Two hands jerk me up back into reality.

Everything is jumbled

Why I m can t

Why can t I

My head hurts.

A heavily accented voice, a loud one too, is pounding against my ears and making my brain swell- or feel like it

Are you okay?

Another voice, this one female. They are supposed to be familiar. Why can t I remember any voices? How long have I been in this room?

Probably some hours. I m being dramatic.

Calm the fuck down!

Can you stand? The female voice says again, and without me even getting to answer, two pairs of hands shove me up to my feet.

Synapses in the brain work overtime to recognize and identify- but this is just temporary. But whatever it is hit s a brick wall.

Sit back down.

Something garbled. More words from the female. Something along the lines of, this is the coyote! Or something.

What? Okay, hold on. Male voice. What should have sounded as a heavily accented voice, I guess- sounds a lot more familiar;

It s okay, you re going to be fine now. That s what she says.