the breakfast table, leaving her bowl of cereal on the table, untouched. Not that he could really blame her, I mean, not even he would eat cereal covered in orange juice.

He watched as Tammy scurried out of the kitchen and heard her as she went upstairs. Letting loose another sigh, he picked up his half-eaten bowl of cereal and Tammy's uneaten bowl and took them over to the sink. He ignored Tabby's look of disapproval and emptied the bowls.

"I'm worried about her too," Tabby's voice jerked Jaden out of his thoughts, and he jumped when he realized his sister was right next to him.

"I never said you weren't," Jaden defended himself, setting his and Tammy's bowls into the dishwasher.

"I realize that," Tabby sighed. "It's just that if you smother her and try and get her to open up right away, she never will. It'd be better if we wait for her to come to us on her own."

Yet Jaden knew as Tabby started up the dishwasher and he made his way back to his bedroom, that Tammy would never come to them on her own.


Tammy sighed as she made her way down the streets of Domino City. There was really nothing to do. Not since everybody else left. Sure, she kept in contact with each other, and Jesse called her every day, but it just wasn't the same. She missed all the fun they had when they were together- if they could really call the chaos that happened fun.

Tammy let out a yawn as she sat down on a bench as she entered the park. She was really tired. No matter how hard she had tried last night, her body would not let her go back to sleep. But, then again, she was unsure if her mind would have been able to go to sleep last night even if her body had let her.

"You seem upset," A voice said, and Tammy's head jerked up and she saw a man wearing a black trench coat with black pants and boats as well as a black hat covering part of his face.

Tammy stiffened, and got off of the bench just as the man said, "May I sit here?" What scared her even more was when somebody replied.

"Uh… sure." It was a girl that looked exactly like her sitting where she had just been. The only difference was she was wearing an old fashioned dress that was a plain baby blue.

"What's wrong?" The man asked, and Tammy felt her heart leap to her throat. She recognized that voice! It was…

"N-nothing," The Tammy look alike said, her voice trembling. The real Tammy could see tears threatening to spill from the look-alike's eyes.

"Are you sure?" The man spoke again, and Tammy knew for sure that this was who she thought it was.

"Yes… No… Maybe… Oh, I don't know!" The girl started openly crying. "Oh, I'm just so confused! My parents want me to marry this total bastard! And I have no idea of what to tell my best friend!" Tammy took a step back just as her cell phone started vibrating.

"H-hello?" Tammy said into her phone. She hadn't bothered checking her caller id, she was so shaken up.

"Tammy, it's Jesse." Jesse's voice echoed over phone, Tammy half paying attention to him, half paying attention to what was going on in front of her.

"H-hi J-Jesse," Tammy said, her voice shivering as she watched the scene go on before her.

"Is there something wrong Tammy?" Jesse asked. "You seem upset." Tammy felt her heart jump back to her throat. That's what that man had said…

"Tammy?" Jesse's voice echoed through her phone. "Tammy, are you still there? Tammy!"

"No! Get away from me you bastard!" The Tammy look alike was screaming. "Stay away from me!"

Tammy felt her body start to shake and she started to feel faint.

"J-Jesse," Tammy's voice came over the phone to Jesse, slightly making him calm down. Nothing bad had happened to her. Yet.

"Jesse," Tammy said to her boyfriend over the phone before he could say anything. "Hang up and c-call my brother. T-tell him I'm a-at the park."

"Tammy? Tammy, what's going on?" Tammy was vaguely aware of her boyfriends' panicked tone, but she pushed it away. She knew what was going to happen to her next.

She pressed the 'End Call' button on her cell phone and had just barely shut it when she started seizing. She collapsed to the ground, her cell phone falling to the ground. The phone rattled on the ground as it said to the owner, 'pick me up, someone's calling!' The phone vibrated over and over as Tammy seized on the ground.

The person calling her finally gave up trying to get a hold of her.

Meanwhile, a couple taking their morning stroll through the quiet park stumbled upon a girl having a Grand Mal Seizure and dialed 9-1-1.

What a nice way to start the day, huh?


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