Sonic ducks out of the robot's hold. Wrestles away the shotgun- surprises himself by getting it from the metal grip. Stagger backwards. Two facefulls of buckshot. The swat-bot hurtles backwards, face broken open like shattered glass. Oil, blood and indistinguishable liquids leak out from the now dead enemy. Was it ever alive? Sonic thinks.

He stands over the mechanical corpse for moments, before realizing a horrid truth.

"Holy shit!" He cries out. In seconds, he's down to his knees. Screaming, shaking the body, as if enough jolting will bring it back alive again. "Oh my gods! Oh my gods!" He is crying, hands stained with gore.

Sonic, what? It's the girl, Sally. She's witnessed Sonic quivering and blubbering like a child for a minute or two now. What's happened?

"I just fucking killed Antoine! They turned him into one of the-" He can barely speak before vomiting.

Sally begins screaming as well. A nightmare.


well, I'd like to thank for conveniently murdering my text. I figured it'd add to the atmosphere, though, so I kept it. Further proof I am a massive nigger you should not be reading.

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